Self-Published Books...Do They Suck?

Two robots, one of whom represents author Zoe Winters discuss the subject on the New York subway:

Foolproof Porn Filter

Check out the hilarious picture at "<a href="" target="_blank">Foolproof Porn Filter</a>," by <b>Brian Herzog</b>, <em>Swiss Army Librarian</em>, 15 June 2010.

No man has ever put his hand up a woman's dress looking for a library card

No man has ever put his hand up a woman's dress looking for a library card

Line from Joan Rivers to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show when Johnny commented that men really do like smart women.

Line is mentioned in this article: Joan Rivers, comic without pause

You can also hear Rivers comment to Johnny as part of this NPR story: 'Joan Rivers': Uncut And Unvarnished

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Twitter t-shirt

Funny twitter t-shirt featuring Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield.

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Jay Leno Hates Libraries

<a href="">Jay Leno Hates Libraries</a> "People here in Los Angeles are upset that the mayor's proposed plan to cut the budget of libraries. This could affect as many as nine people."

Try the Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer

Enter in your information and hit go and books are suggested. Half the fun is the intro so I suggest you not skip it.

Try the Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer


Oxymoronic Library Sign

Oxymoronic Library Sign

Sign at Flickr

The little machine that will save us

Advertisement for an important technology (Ad is two pages. Scroll down to see both pages)

Headline on ad:
Man might conquer diseases, stop crime and save his environment with the help of this little machine

Excerpt from ad:
Knowledge snowballs. You can see the possibilities: Long distance teamwork among police in different cities. Among ecologist all over the world. A communications explosion in education, business,industry

Culture Vulture: U. librarian by day, Twitter sensation by night Reading her résumé, you might not suspect Anna Neatrour was part of one of the hottest sensations on the Internet. She's a married mother of twin toddlers, living in Salt Lake City. Her day job is as a librarian -- specifically, project manager for the Western Soundscape Archive at the University of Utah's Marriott Library.


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