Queens Library #1 in Nationwide Circ

The Queens Library really has something to shout about, namely leading the nation's circulation with a whopping 20.2 million items!

Queens Library offers six million items for loan and features a collection spanning 30 languages. They serve around 55,000 people per day.

Second highest circ goes to Multnomah County Public Library in Portland, OR.


Bring Back That Book, Or It's Gonna Hurt

Checking out a book from the West Fork Public Library in Arkansas and then keeping could really cost you.

A new measure before the town's council could criminalize the act and levy a $100 fine per item. While keeping a library book is stealing, I've not seen too many places where they actually spell that out in a law.

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Book Circulation Per U.S. Public Library User Since 1856

Book Circulation Per U.S. Public Library User Since 1856, by Douglas A. Galbi, Senior Economist, Federal Communications Commission: Library book circulation per user has no strong, long-run trend. From 1856 to 1978, library users borrowed from U.S. public libraries about 15 books per user per year. From 1978 to 2004, book circulation per user declined approximately 50%. The growth of audiovisuals circulation, estimated at 25% of total circulation in 2004, accounts for about half of this decline. These figures depend on estimates and disparate samples of libraries with varying circulation and user accounting methods. Nonetheless, these figures are of sufficient quality to suggest that historically established institutions significantly stabilize borrowing behavior.


Potential Partnership between Netflix and Brooklyn PL

Brooklyn Public Library and Netflix are considering a partnership to bring DVDs and videos into the homes of library card holders, Business Week reports.

This initiative "would involve creating a list of movies that Netflix would provide for library patrons for free, the paper said, which would save the library system the cost of buying the expensive DVDs. In return, the system would pay Netflix for the service." This service would be part of the library's plans to increase customer service by incorporating more home delivery of library items.

While a Netflix representative quoted in the article was unaware of any possible partnership, John Vitali, chief fiscal officer for Brooklyn PL, is quoted as expressing a desire to "work with Netflix and really get that inventory together, really use Netflix as the delivery mechanism."

Library; collection agency; Ohio this time

mdoneil writes "Avon Lake (I wonder if it smells like perfume?) Ohio brings us this story about their library using a collection agency.
The slackers owe the library $30K in fines and charges for lost materials."

RFID Passports Coming

Search Engines Web sent in a link to a CNN story about upcoming changes to US passports:

Imagine being overseas and your identity being available for the taking - your nationality, your name, your passport number. Everything. That's the fear of privacy and security specialists now that the State Department plans to issue "e-Passports" to American travelers beginning in late August.

The Department of State has a FAQ page up as well.

Library card collection

An Anonymous Patron writes "
From The News Kevlin, 47, has worked as the library services secretary for the Tacoma Public School District for 15 years. Two years ago, the Puyallup resident came across a library directory Web site and started collecting cards by sending e-mails to branches around the country.

I'd say I'm collecting library cards and I'd like one from their system, Kevlin said.

He now has 158 of them."


Children's books recalled because of problem with cover

The Associated Press reports About 41,000 children's books have been recalled by Advantage Publishers Group because if the clear plastic container is removed from the book's back cover or breaks, young children can access the beads inside it, posing a choking hazard.

TV News on libraries' use of collection agencies

Elizabeth Thomsen writes "Here's a consumer story from Boston's CBS affiliate Channel 4 on libraries using collection agencies, and how this can affect credit. They say Most librarians don't want to go this route, but can be faced with fines that exceed $1,000. Many are willing to try anything to keep their shelves stocked. "


Mixed Up DVDs Surprise Mormon Buyers

Here's a brief story about how buyers at the Deseret Bookstore in Salt Lake City ended up with "Diary of a Porn Star" (starring Ben Dover?) in lieu of "Sons of Provo."



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