Library Camp Kansas was a huge success!

Yes, Library Camp Kansas was a huge success. For links to more blogs, photos, etc., check out

Hope to see you all there next year!

-Talking Books Librarian

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Going to Minneapolis for PLA 2008 National?

For those attending PLA 2008 National Conference, steps have been taken to allow conference participants to contribute reflections for consideration by LISTen. To leave your thoughts just call 646-495-9201 and enter the extension 12761. It would help immensely with such if you identified who you are and what library/vendor/agency/entity you work for as we will discard any anonymous messages. As long as we actually get some reflections left at that voicemail box, LISTen will try to air a montage of the best in the episode directly following the conference.

The telephone number above is a temporary one and will disappear at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on March 29th. Voicemails will be accepted all throughout the conference.


BOBCATSSS 2009 Portugal January 2009: Challenges for the New Information Professional

BOBCATSSS 2009 @ Porto, Portugal, 28—30 January 2009, Challenges for the New Information Professional * Interdisciplinarity of Information Science * Information Professional and Information Management * The current impact of the new technologies in the life of the Information Professional * The rise and fall of physical libraries * Information Literacy * eLibraries & eArchives * Librarian 2.0 BOBCATSSS is an annual symposium organised by students at a number of universities in Europe.

code4lib conference

The code4lib Conference was born in a chatroom discussion in November 2005. code4lib members quickly coalesced around the idea, and Jeremy Frumkin stepped forward to host it at Oregon State University. It was such a success that attendees immediately set about organizing the next one, which was held at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, hosted by the Georgia Public Library Service. In 2008 we'll be back in Oregon, this time Portland, again made possible by Mr. Frumkin and the rest of the crew at OSU.

Call For Speakers – ALA Conference 2008 Technology Program

On Saturday, June 28th 2008 at 4:00 PM, HoLT (Heads of Library Technology Interest Group of LITA) plans a presentation on “Transformational Change: The Evolving Role of Library IT Departments.” The description of this program is as follows:

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Heads of ECO national libraries to meet in Tehran

The Tehran Times Reports The first meeting of the heads of the Economic Cooperation Organization’s National Archives and Libraries will be held at Iran’s National Library and Archives (INLA) venue on November 19 and 20.

The meeting is to be held as the result of a proposal made by Iran at the 3rd Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the ECO Cultural Institute (ECI) which was held in Islamabad in May 2007. Iran suggested organizing a union for the management of the documents and archives of the member states of the ECO, Ali-Akbar Asha’ri, head of INLA, told Mehr News Agency.


Spanish strife spreads to Frankfurt Book Fair

birdie writes "AFP is reporting on spats between members of the multi-lingual European publishing community, specifically the Catalan and Spanish-speaking segments. The organisers of the 59th Frankfurt Book Fair, which has made Catalonia guest of honour, said they were sorry to see the writers stay away for reasons linked to "nationalism, regionalism, vanities.""


Looking For A Good Conference Speaker

I'm part of a committee looking for good speaker for a local librarian conference next year. All I can tell you is what we're NOT looking for:
No tech gurus
No library 2.0
No future files
No gaming
No wikis, blogs or Second Life

We're thinking more back to basics, good old fashioned librarian stuff. Ideas? Let me know.


Australian Conference News on Facebook

ADHD_librarian writes "For those interested in the idea of a library conference in the middle of Australia, there is now an unofficial facebook group dedicated to giving you all the news which is unfit to print on DREAMing08. The Australian Library and Information Association's next Biennial Conference, to be held in Alice Springs from the 2nd to the 5th of September 2008."


The Value of Libraries: 2008 CASLIS Ottawa Seminar

CASLIS Ottawa writes "CASLIS Ottawa is pleased to invite you to a two-day seminar to explore the value of special libraries — how we measure it and how we communicate it. The seminar will be held January 23 and 24, 2008 at 395 Wellington Street.

Special libraries — whether corporate, government or not-for-profit — face the constant struggle of justifying their existence and budgets and of explaining their value to their stakeholders. For more information, visit"


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