;-) Satire: \'\'Book gangs of New York.\'\'
- \"Book
gangs of New York:
  The biggest, baddest literary
crime boss on the mean streets of Manhattan declares war.\" ... \"It was
crazy and we all knew it. But could I turn my back on the man who had rescued
me from a dreary future of card catalogs at the NYPL?\" - 20020819
Sam Apple and Rebecca Jacobs

BPL cataloguers
could kick NY Book Gangs aacr\'s
anytime. ;-)


Australian Librarian Fired for using books as toilet paper

Madeline Douglass writes \"The ever prolific Steve Fesenmaier sent out
this gem. Gooday! Krikey!
I think it is totally bogus mate!

Full Story \"

Consider the source on this one.


Library Songs From Warrior Librarian

Biblia, the Warrior Librarian writes \"For dull or dreary libraries, some library songs to cheer you up. Be careful with the volume of the lyrics, though ....

Check Them Out \"

All the hits are there...
(sung to the tune of “Monday, Monday)

(sung to the tune of “What a Wonderful World”)


Computer bugs could be alive

Here\'s A Fun One that says A survey of 1,300 computer technicians nationwide shows one of the biggest causes for home computer malfunctions is poor PC hygiene.Grossed-out technicians reported finding mice — live ones and dead ones — as well as cockroaches, bugs, marijuana, mice, spiders, food, loose change and cash stashed inside computers.

In the survey, technicians blamed poor PC hygiene for nearly 70 percent of home computer and keyboard failures and for more than 80 percent of printer and computer mouse malfunctions.


The reading retreat

Lee Hadden writes: \"Today\'s Atlanta Journal Constitution (July 15, 2002) has an amusing
article on privy reading habits. More than half of all Americans read in
the bathroom. Read more about it at\"

\"\"A bathroom without reading material is a great waste of private time that most women have so little of,\" said Sharon Dimino, 54, of Alpharetta. \"Ring around the tush is a small price to pay for a quiet read.\"


Forgotten goods discovered at public libraries

Here\'s A Fun Story on all the cool stuff at the Southwest County Regional Library west of Boca Raton, FL.
dozens of photos, bookmarks [which include paper, plastic, leather, lace and pressed flowers with children\'s photos and greetings to grandma, souvenirs of bar mitzvahs, high school graduations, 50th anniversaries and prayers for those who have passed on], lottery tickets, Band-Aids, bugs and bacon.

\"One staff member found several hundred dollars in cash in an envelope inside a book,\" Pinilla said. \"She tracked down the last person who had the book and returned the money. He had just cashed a check. That person sent flowers several times as a thank you.\"


Library funding sparks stampede

Unless you live in Pasadena, This One won\'t be very interesting, but the opening paragraph is great:

\"Like a herd of bibliophiles stampeding toward that one copy of a coveted book, seven local cities are in fierce competition for state library bond money.\"

Heh, a herd of bibliophiles....

One good quote for all of CA, \"I think what we\'re seeing is a definite need for new public library construction in California,\" said Albert Tovar, Azusa City Library director.


Terrorist Reading List

jen writes \"Beware The List!
Librarians! Citizens! Be advised that terrorists are easily identified by their chosen reading material. Please study the list of terrorist-preferred volumes below - and promptly report any persons you may encounter reading them to the FBI Terror Literature specialists who will soon be visiting your community! \"

This from the same site that brought us Presidential Prayer Squad issues Emergency Green Card To Jesus Christ.


Normal librarian loves to find the answers

This Story isn\'t really funny, but the headline, \"Normal librarian loves to find the answers\", really cracks me up. It\'s a nice little story about Pixie Freymann, reference librarian at the Normal, Indiana, Public Library. She\'s \"as far as you can get from the quiet, prudish, sensible-shoe-wearing stereotype conjured by the word \"librarian.\"

\"I love to be able to find things,\" Freymann says, \"and I don\'t give up easily. I\'ll dig and dig until I find it.\"

I\'ll also add Blake removes controversial book from summer list to the \"Funny Headline\" files. Found @ LibraryStuff.


?-) Beijing Paper Takes Spoof Seriously.

the Beijing Evening News reported as fact an article from the never
credible, but still oddly \'true,\'
kindly pointed out the
original Onion article
, along with some interesting observations
on how occasionally the TheOnion\'s articles trump the general news
media in providing factual background information (mixed, of course, with
their selective, blatant falsehoods for a devastating \'I\'m embarrassed
to be laughing at that\' effectiveness;-).

the editor of the Beijing Evening News as explaining, \"the
story was written by one of our freelance writers\" [HI BLAKE, thinks the
freelance Hermit, ;-], \"his
stuff has been pretty much reliable before.\"

The extra
punch line is that after the editor heard from Reuters and was \"told the
story came from the Onion and was not true, the editor said, \"We would
first have to check that out.  If it\'s indeed fake, I\'m sure there
will be some form of correction.\"\"
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