The Day the Earth Stood Stupid

Mary H. Musgrave writes:
\"Just thought I\'d point out that last night’s episode of Futurama was partially set in a library. Seems Fry was the only \"person\"; not affected by a brain invasion that made everybody stupid. When he went looking for the \"BIG BRAIN\"; the place he thought he would find it was the Library. Sure enough, it was there and he used several literary classics to curb its powers and destroy it. The funniest part (you had to really watch to catch it) was the stereotypical librarian who was trying to shelve a book and was trying to put it back on the shelf horizontally instead of vertically. That only lasted a few seconds, but I thought it was a hoot. Hope others that didn\'t see the episode will get a chance to see it later.
Below is the info about the actual episode.


A new title for the ref desk?

Janet Clark was nice enough to point out Speed Bump ran a Funny Little Librarian Cartoon.

It\'s a funny on so many levels.


Librarian\'s Guide to Anime and Manga

\"You may have had some very young skate board toting library patron ask you, \"Do you have any Guyver?\" or a student requesting the seven tape set of the Hakkenden, subtitled, or had a club ask to use your meeting room to show anime. Have you wondered what all of this was about?

Given the increasing popularity of anime and manga in the English speaking world I feel that it is perhaps time that a resource be created to help librarians understand what this is all about and to aid in the selection of items for their collections.\"

That\'s the introduction to The Librarian\'s Guide to Anime and Manga, by Gilles Poitras. It\'s an interesting discussion that has got me interested in this pop-cultural art form.


Free Book Locating System

Ron Force writes \"Reuben Bolling\'s \"Tom the Dancing Bug\" reveals the latest scheme to undermine publisher\'s copyrights--Free books located through the Dewey Decimal system! \"

This is a very funny cartoon, be sure to check it out!



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