Bill's life : A Year of Living Humorously

It was a year ago today that Bill Barnes started work as a full-time cartoonist over at Unshelved. Read on if you're interested how it's going.

It's all been successful enough to let it ride for one more year. If the finances aren't right at the end of next year we'll have some hard decisions to make. But I'm optimistic about money. I'm also optimistic about my ability to get more done, especially some creative projects.

How to Kill Innovation

I just had to share this post from Library Bytes and the article from University Business that inspired it. Apparently, discouraging progress is a problem everywhere!

Kudos to Prof. Longhair for sending me the link!

Bunny Burnstein

I Hate You Library Patrons!

This is a rather old Best Of Craigslist post I just discovered: "I Hate You Library Patrons!"

So basically if you are a nice, well-mannered person, welcome to the library. I’m glad that you are here. I will bend over backwards to make sure that your information needs are met. If you are a jerk, a pest, a leech, or any other kind of pariah, I will go out of my way to make sure that you leave the building as soon as possible, hopefully with some kind of police escort. You've been warned.

Obnoxious Librarian Now Available as a Book

The obnoxious librarian from hades ( started out as a satiracal weblog telling the tales of a librarian working in a large bureaucracy.. and now it is available as a real book and e-book. You can buy the real book at a credit crisis adjusted price via or even download the e-book version for free!

Best Reference Question Ever?

Here's a really wonderful thread over on PUBLIB. It started with this: "Some pre holiday humor for y'all. I just had a patron ask me for a list of all our informational books. I giggled."

My personal favorite: "Patron rolling up a shirtsleeve and showing me her arm, "is this herpes?""

"Perfect Weeding Music"--a CD Swap for Library Folk

Your CD mixing skills wanted!

Last week, Emily Lloyd (of Shelf Check) noticed that her library carries a CD of wedding songs that bears the manufacturer's typo "PERFECT WEEDING MUSIC" and posted about it to Twitter. Twitter user surferrosa (Nanette Donohue) thought that "Perfect Weeding Music" would make a great theme for a mix CD, and the Perfect Weeding Music CD Swap was born.

Nanette writes, "The deal: Create a mix CD featuring songs that you would consider 'perfect weeding music.' Songs that inspire folks to dig into their library's collection and get rid of the old, the outdated, the stuff that looks gross, smells bad, and is so dusty that you wonder if it's been touched in decades."

Each participant will send out two CDs (and each participant will receive two CDs in return). Items must be mailed by December 31, 2008.

Sign up for the swap at swapbot:

Please feel free to publicize this swap on your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter stream--the more the merrier!

If you have any questions, please e-mail

What would Google look like if it was built by librarians?

ReadWriteWeb asks this question, What would Google look like if it was built by librarians?

But here is the true answer:

First, Googol would be spelled correctly.

And it would be made of wood. Because wood is strong and durable and withstands the abuse put upon it by the uncaring public.
Then it would be given a cute and silly name like "Good Golly, this is a great search tool!" This is so the librarians could brand their product because librarians are all bout the brand.
Googol would get weeded regularly so that all the old, unused, dusty web sites get discarded from the index.
Googol would close at 9:00 p.m. and all major holidays.
Finally, Googol would get hacked into oblivion and shut down because the librarians used the word "password" for the password.

Yes we can!!!!!

Yes we can!!! I have heard this somewhere before but I can't remember where.

Titular Abridgement

Planet Karen has a funny take on abridged versus unabridged books and the consequences of thinking too hard about them.

The punchline to this is that I too have seen a book like this and had a similar thought. However, I turned into a librarian ages ago.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Of course you don't, unless you read the comic.

Goodnight Opus

Today marked the last day of a well loved comic character and pop culture icon.

Berkeley Breathed published his final Opus cartoon today and everybody's favourite penguin went out in a very literary tradition.

And by "literary tradition," I mean "children's literary tradition."

In cooperation with the Humane Society, Breathed published a final Sunday strip in newspapers with a link to see the last panel online at the Humane Society of the United States.

Check the published strip via the link above, and then read the final panels. Truly heartwarming.

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