Art or Harbinger of Violence? / Grisly Short Story Gets Student Booted from School

An Anonymous Patron writes " Before the week was out, the student was expelled and sent home, the instructor was fighting for her job, and many students and faculty were left wondering about issues of artistic and academic freedom in the post-Columbine era of heightened fear over student safety. The initial reaction was much less sensational. Full Story @"


Tolkien’s books auctioned

Anonymous Patron writes " Rare volumes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings� trilogy were the centerpiece of an extensive private book collection auctioned Wednesday for a total of $270,000.

The Tolkien books, including two signed second editions of the first two installments of the trilogy and an unsigned first edition of the third part, were sold to an anonymous bidder for $3,800.
Full Story"


Dr. Seuss' other sides on display

Bob Cox writes " says long before he showed American children that the 250 words of ``The Cat in the Hat'' could teach them to read far better than Dick and Jane, Theodore Seuss Geisel had explored Europe and seen his illustrations on the cover of Life magazine.

The Dartmouth College American literature graduate who became famous as Dr. Seuss had spent enough time working for a large corporation and in the Army to become a wryly cynical observer of life. And he wasn't afraid of putting a bit of the risqué into his work, either."


John Paul II's New Book Due Out in May

John Paul II's new book, "Rise, Let Us Be Going," a reflection on his experiences as a bishop, will be published on May 18, his 84th birthday.
Articles at Contra Costa Times, Catholic News Service, and Zenit News Agency


Yahoo! News - Self-publishing will spur book industry to modernize

Anonymous Patron writes "This One Says long the pooh-poohed province of would-be writers who couldn't find traditional publishers, new-generation self-publishing is attracting established writers, such as Kessler, who prefer to skip the hassle.

Self-publishers now offer print-on-demand technology (which keeps costs under $1,000 by making books only as they're bought), and anyone can sell on Amazon. So books come to market cheap - and fast."


The confessions of a semi-successful author

An anonymous patron would like to share with us this article from; however, it requires a paid subscription to read it. For those that can, go for it. For the rest of us, here's a snippet from the free part:

"By the end of this story I will have broken the most sacred rules of modern authordom. I'll tell you how much my publishers have paid me for the books I've written. I'll tell you how many copies each of those books has sold. I'll share with you some of the secrets, lies and euphemisms told to me by my publishers, editors, publicists and agents in their efforts to comfort, pacify and motivate me, and I'll share some of the salient facts that make those secrets, lies and euphemisms such common industry currency."


Publishers, Note: Novelist Available

Anonymous Patron writes "Martin Amis has a story in the current issue of The New Yorker, a twisted and profane tale of a despot's body double in the midst of a collapsing regime. It is in many respects a typically Amis affair, an exercise in extreme fiction rescued from puerility by taut, cutting prose. But in the wake of a novel that was panned by critics and that concluded his American publishing contract, the story conveys another message: Mr. Amis is alive and kicking and, in case anyone's interested, up for grabs.

Read It Here"


Dr. Suess: The Marketing Phenom

Bob Cox sends "this piece from the WSJ Editorial Page which celebrates the work and legacy of Dr. Suess while lamenting how his work has been coopted by Hollywood. Writer Eric Gipson finishes with:

'And now, through this month's celebrity canonization, Geisel himself has become a commodity. But he doesn't need a postage stamp or a star, or more cheesy souvenirs. He needs to be left alone, like innocence itself, so his writings can speak for themselves.'"


Kinky to run for Governor of Texas

egy writes (and rochelle embellishes) "With the wonderful headline of Texas governor's race gets Kinky, the Houston Chronicle is reporting that author Kinky Friedman is planning to run for Texas governor as an independent in 2006.

Friedman is a columnist, author, musical performer (one of his bands is The Texas Jewboys), and runs an animal rescue ranch. Get the full, Kinky scoop at
From the article:
"There are no skeletons in my closet. They are all bleaching on a beach somewhere," he said. You want to know Kinky's stand on gun control? "I do not carry a gun myself, so if someone is going to shoot me, they better remember to bring their own weapon."
On abortion? "I am not pro-life, I am not pro-choice, I am pro football."

My, my, my. Do I have to wait until 2006? I could use some of this levity this year."


100th anni-Seus-sary

Bob Cox writes

Nearly 13 years after her husband's passing, Geisel leads the global enterprise that has sprouted from Seuss' beloved books - watching over the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch and all the other critters and characters who live on in movies, toys, games and ventures that perhaps not even the imaginative doctor could have envisioned. Wonderful Dr Seus!!


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