Intl Calendar of Information Science Conferences

Filipino Librarian writes "Aside from Library Related Conferences (LRC), you can now check the International Calendar of Information Science Conferences (ICISC) for international conferences on information science and related disciplines. Unlike LRC, ICISC is backed up by a group, specifically the American Society for Information Science & Technology. More..."


Conference on "Emerging Libraries"

Anonymous Patron writes "Here's One on the De Lange Conference on "Emerging Libraries". March 5-7 conference co-sponsored by Fondren Library and the Computer Information and Technology Institute. About 350 people from across the country attended the conference.

Fourteen speakers representing science, engineering, government and libraries pondered the future of libraries and their ability to respond to a new reality — that more information has been generated in the last decade than in all previous human history, and most of it is digitalized. A theme addressed by all the speakers was the inevitable transformation of the traditional library, coupled with uncertainty over what libraries will look like in the future."


CFP: From Classroom to Career

Filipino Librarian writes "The Rizal Library Conference Committee invites proposals for papers for the "Third Rizal Library International Conference" to be held at the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines, October 22-24, 2007. The conference theme is "From Classroom to Career: Roadmaps to a Library's Success." For more information, see the website."


Library Panels For NY Comicon are Posted

John Shableski writes "It's official, the Library Panels for the NY Comicon have been posted online! Librarians and professionals can attend the NY Comicon for Free on Feb 23rd at the Jacob Javits Center.

Check out this page for GN Panels for Librarians. These panels are all about librarians talking to librarians on how graphic novels work to grow circulation, patron interest, and all other aspects of selecting and shelving this format. Whether you have been involved with graphic novels from the days of Maus or, you are just beginning to get your feet wet, these panels have been created just for you.


Carbon Neutral Conference Planned in Canada

Cabot writes "The Canadian Museums Association has taken an interesting approach with their conference next year in Ottawa. They have decided to present a carbon neutral conferences. "Approximately 42.5 tonnes of carbon will be released through travel, accommodations, and energy consumption related to the conference. To offset
these climate change causing-emissions, 934 trees will be planted according to
afforestation criteria, in spring 2007 across Canada."

Visit their Web site for more information."


Library as India's mirror

The Telegraph - Calcutta, India: A two-day conference on the role of the National Library as a “mirror of the nation†and to review its service was held in the Bhasha Bhavan conference room on Monday and Tuesday.

Several speakers from across the country — including library and information science professionals, preservation and conservation experts and the directors of seven Central Libraries — spoke on The National Library as an Intellectual Resource: Challenges and Prospects.

NACONAL 2006, as the conference was called, was inaugurated by writer Mahasveta Devi.

Library Related Conferences

Library Related Conferences is an Extensive list of, well, you probably guessed it, Library Related Conferences from around the world. Marian Dworaczek has put in some serious work on this one.


i-Conference 2006: Day 1

Filipino Librarian writes "In a pre-conference session, John Wilkin started by talking about the genesis of Google Book Search at U-M, and eventually got around to the secrecy regarding the technology and numbers surrounding the project. He mentioned that he understood why Google wants to keep these secret, but added that permission has been obtained to talk about certain aspects of the project. More... In the opening session, John Seely Brown differentiated between "learning about" and "learning to be," which seems to be similar to the difference between telling a man how to catch fish, and letting him learn to catch fish by doing. Other examples: the open source movement, Decameron Web, open and closed peer review at Nature, MediaCommons, etc. More..."


Symposium on the Humanities

Dear Colleague,

We are writing on behalf of the Organising Committee, to inform you of the call for papers for a:

Columbia University, New York City, 24-26 February 2007 Humanities Symposium

The Symposium is to be hosted by the International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities and the International Journal of the Humanities, in conjunction with the Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University.

The aim of the symposium to address the ambiguous a difficult task of the Humanities today, a situation which could at times be called a crisis. Key questions for discussion will include:
* Purposes of the humanities: systemic, critical, emancipatory?
* Perceptions of the humanities: Why are they regarded with suspicion? How do we attain institutional purchase? What is it to be elite but marginal? How to avoid trivialisation?
* Programs under threat: Which? Why? How do we respond?
* Fast capitalism and slow learning: How do the humanities position themselves in relation to globalisation and corporatisation?
* Securing 'diversity' and 'tolerance': What roles for the ambivalent enterprises of feminism and multiculturalism?
* Global predicaments: What agenda for the humanities?
* Higher education in the humanities and elementary education for the poor: How do we bridge the gap?

We would particularly like to invite you to respond to this call for papers and presentations. Presenters may choose to submit written papers for publication before or after the conference in the fully refereed International Journal of the Humanities. If you are unable to attend the symposium in person, virtual registrations are also available which allow you to submit a paper for refereeing and possible publication in the journal, as well as access to the online version of the journal.

The deadline for the next round in the call for papers (a title and short abstract) is 31 October 2006. Proposals are reviewed within one week of submission.

Full details of the conference, including an online call for papers form, are to be found at the conference website

We look forward to receiving your proposals and hope you will be able to join us in New York in February 2007.


OCLC Symposium from ALA Annual available online

In New Orleans I got to attend a great symposium by OCLC entitled "Preserving Library Core Values and Envisioning the Future." It featured Derek Woodgate, Founder and President of The Futures Lab; Wendy L. Schultz, Ph.D., Director of Infinite Futures: Foresight Research, Training and Facilitation; and Stacey Aldrich, Assistant Director of the Omaha (Nebraska) Public Library System. Pretty interesting stuff. It's now available online for your viewing on OCLC's site.


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