Toronto Triples Its SARS Tally to 33 Probable Victims

Jen Young shares Bad News From The NYTimes that says the number of people they considered infected by a second outbreak of SARS in Toronto had tripled in the last 24 hours, although some officials expressed optimism that the new cluster of cases had reached its peak.
The Ontario Ministry of Health has daily updates. The Globe And Mail reports Toronto may have managed to put a lid on the newest outbreak of SARS, stopping the disease before it was able to spread its tentacles far into the community.


Hay Festival

Someone writes "It's Time For The Hay Festival The Festival was started in 1988 by a small group of local people led by Norman and Peter Florence. Their theatre company had toured the world for the British Council and played lots of Festivals, and they thought - Festivals are wonderful, let's have one at home. The idea of focussing on literature and ideas evolved out of the desire to make the Festival as much about participation as possible. Lots of good stuff This Year.


WHO wants more SARS information from Toronto

Gary Price writes "A link from the ALA homepage
states, " Travel Alert Removed: Toronto, Ontario, Canada"

however, in the past hour or so the CDC has "Reinstated" the travel alert.
Details here

As of today, The Globe & Mail reports , Officials of the World Health Organization and Health Canada held a hastily called teleconference on Saturday after the Geneva-based organization demanded additional information about a new cluster of at least 33 possible SARS cases in the city.


ALA to stay in Toronto

Here's the good word, folks. Get yer passport and make those reservations.


Jury still out on Toronto Conference

Don\'t pack those bags yet! The latest scoop from ALA is that the Executive Board needs more time to review the available data before making a final decision about the joint ALA/CLA conference. Further discussion is scheduled for FRIDAY.


WHO lifts travel warning on Toronto

Fred D. writes "The WHO lifted its warning against non-essential travel to Toronto today, though it still considers the city an "affected area". The NYT has the story (free registration required) at The NYTimes "


CLA Posts Position on SARS, Conference

Gary Deane noticed Canadian Library Association Brief to the Executive Board, American Library Association, regarding the Toronto 2003 Joint Annual Conference.
They say CLA's position is that Toronto continues to be a safe and attractive venue to host the joint Annual Conference June 19-25, 2003. I agree with them, not that anyone asked.


ALA will meet April 29 to discuss conference

Today's ALA will-we-or-won't-we statement concerning the Toronto conference comes from Executive Director Michael Fiels, who has announced the Executive Board will meet next Tuesday, April 29 to decide whether to convene as planned, move the venue, or cancel.


Plug pulled on big conferences in Toronto after WHO warning

SomeOne spotted This National Post Story The threat of SARS is causing the American Library Association to "seriously consider" cancelling its conference of 25,000 people scheduled to be held in Toronto in June.
This after the American Association of Vascular Surgery's decision to move its June conference to Chicago. The American Society of Echocardiography is also reconsidering holding its Toronto conference.

"We've now had just two events cancelled out of a total of 600 that we hold in a year," said John Houghton, vice-president of sales and marketing at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


ALA Pres on SARS and Toronto Conference

ALA posted a link on their main page today (April 23), to a statement from President Mitch Freedman about the ALA/CLA conference scheduled for June in newly travel-advisoried Toronto. Someone commented in an earlier post that wimpy librarians will keep attendance down this year, but Freedman's statement and comments made by ALA Press Officer Larra Clark to the Toronto Sun indicate that there is serious discussion about last-minute options for this year's conference.



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