How many academic librarians does it take to change a light bulb?

One archivist to preserve and catalog the old, burnt-out light

One acquisitions librarian to order the new light bulb;

One cataloger to catalog and classify the new light bulb when
received according to AACR2 standards, noting wattage, color,
fluorescent or incandescent, etc.;

One reference librarian to ascertain that the light bulb ordered
is what the patron REALLY wants;

One media services librarian to make sure the bulb meets stated
instructional objectives;

One government publications librarian to check that the bulb meets
federal standards;

One circulation librarian to check out the bulb;

One dean of libraries to oversee the entire process;


One student worker to actually change the light bulb.


Top 309 Signs That Your Job is Pointless has a list of the day today, Top 309 Signs That Your Job is Pointless, currently number 2 is:

\"i work at a library where i have to count all the pages in the new books we get to see if they are all there. I found 1 missing page and my boss said, We\'ll put it on the shelf anyways, we can\'t take any books back
-- librarian with a flame thrower\"


A True Case of Library Pornography

Joe Cadieux, editor of The Shy Librarian passed along this True Case of Library Pornography , By Gerry Molyneaux, Media Librarian, West Hartford Public Library, West Hartford, Connecticut.

\"In reality what I was watching in my office was no Jewel—or American Civil War—nor did the leather and thong feature come close to the magical touch of Ang Lee. I leaped from my seat, spilled my coffee, and scalded my lap: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, this was not the video I intended to buy—-why, this was certainly... pornography!\"


Grammar Freaks

Fiona writes \"Strange things abound in Australian country towns. A Grammar freak has been changing the word \"got\" in library books -

\"Please respect the right of others to use an undamaged book. Would the grammar \"expert\" who objects to \"got\" please stop!\"

Full Story \"


Commynisst Cruption In Libarries!

Gerry writes \"More on the
Memphis PL furore. A reminder that not only do
libarries have stuff on communism, we\'ve got Harry
Potter, Satan and drugs, too!


(as found on, adapted from the Memphis
Flyer) \"

Full Story


Fun for Bookworms

Here\'s a place where we librarians can have some fun, Fun for Bookworms, a compilation of librarian jokes put together by Linda Kay, it\'s even broken down by category.

And much more!


A Librarian\'s Alphabet

A Librarian\'s Alphabet is a fun little list of what letters go with what in the LIS world, by Denise Plourde.

A is for Access, a large part of our creed.
Z is for Libraries. (In LC classification!)

It goes from A to Z, though L is for Library instead of LISNews.


World\'s Funniest Joke Revealed

Yahoo! Tells Me The British Association for the Advancement of Science has unveiled The world\'s funniest joke after an experiment lasting three months.

It\'s not a librarian joke, but a Sherlock Holmes joke instead.


The Librarians starring Burt Reynolds and Amaury Nolasco as G-Man

Upon reading today\'s article on the stereotype of librarians in movies I was inspired to search the Internet Movie Database for \"librarian.\" \"The Librarians\" was the only resulting title. Nothing screams librarian like Burt Reynolds and a character named \"G-Man,\" if you ask me.


So, You want to be a librarian?!

So, You want to be a librarian?! is a funny poem by Ralph Sanderson, it begins...

\"So, you want to be a librarian,
And manage lots of books?
Just go and tell your friends that
And imagine all the looks\"

Read it!



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