Sometimes you just gotta sing!

Prangstgrüp is several students from Columbia University whose activities lie somewhere between highly sophisticated pranks and performance art. One of there more recent happenings was the staging of a musical number during a busy study time in the library.

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Bibles now required to have warning labels

SomeOne QuickSumitted This One that takes a look at book warning labels.

"Not recommended for anyone under the age of 100. Take in small doses and consult your physician before doing so. Side effects may include dizziness, soreness, self-righteousness, spraining, bruising, gloom & doom, fire & brimstone, shaking, dementia and all around insanity."


The World\'s Funniest Joke -- Official

Reuters Says After a year of painstaking scientific research, the world\'s funniest joke was revealed on Thursday.

In a project described as the largest-ever scientific study into humor, the British Association for the Advancement of Science asked Internet users around the world to submit their favorite jokes and rate the funniness of other people\'s offerings.

More than 40,000 jokes from 70 countries and two million critiques later....\"Two hunters are out in the woods\"...



Charles Davis sends us a link to a
British Book-sniffing enthusiast\'s homepage. It\'s difficult to tell exactly whether this is intended as humor or not, but it\'s certainly odd. Note that the fine print on the first page reads, in part, \"And remember, the tree is our friend, don\'t trust axemen, or librarians!\" I wonder why not?


More Brilliant Library Humor

Biblia, the Warrior Librarian writes \"Another brilliant piece of work from the exceedingly modest Biblia, The Warrior Librarian ...

Computer Warnings for Library OPACs \"


Those crazy searchers

Over at Library Juice I collect the strange, stupid, sick, childlike and just plain funny searches that people do in Google and other search engines that lead them to pages on my server ( Last night I compiled these monthly collections into one rather long list. To give you seven quick examples:

  • number of electric guitar users in india
  • the bibliography of dr. web dubious
  • largest canadian gas mask bongs
  • how to tell apart human gender
  • Specifically Pictures of Condoleeza Rice
  • millionaires with less than a high school education
  • librarianship is a lie

Per Seat Seat Licensing Exhibit

Here is the internet chair with magnetic stripe card reader. Twenty three spikes stick up on the seat of the chair, and are retracted (pulse of energy through 1 farad \"high voltage capacitor\") if you swipe a credit card through the slot on the chair to download a seating license from the license server. The license server is in the 19 inch relay rack behind the internet chair.


Better Tie Up Bessie, It\'s Time To Moo

Someone writes \"The Hartford Courant reported on September 9th that the Durham Public Library (Connecticut), is sponsoring a mooing contest. Contestants will be judged and winners will get tickets to the upcoming Durham Fair. See CTNow for the story \"


;-) Satire: \'\'Book gangs of New York.\'\'
- \"Book
gangs of New York:
  The biggest, baddest literary
crime boss on the mean streets of Manhattan declares war.\" ... \"It was
crazy and we all knew it. But could I turn my back on the man who had rescued
me from a dreary future of card catalogs at the NYPL?\" - 20020819
Sam Apple and Rebecca Jacobs

BPL cataloguers
could kick NY Book Gangs aacr\'s
anytime. ;-)


Australian Librarian Fired for using books as toilet paper

Madeline Douglass writes \"The ever prolific Steve Fesenmaier sent out
this gem. Gooday! Krikey!
I think it is totally bogus mate!

Full Story \"

Consider the source on this one.



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