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Some libraries are simply more progressive than merely checking out video games or ukuleles.

Married To The

Bunny Suicides book - an interesting turn of events

Upon discovering a book depicting rabbit ending their lives in a number of unusual ways, a woman in Oregon checked the book out of the library, refused to return it, and threatened to burn it and any other copies that were purchased to replace the copy she stole. After a time though, and a good deal of community outrage, she did return the book and claimed that her threats were fueled by emotion and distorted by the media and they should be dismissed as such.

This even brings up a couple of interesting issues; information access denial by patron action and the reaction of the community to such action. I find it quite interesting that a community, many of whom stated that they did not care for the book, felt that it still should be included in the library holdings, and some even sent funds with which to procure another copy. Given the circumstances, I have to wonder if the woman in question would not have come forth with the book, or have carried out her threats to destroy that which she felt objectionable has the media not picked up on the story.

How common is it for this sort of action to take place? Given the regularity with which these sorts of stories make the news it seems to be a fairly regular occurrence. According to the ALA, more than a book a day is challenged in the United States.

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Titular Abridgement

Planet Karen has a funny take on abridged versus unabridged books and the consequences of thinking too hard about them.

The punchline to this is that I too have seen a book like this and had a similar thought. However, I turned into a librarian ages ago.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Of course you don't, unless you read the comic.

Goodnight Opus

Today marked the last day of a well loved comic character and pop culture icon.

Berkeley Breathed published his final Opus cartoon today and everybody's favourite penguin went out in a very literary tradition.

And by "literary tradition," I mean "children's literary tradition."

In cooperation with the Humane Society, Breathed published a final Sunday strip in newspapers with a link to see the last panel online at the Humane Society of the United States.

Check the published strip via the link above, and then read the final panels. Truly heartwarming.

Spoiler alert: Comic books are alive and kicking

Yes, super-hero movies are big. But another business that's booming for Marvel? Old-fashioned publishing.
At Marvel Entertainment, the industry's largest player, revenues for its print wares have been growing in double digits for the past three years and profit margins have been running at close to 40%. Plenty of magazine, book or newspaper publishers would put on a mask, cape or even giant bunny ears if that's what it took to generate those kinds of numbers - especially right now.

DRM In Your Library? Consider This...

Thinking about utilizing a service in your library which uses Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

Consider the wise comic of Randall Munroe:

Presidential Material In Comic Book Form

Not ready to deal with all those weighty tomes about the Presidential candidates? Maybe you should check out the two super-contenders in comic book form:

Authors of comic books on Barack Obama and John McCain (Jeff Mariotte (also a bookstore owner) and Andy Helfer respectively) will be signing their comix at bookstores in NY and LA next week.

Both books have been published by IDW. The company claims to be "pleased to present a unique venture in the history of comics publishing: a pair of graphic biographies featuring the presumptive Presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties."

With pencil and paper, artist found a niche illustrating popular comic books

While few can recall the early days of the comic book industry, Sitton and his memories share space in his Houston apartment, where pen-and-ink posters from those long-ago comic book pages cover his walls.

It was an unparalleled time in the comic book industry. There were more comic book houses in those days, flooding the market with innumerable titles. Now, comic books must compete with television cartoons, video games and other forms of entertainment.


Who else got "Colleen" drawn in their Unshelved book?

at least, I think it's Colleen. it's sort of a cloud or lake landscape with the twin setting suns of Tatooine... no, wait, it's Colleen.

Did anyone else order Frequently Asked Questions to get the bonus drawing and autographs (it looks like a "G-something" and "B-something-with-a-dot")?

Just wondering if Bill varied what he drew and what the distribution might be and how rare each drawing is and how collectible and which mylar bag should I use and how much will it be worth in five years and does anyone ever read my blog?

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Rhymes with Orange and books...

No it's not Friday, but didn't think that I should hold onto this until then...

The comic strip "Rhymes with Orange" ran an interesting strip about a couple undergoing counseling and they use an interesting analogy, check it out.


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