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What Have You Stopped Doing?

Joe Hodnicki writes "On the Law Library Directors listserv, Carl Yirka posed the question, "What have you stopped doing?" Academic law librarians didn't need an explanation as to "in what context." Read more about it at Law Professors Blog"

KeyCite Error with Code of Federal Regulation

Joe Hodnicki writes "Potentially systemic error: a proposed rule does not become a final rule, KeyCite begins to tag it as a "Former Proposed Regulation", even if it is still pending! Scary. See Here's More"

Marquette Law Receives $51 Million Gift

Joe Hodnicki writes "Good Things Happen to Good Law Schools: Marquette Law Receives $51 Million Gift for New Facility at g/2007/05/marquette_law_r.html
and UC Irvine Law School Receives $1 Million Gift to Support the Law Library at g/2007/05/uc_irvine_law_s.html"

Vote for the Oddest Law Book Title

Joe Hodnicki writes "The oddest law books poll is based on nominations from law librarians, law profs and one law school dean but you don't have to fit one of those categories to vote! Place your vote at g/2007/04/vote_for_the_od.html"

Nominations Sought for Oddest Law Book Title

Joe Hodnicki writes "I received so many emails identifying odd law titles in response to yesterday's post about Bookseller's poll for the oddest book title of the year that I have decided it would be fun to run a contest to identify the oddest law book title. For details and to nominate a book, see g/2007/03/nominations_sou.html"

Smoking Bans: It's Gone Too Far, It's All My Fault

Joe Hodnicki writes "This is a law firm librarian confession. Sometimes our work has significant impact far beyond the the immediate request of a client. Here's an example from a research assignment I performed over 20 years ago. See Smoking Bans: It's Gone Too Far and It's All My Fault at The Law Librarian Blog"

Shepard's Brief Suite, A "Must Have"

Joe Hodnicki writes "Great set of productivity-enhancing tools in the Shepard's Brief Suite. I use and love it. And it's free. More at"

ABA Report on Lawyers with Disabilities

Joe Hodnicki writes "One American Bar Association recommendation for law schools strikes at the heart of our mission as law librarians: 'Work with the publishing industry to provide materials--e.g., textbooks, handouts, presentations, syllabi, and other school related products--in alternative formats.'"

Reflections on the Death of H. Donald Wilson

Joe Hodnicki writes "A 50-something law librarian (me) reflects on the death of Mead Data Central's (a.k.a LexisNexis) founder at g/2006/11/first_president.html"

Academic Law Libraries Score High Marks

Joe Hodnicki writes "In the 2007 edition of the Princeton Review's Best 170 Law Schools academic law libraries recieve high marks from students. A whopping 82% of the 170 law schools have "great research resources," "great library staffs," or both. See Academic Law Libraries Score High Marks with Students at The Law Professors Blog"


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