71st IFLA Conference Brings Challenge to Cuba, lLibrarians sends the following announcement "World Library and Information Congress: 71st IFLA General Conference and Council"Libraries - A voyage of discovery"August 14th - 18th 2005, Oslo, NorwayIFLAand a related story from sometimes LISNews contributor Walter Skold via Worldnet Daily

On the eve of the world's largest library conference, a group of prominent dissidents from the former Soviet bloc have issued a stinging rebuke to Fidel Castro for jailing independent librarians and have called on the International Federation of Library Associations, or IFLA, to challenge Cuba over its human rights violations.
  "We know what it is like to live in a society where freedom is repressed in the name of democracy and national sovereignty, and where the voicing of dissent is banned in the name of safeguarding freedom of expression," says a letter released yesterday by the Czech-based People In Need Foundation.



Fahrenheit 9/11 will be shown at ALA

mdoneil writes "Fahrenheit 9/11 will be shown at ALA according to an email I received from the FLA listserv.

Mitch Freedman, immediate past president of ALA relates that the distributor, Lions Gate, in cooperation with the ALA is showing the film for $10 a pop.

No matter what your politics I'm sure you will have an opinion about this. Me, I'll pay for Ray Bradbury's ticket. But there is no need to get a large popcorn to share with me."

Rochelle adds: I'd already posted this a journal article before I saw md's post. The viewing will be a benefit for ALA's intellectual freedom activities.


Need Volunteers for upcoming ALA Conference

Rob Lenholt writes "As a member of the Local Arrangements Committee for the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida (June 24 - 29, 2004), I am looking for a few good volunteers to work two hour shifts at various booths and functions. Anyone interested should please visit our website at: for your time.Rob LenholtAssistant ProfessorElectronic Services LibrarianduPont-Ball LibraryStetson UniversityDeLand, FL386 822 4039"


EPIC's Freedom 2.0 Examines 'Distributed Democracy'

Blake left a few links about the Washington, D.C.-based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) recent conference entitled "Freedom 2.0: Distributed Democracy." It received some coverage from TelecomWeb.

"The two-day policy conference featured panels, keynote presentations, and workshops on wide-ranging topics such as transparency, government oversight, the "Public Voice," privacy activism, anonymity and identity, and trustworthy computing."


LJ Offers Picks and Pans for Orlando Conference

Here's Library Journal's annual overview of ALA's upcoming conference in Orlando. Whether or not you agree with John Berry's take on the worthiness of individual sessions, I find this to be a very valuable pre-conference overview of programs.

Still no word on whether or not last year's LISNewzter summit will become an annual event. Maybe there's no room big enough in Orlando to keep the LISNews Jets and the Sharks at a safe distance. I'm certainly up for something and would be happy to coordinate a time, if folks want to send me their free times. rochelle at lisnews dot org


Orlando/ALA Bound? Make Sure You Do the Exhibits

I've always been a bit of an exhibit snob, poo-pooing the exhibit hall as a bit of unneccesary fluff that, frankly, I didn't have time for. At Midwinter, however, I learned that it's exhibitors who make conference (relatively) affordable for attendees. Were it not for exhibitors, registration fees would be several hundred dollars. Apparently, exhibit hall traffic at Midwinter was so low, that members of the Exhibits Round Table (ERT) threatened to pull out if ALA didn't institute a no-conflicts time that would give members an open period during which they could visit with vendors, scoop up free pens and get their picture taken with Elvis. ALA heard and responded to the concerns. Here's an editorial from Library Journal with more details. See you in Orlando where I'll be putting in time at both the Public Programs Office and U of Illinois booths in the exhibit hall!


Special Hotel Just for Librarians at BEA

Librarians are invited (but not obliged) to stay in a separate hotel (a quiet one, of course) when they attend BookExpo in Chicago next month from June 4-6.
The conference keynote will be given by (auto)biographer and former President Bill Clinton, who, reports have it, will be showing up late.

Here's the invite for the Claridge Hotel from the BookExpo website.


10 Things I've Learned Presenting at Library Conferences

10 Things I've Learned Presenting at Library Conferences, by Michael Stephens, a librarian, technology trainer and author living in Northern Indiana.
1. Always be prepared.
2. If presenting in a track, try to be present for the other speakers.


How Much To Be Wire Free in FL?

brat librarian writes, "What's the most you've ever paid for wireless acess? ALA wants to
charge people $25 per day or an astonishing $5 per hour for wireless acess, which for many could double the cost of the conference. Since a wi-fi hub just requires a $100 router and some know-how, where did this number come from? Technobiblio explores the issue, as does"


2004 Annual OVGTSL Conference

The 2004 Annual OVGTSL Conference will be held Wednesday, May 12 to Friday, May 14 in Louisville, Kentucky with the theme "Technical Services = User Services: Making the Connection." This year's keynote speaker will be Janet Swan Hill, Director of Technical Services at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Other invited speakers are Lee Van Orsdel, Dean of Libraries at Eastern Kentucky University and Glenn Patton, Director of the WorldCat Content Management Division of OCLC.



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