Telephone Politics

Lee Hadden writes: \"The Geological Society of London\'s Library has recently changed their
telephone number. Out of curiosity, they tried to discover how long they
had used the old number. In doing so, they found: \"...she discovered a
Council Minute dated 18 December 1912, agreeing to install a telephone [in
the library] - but only on condition that the number should be kept
ex-directory.\"Read more about it in \"From the Library\" inside the December 2002
issue of GeoScientist.Volume 12, number 12, page 23.\"


US Bill of Rights Pared Down to a Manageble 6

David writes \"The Onion is reporting that Congress has decided that to \"tighten\" up\" the Bill of Rights, including replacing the First Amendment with the \"right to Judea-Christian and non-combative speech\". \"


A Practical Use for FBI Surveillance

Rob Lopresti writes \"The Bellingham Herald (my local newspaper) features a witty letter to the editor from Lyle Harris. Mr. Harris claims he called the FBI to see if his library books were overdue...
Here\'s The Full Story.\"


FBI Watching Web Surfers

Rachel writes \"For those of you who need a little levity among all the privacy headlines:

Check This One Out \"

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Architect, librarian or policewoman Barbie?

M writes "Here's an interesting story about Mattel's online voting for the next Barbie in the "I can be..." career series of dolls."

By now you've probably seen the poll, but this is the first story I've seen that goes into more detail. The poll results don't count in Mattel's decision as to which doll to make, says Julia Jensen, spokesperson for Mattel. "It's not going to impact to a scientific degree the next doll we create."


Anne Coulter has been busy all summer.......

SomeOne writes \"New children\'s book from Coulter -- it\'s on my Christmas list to prevent leftist indoctrination of my children.

The Full Story, from Salon.
\"If you don\'t like it, you must be a liberal.\" \"


The Library Musical

Jeffrey Allan Beeler writes \"A friend of mine let me know about

this site

I would be interested to know if this has happened to any librarians.

We have had guerilla theatre but not a musical.

If you\'ve ever had the urge to stand up in a crowded library and sing about how much you love it, this one is for you. One of the funniest things I\'ve seen on the web in a long time, it\'s worth the time it takes to download.


Sometimes you just gotta sing!

Prangstgrüp is several students from Columbia University whose activities lie somewhere between highly sophisticated pranks and performance art. One of there more recent happenings was the staging of a musical number during a busy study time in the library.

Courtesy of today\'s memepool


Bibles now required to have warning labels

SomeOne QuickSumitted This One that takes a look at book warning labels.

"Not recommended for anyone under the age of 100. Take in small doses and consult your physician before doing so. Side effects may include dizziness, soreness, self-righteousness, spraining, bruising, gloom & doom, fire & brimstone, shaking, dementia and all around insanity."


The World\'s Funniest Joke -- Official

Reuters Says After a year of painstaking scientific research, the world\'s funniest joke was revealed on Thursday.

In a project described as the largest-ever scientific study into humor, the British Association for the Advancement of Science asked Internet users around the world to submit their favorite jokes and rate the funniness of other people\'s offerings.

More than 40,000 jokes from 70 countries and two million critiques later....\"Two hunters are out in the woods\"...



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