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Just One More on BookExpo America. This author says it was a lot like life. Most people split their focus among unseemly jockeying for immediate opportunities (party invites, press attention), unconvincing near-term confidence ("The next catalog is our best ever") and, when reluctantly contemplating the distant future, a barely suppressed case of the screaming fantods.


Librarians -- even "special" ones -- need a little help sometimes.

Anonymous Patron writes "The Globe and Mail's take on SLA seems to think we're all a bunch of party animal lushes: "There was also much letting down of hair -- and that's assuming it was pulled up in the first place."

This may require a login: .20050609.gtreinhart09/BNStory/Technology/?query=s la"


Interface Usability Testing program at ALA Annual

Lloyd Davidson writes "The LITA Electronic Publishing/Electronic Journals IG presents the following program at ALA Annual in Chicago:

Searching Digital Resources: How do people search? How do we know what they want? How do we know when they find what they need?
Saturday, June 25, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm in the Exchange room of the Intercontinental Hotel. During its development, the content of this program has evolved to present a set of exemplary descriptions of the processes and techniques essential to designing Web interfaces for optimal clarity and simplicity and to describe the patron feedback methods used to accurately measure their usability.


SLA 2005 Conference Blog

vonjobi writes "If you're going to the conference this year, check out the SLA 2005 Conference Blog for updates and additional information on speakers, getting there, etc."


Mormon founder Joseph Smith Jr. celebrated at Library of Congress

Kathleen writes "The Library of Congress joined BYU to celebrate the legacy of Mormon founder, Joseph Smith Jr.
Most scholars agree that perhaps Smith's most important legacy - and one of the main historical flashpoints between Mormons and non-Mormons - is that he added a new volume to the canon, the collection of books generally accepted as religious scripture.
The conference is part of a yearlong celebration by the church of the bicentennial of Joseph Smith's birth in December 1805 in Vermont.
By December 2005, the public should get its first glimpse of a 12-volume publication of Joseph Smith's papers, diaries and personal writings, all part of the Joseph Smith Papers Project that has been endorsed by the National Archives."


CONSAL Call for Papers

vonjobi writes "The Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL) will be holding its General Conference in Manila from 25-30 March 2006. The deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended to 31 May 2005. See "Call for papers" (MS Word) for more details.

For more information on the conference itself, please see the flyer (pdf also available)."


Durst Reports from RIO 2005 - the Corps of Engineers Information Management Conference

Durst has been reporting on RIO 2005 - the Corps of Engineers Information Management Conference in his LISNews Journal.
RIO 2005 Conference Blog Day 1
Communitites of Practice
Library Breakout
Day 2
Day 3
The conference covered Strategic Plans for Libraries, Knowledge Management, Knowledge-centric environments, Communitites of Practice and much, much more.
RIO Sounds like a conference you'll never read about anywhere else, don't miss it!


Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums

Kathleen writes "National Conference II Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums:
Preserving Our Language, Memory and Lifeways
will be held May 24-27, 2005.
The conference will create a network of support for tribal cultural institutions and programs; articulate contemporary issues related to the development of tribal libraries, archives and museums and encourage collaboration among tribal and non-tribal cultural institutions. The goals of the conference will be achieved through plenary sessions with keynote speakers, information and resource tables, concurrent panels, affinity breakfasts, group meals and special events.
The Arizona State Library and Arizona State Museum are collaborating under the IMLS National Leadership Grant category of library-museum collaborations."


Randomly Generated Paper Accepted to Conference

emknecht writes: "Having trouble finishing that research study? These MIT grad students just might be able to help." A bogus paper created by their Automatic Computer Science Paper Generator was submitted to and accepted by the World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics. It's interesting that even the natural sciences have become so compartmentalized that a hoax reminiscent of the Social Text affair can be pulled off. At least librarians are never incoherent.


Conference Bloggers

Bill Drew is looking for help in organizing bloggers for the SUNY Librarians Association conference. He writes, "I am organizing a group of State University of New York librarians to report on our SUNY Librarians Association annual conference. Can those of you that have acted as official and unofficial bloggers at conference make any recommendations? I read the blogging going on from Computers in Libraries and found it quite interesting. Any suggestions on best practices or how to coordinate such an effort?"



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