Thirteenth North Carolina Serials Conference

The North Carolina Central University School of Library and Information Sciences and NASIG's Continuing Education Committee are co-sponsoring the Thirteenth North Carolina Serials Conference, April 15-16. The conference title is Opening Pandora's Box: Managing the Chaos of Serials Resources.From the announcement email: "Feeling overwhelmed, and fearing that even Hope has deserted you? Come hear about the latest developments and techniques for restoring order from chaos."


Democratization of Information: Focus on Libraries

The proceedings of the International Workshop on the Democratization of Information with a focus on Libraries, which was held from 18-19 January 2004 in Mumbai, India, are now available in pdf format online. Includes papers on alternative knowledge formation, the right to information, civic intelligence descriptive model, information literacy and capability building and open source systems in the library and on the net. View the proceedings.


eBooks in the Public Library Conference - March 16th - New York City

NickBogaty writes "Hello:

I would like to remind the readers of LISNews of a conference that the Open eBook Forum is hosting on March 16th in New York called the eBooks in the Public Library Conference. Details of the conference can be found at

I believe that this conference will be a real eyeopener for publishers, technology companies and libraries on how eBooks can be integrated into library systems, what patrons want, how eBooks can be used, what they cost, problems, challenges and opportunities of eBooks etc.

We've got a really good mix registered to the conference of large, medium and small library systems, eBook technology companies, traditional library system companies like Dynix and Sirsi and distributors like netLibrary and Baker & Taylor.

It's shaping up to be a good show and I hope people who read LISNews will attend. A couple of details, the conference is in NYC at March 16th and tickets are $79 (this includes breakfast and lunch). The conference is very intimate (350 people capacity) which will be great for networking, asking questions etc., but there are less than 100 tickets left, so I suggest signing up soon if you want to attend.

Nick Bogaty
Executive Director
Open eBook Forum

P.S. If anyone has questions, you can email me at [email protected]."


2003 Dublin Core Conference Summary

Boxes & Arrows has the 2003 Dublin Core Conference Summary.

"Overall the conference showed lots of enthusiasm in the use of standardized metadata for future inter-operability between institutions such as libraries, government agencies, and corporations. It was interesting to hear various DC people acknowledge that they needed more awareness of how DC was being used in non-traditional settings and ways, such as in corporations, with hardware, and in conjunction with other standards. It will be exciting to see how Dublin Core metadata and other metadata standards start to share a common ground with the information architecture community."


The Association of Christian Librarians 2004 Conference

Details on The Association of Christian Librarians 2004 Conference:
ACL's 2004 Conference will be held Monday through Thursday, June 7-10 at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. The theme will be "Connecting. . . "

The keynote speaker will be Sara Parker, the Missouri State Librarian. Ms. Parker has been a pioneer in connecting libraries, librarians, patrons, information and materials in multi-type library cooperation over the years, and was featured in the "OCLC Monthly Newsletter" in January 2003


Blog from Online Information 2003

Check out this weblog from Online Information 2003 in London brought to us by Information Today with contributions from ONLINE editor Marydee Ojala and Dick Kaser (V.P. Content - Information Today). Includes news, photos, even an assignment for Dick to find the best trade-show give-away item.


Wi-Fi Planet Conference & Expo * December 2-5 * San Jose, CA

This conference sounds really interesting if you have the time and money to attend.

Financial Strategies for Urban Libraries

Mock Turtle writes "Urban Libraries Council invites you to gather around the speakerphone for the Fall 2003 audio conference, "Financial Strategies for Turbulent Times: Stories from the Field," September 26 at 12 noon EDT. Mary Kay Conwell of New York Public Library, Herb Elish of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Deborah Jacobs of the Seattle Public Library, and Molly Raphael of the District of Columbia Public Library will share what has worked for them."


Hackfest II at Access 2003 Vancouver

dchud writes "We're gearing up for Hackfest II to be held at Access 2003 in Vancouver next month (Oct 1-4) and there's an invitation posted on /usr/lib/info for it. Y'all are invited too!"


LearningTimes Library Online Conference: Innovations by Information

Hope Kandel writes: "I wanted to remind you that there is still time to
submit a proposal to present at the "LearningTimes Library Online
Conference: Innovations by Information Professionals" [].
This entirely Online Conference will take place over five days in
October, and is the first completely online forum to address in-depth
current issues relating to information service professionals in today's
libraries, universities, museums, and archives.

The LearningTimes Library Online Conference (LTLOC) will feature dozens
of industry leaders facilitating interactive webcasts, voice and text
based chat sessions, discussion boards, and online "poster sessions".



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