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Village Voice Top 25 Books of the Year

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"For years I surveyed WV\'s libraries to see how many had copies of the Village Voice list of top books....few were ever found in ANY of WV\'s more than 200 public and academic libraries. Here is the 2002 list which includes some landmark books including JOSEPH STIGLITZ\'s Globalization and Its Discontents and JOHN M. MACGREGOR\'s Henry Darger: In the Realms of the Unreal 720 pp., $85.\"

My favorite was The Founding Fish.


Sandy Berman Blasts New ALA Intellectual Freedom Manual

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Sandy Berman has been fighting to tell the world about the intense INTERNAL CENSORSHIP the library profession has been practicing for decades. Now the intelligent reader can see for themselves what he is talking about in his review of ALA\'s 6th Edition of its Intellectual Freedom Manual. I think of Sandy as the American library version of Solzhenitsyn, refusing to leave his motherland for exile, so that he can maintain his moral highground. Read his review about half way down
This Page. \"


Great website for A BOOK OF BOOKS

Steve Fesenmaier writes:

\"Outstanding photographer Abelardo Morell and saintly author Nicholson Baker have teamed up to create a fantastic new book, A BOOK OF BOOKS, showing Morell\'s photographs of books. I found this website which shows 9 of his photographs in an online slide show...very nice.\"


Hunt and Peck

Wanda Coleman, of, LA Weekly, says in her column, Hunt and Peck Reactions to her critical rip of Maya Angelou\'s \"A Song Flung Up to Heaven\" caused an immediate furor in the African-American community, yet none of the many letters reportedly sent to the L.A. Times was ever published, for who-knows-what reasons.
She says Critically reviewing the creative efforts of present-day African-American writers, no matter their origin, is a minefield of a task complicated by the social residuals of slavery and the shifting currents in American publishing.


Review of new film THE LIBRARY IN CRISIS

Steve Fesenmaier writes a review of The Library in Crisis,
2002 46 mins. Filmakers Library Cost - ?????
Julian Samuel, an Asian-Canadian filmmaker, has made the most
comprehensive film to date about the gigantic challenges facing the
modern library. Using both Canadian and American libraries, and scholars
on the history of libraries from around the world, he gives an exciting
tour of some of the very real problems facing libraries in our
information age. One very poignant story is that of a small college
library being destroyed.


Review of new film A BRIDGE OF BOOKS

Steve Fesenmaier has written a review of \"A BRIDGE OF BOOKS\", by Sam Ball.

Sam Ball, who is one of the managers of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, is also an excellent filmmaker. This short documentary is about one of the great book rescue stories of all time. It shows how the worldwide movement started by Aaron Lansky, a 23 year old Yiddish student in NYC, has led to saving thousands of books in Yiddish from the landfills.


ReviewAlert - email alerts for amazon reviews

Neville Ridley-Smith writes \"If you\'re interested in the reviews books get on Amazon, you can save time and use - it sends you an email when new reviews for books get posted on amazon :

Why are we providing this free service? Initially
because we wanted it ourselves and then we subsequently thought that others might like it.
We\'re also part of the amazon associates program so we get paid a small amount if someone buys a book from amazon after being referred from one of our links. Currently we need about 10 people per month to buy 1 book from amazon to break even so we can keep running the service. Buying via clicking on one of our links doesn\'t cost anything but enables us to keep running!

Hope you find it useful!


A battle in which the pen has become the sword

SomeOne over at the USGS sent along This Story from The Times on an attack on one of Germany\'s leading literary critics. A writer has taken revenge on a prominent book reviewer
by writing a novel where the reviewer is portrayed as a corrupt stereotype
in an anti-Semitic manner. They go so far as to say Germany just now is in the grip of a tremendous literary row in which it is impossible not to take sides.


Harriet the Online Book Reviewer

Wired has This One on Harriet Klausner, and a legion of book enthusiasts, freelance writers, doctors, lawyers and other professionals have volunteered their opinions and advice online @ Amazon and other sites. They don\'t move as many books as Oprah, but they do have some pull.

\"I like to hit the largest audience I possibly can and Amazon is the largest site,\" said Klausner, Amazon\'s most prolific reviewer. \"The online experience has more readers to get reviews and it\'s more accessible.\"


Never judge even an ancient book by its cover

Times Online has an Opinion Piece on book reviewing being the hardest kind of journalism.

He says he used to think the judgment of contemporary critics and posterity combine to create a classic until attending a lecture on The Iliad.



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