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Modern (and Raunchy) Swedish Bible Censored In US

It wouldn't be the first time the Bible was censored.

But it is probably the first time that the Bible has been published serially, in a sort of magazine format, with somewhat sexually explicit pictures. Then there was the homoerotica...

Yeah, it should surprise no one that this didn't work out too well in the "land of the free."

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Declining U.S. Newspaper Circulation Potentially Signals Decline In Literacy

Americans are doing less well than global competitors on a key index of literacy, according to a literacy survey by Central Connecticut State University.

From All Headline News: This study attempts to capture one critical index of our nation's well-being -- the literacy of its major cities--by focusing on six key indicators of literacy: newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, educational attainment, and Internet resources. The information is compared against population rates in each city to develop a per capita profile of the city's "long-term literacy"-a set of factors measuring the ways people use their literacy-and thus presents a large-scale portrait of our nation's cultural vitality," Dr. Jack Miller, CCSU President says.

Cites & Insights 9:1 available

Cites & Insights 9:1, January 2009, is now available.

This 30-page issue (PDF, but each section is available in HTML form from the links below) includes:
Bibs & Blather (pages 1-5)

Announcing The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 and an early-bird special ($22.50 through January 15, 2009). Also announcing Cites & Insights volume 8 in paperback form (a great way to show your support for C&I and my blog research)...and notes on other books and the start of a new volume.

Net Media: Wikipedia Notes (pages 5-13)

"Verifiability, not truth," Wikipedia's growing pains, the power of the editor and rise of the Wikicrats, and other notes on the messy reality of Wikipedia.

Retrospective: Pointing with Pride Part 9 (pages 13-18)

Solving the "missing issue" problem (oops) and ten notes from ten issues.

Offtopic Perspective: 50 Movie Hollywood Legends, Part 2 (pages 18-26)

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Ebony and Jet Magazines Go Digital

Ebony and Jet Magazines have joined the 21st Century (and Google), and have gone digital.

According to the Chicago Tribune, prior to this deal, the magazine's have kept their past issues in bound volumes and on microfilm, so if anyone needed to look up an old article, librarians would have to search through the company's archives.

However, with a new deal in place, both Ebony and Jet will be made searchable on the technology giant's growing database of publications. Johnson Publishing's partnership with Google gives readers access to more than nine magazine titles and 20 million photographs documenting 63 years, reports the paper.

But, issues prior to 1960, they're having a problem with because of the issues' fragility or limited availability. So, the company is asking for help from their readers and librarians? "to pull stuff from the basement" to aid with the archiving.

The LSW Zine: A Call for Rants, Manifestos, Articles, and Artwork

The LSW Zine: A Call for Rants, Manifestos, Articles, and Artwork: Announcing the Library Society of the World Zine, a planned dead-tree compilation of writing about libraries by library people.

If all goes well, when librarians gather in Chicago in July of 2009 for the American Library Association Annual Meeting, LSW agents will be packing copies of the first ever issue of the LSW zine along with their “FRBR? I hardly knew her!” t-shirts and Roy Tennant thongs. We will then sell or otherwise distribute the zines to an unwary population of humid, bus-riding librarians.

I Love My Librarian

Everyone loves a winner, and here are the winners of the New York Times "I Love My Librarian" contest (profiles and photos). They are:

  • College, Community College & University Librarians
    Jean Amaral and Iona R. Malanchuk
  • Public Librarians
    Linda Allen, Amy Cheney, Carol W. Levers, Elaine McIlroy, Arezoo Moseni
  • School Library Media Specialists
    Jennifer Lankford Dempsey, Dr. Margaret "Gigi" Lincoln, Paul McIntosh

    Congratulations to all you winning librarians!!

  • After Stream of Library Complaints, EVA Subscription Services Finally Responds

    For months, more than a dozen library customers of EVA Subscription Services, based in Shrewsbury, MA, have expressed enormous frustration after not receiving periodicals ordered and finding that their calls and emails to EVA went unreturned. One customer even filed a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB), which closed the case as “unanswered,” two filed complaints with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s (AG) office, and several expressed concerns on library electronic mailing lists.

    Cites & Insights Volume 8 now complete

    The Title Page and Indexes for Cites & Insights Volume 8 (2008) is now available.

    The 16-page PDF consists of a title sheet for the volume (both sides) and a 14-page set of indexes (one index covering articles and songs cited, the other covering books, blogs, topics, authors, etc.)

    No HTML version is available, since the indexes specifically refer to page numbers that would be irrelevant in HTML essays.

    That completes Volume 8, if you're looking to bind it.

    Is it Ethical and Legal to Buy Papers and Essays? By Rob Halford

    Rob Halford believes that it is ethical to use custom essay writing services as people do not steal anything but pay enough money in return of the service. Read more of his article on EzineArticles: Is it Ethical and Legal to Buy Papers and Essays?

    Cites & Insights 8:12 available

    It's only taken eight years for C&I to actually appear monthly--that is, for a volume to have only a dozen issues.

    Cites & Insights 8:12 (December 2008) is now available for downloading.

    The 22-page issue is PDF as usual (a nice compact PDF, as are all the other 2008 issues now that I've regenerated them with Acrobat 9), but you can also get HTML versions of most essays. (Most headings below are live links.)
    Bibs & Blather

    Advance notice of a special offer: The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 will be available soon (late November or early December if all goes well), and will have an early-bird special price of $22.50 until January 15, 2009--at which point it will go to $35.00. (If there's an Amazon version, that will start out at $35.) The book will be announced on Walt at Random as soon as it's ready.

    Also: News about disappearing books, notes on potential sponsorship for future research, and this warning: If you're one of the dozens (I can dream) of institutions that binds C&I, hold off--the title sheet and index will be ready in another week or two. (There will probably also be a paperback version of the whole volume.)

    Perspective: Writing about Reading

    The heart of the issue. An extended essay on NEA's latest sky-is-falling report--and on "stupidity and Google."

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