Dead Presidential Wives Head up Fake Historical Society

This weird little blurb showed up in Library Journal's People section:

"Varina Howell Davis and Mary Todd Lincoln were named joint Directors, John Brown Historical Center and Library, Harpers Ferry, WV."

Kudos to Nann Blaine Hilyard for being such a diligent reader.


A Foil for Sappy Motivational Posters

This catalog, Despair, Inc. has been making the rounds in our office. Looks like it's been around for awhile, but it's the first time I've seen it.


He's got a library jones

Read Joel McNally's latest column in The Capital Times (out of Madison, WI), in which he confesses the dark secret of his lifelong addiction:

"Stop me before I read again.

I can't help myself. Sometimes I can stay clean for days at a time. But then the fever overtakes me.

I make some excuse to get out of the house. I tell my parents I am going to meet my friends and score some drugs. But then I head straight for the library. ..."

Don't miss the rest of McNally's shocking confession.


Library, the Musical

tangognat writes "Something fun for Friday, Library the Musical, requires QuickTime or Windows Media Player." Safe for work and libraries.


Censorship Song

Bibliofuture writes "A Canadian Band called "Local Anxiety" has a song called "Dirty Books" that is about censorship. The song is a riot. You can hear the song at (free registration required) by looking up the band and clicking on their album "Forgive Us We're Canadian" This link should take you directly to the album"


Patrons Have Special Needs

Jessamyn pointed me to This Funny Well Dressed Librarian Post that says every single patron has special needs.

NEED: man who wants us to keep his library card on file at the front desk so he doesn't have to carry it with him.
REASON: (lazy) he loses it a lot.
OUR RESPONSE: We don't keep patron cards at the desk. If you forget your card, show us your DL, or other photo ID
HIS RESPONSE: Absolute confusion.


A day in the life....

Anonymous Patron sent us A day in the life of a library techie, reality v. fantasy:
It starts like this:
Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Perceived day in the life of a techie:

8:15 stroll into office, not seen for an hour
9:15 ignore support call
9:30 ignore support email
9:35 play games
10:20 donut break
11:00 aimlessly meander down hallways
11:20 lunch....


Librarians as geeks

djfiander writes "I have a minor addiction to silly online quizzes, so when the Inner Geek came floating through a mailing list I read, I had to check, especially since I am very geeky. My point, and I do have one, is that one of the questions is, "You want to be, or have every been... a librarian", is a question. I'm not sure if this is good or not. Oh, and I scored a mere "Total Geek", which is fairly low on the pantheon, even if I did check off every single checkbox in the "have read" section except for the "Star Wars/Star Trek Companion book" option."


Canadian Access to the Infamous Action Figure

djfiander writes "Probably the cheapest and easiest way for those of us north of the 49th (even if I'm at 42 deg N) is from the Ontario Library Association online store. That way we don't have to argue with Canada Post about paying a service charge for them to provide the "service" of collecting taxes."


Can a Librarian Go to the Prom?

An anonymous patron sent this one in [via craigslist]

can a librarian go to the prom? -m4wI was at the central library this evening with my daughter. Completly and unexpectedly I became smitten with the beautiful librarian working in the juvenial section. I've been trying to work up the courage to ask a woman to the prom being held at Roshambeau Winery this saturday night. I'm a single father and would never ever ask a woman out in front of my number one lady(daughter). I do hope you are there when I get a chance to come in alone. Oh and I know tons about Yom Kippur now, thank you.

Just thought we'd post this in case the lucky librarian reads LISNews!



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