Graphic novels differ from comic books

Graphic novels seems to be getting some press lately, This One, from says although graphic novels, which rose to popularity in the 1980s, share a basic element with comic books -- a sequence of illustrated picture frames with text bubbles -- these animated novels come in a variety of sizes, usually are printed on higher-quality paper, often are bound in hard covers and encompass the variety of genres mentioned above.

Via Gary Deane.


Texas Comic Book Store Owner loses chance to appeal

Jeff Beeler writes "Texas comic book store owner Jesus Castillo's obscenity conviction for selling an adult comic book in the adult setion of his store to an adult undercover police officer will not be going to the Supreme Court. This legal precident now allows any jurisdiction to prosecute any store for selling adult comics whether there are legally obscene or not. This is because the prosecutor's case rested on the fact that they were comics with adult content not that the comics were legally obscene.
Here is the site of the original article:"


Boondocks weighs in on CIPA

Right here at Find the one for July 1, if you land on a non-CIPA one.


<i>Library Girl</i> is a new Librarian Cartoon

Harvey Bond links us to Library Girl, the adventures of a library girl and her library cat. Her arch-nemesis, Wrinklemeyer, is an uber-stereotype librarian in bun and pearls.

Be aware that this is Flash animation, requiring the Flash player and a sound card.


Wapsi Square - Another (Almost) Library Comic

Follow the adventures of Monica at Wapsi Square. She\'s the diminutive yet busty museum curator [Cataloger] that has yet to realize how cute she is. She once Met The Aztec god of alcohol
Caution: may not be entirely safe for viewing at the reference desk.


Librarian comic strip starting up again

Steve Fesenmaier writes "Avidor's series "Gondwanaland," based on Minneapolis librarians Sandy Berman and his
Sandynista friend Chris Dodge has been started up again. The archive for the previous strips - Is Available and the

website new strip - Is Here. "


Free Comic Book Day Is Tomorrow

Don't forget, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. It includes special appearances, and of course Free Comics. See The FAQ for more, or Stories From Around The Country.


Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo

This is a transcript of the panel discussion from this year’s Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, entitled “Open Minds: How do you get someone to try a small press comic?” from April 5, 2003, in Columbus, Ohio.

" Because a lot of graphic novels, particularly in libraries and bookstores, is the number one growing section. Graphic novels is the buzzword in the book industry right now.


Library Comic <i>Overdue</i> to Change Name

Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum have been publishing their online comic strip Overdue for a little over a year now. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a trademark issue regarding that name.

Undaunted, our boys have decided to hold a contest to rename the strip. If you have any suggestions, read the guidelines and send in your concepts!


Pultizer Prize-Winning Editorial Cartoonist Lampoons Patriot Act

Robin writes "National concern about the possible erosion of civil liberties following the passage of the USA Patriot Act continues to grow. Recently, noted political cartoonist Pat Oliphant offered a humorous -- and sobering -- vision of life on the home front when the most personal of decisions, what to read, is open to unchecked government scrutiny.

Here's The Cartoon "



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