Librarians everywhere WIN EFF Pioneer Award

Andy Breeding writes \"Today\'s technology cover story on titled \"The Twilight of the Cryptogeeks\" mentions that \"Librarians everywhere\" were given an EFF Pioneer award.

Be sure to Check it out.

\"Whitfield Diffie bounds to the platform, He stands now before the audience with his neat gray beard, shoulder-length blond hair and sudden uncontained enthusiasm. \"Librarians!\" he exclaims. \"I\'m thrilled with this award.\"


A look at the secret lives of librarians

The Daily Southtown in Chicago has This Great Article that is a series of interviews with local librarians. A nice look at the librarian of the 00\'s,


Lose the image of the hair up in a bun. Old Maid is just another card game to them, and some actually have tattoos and wear more than two earrings. Librarians throughout the Southland say they have plenty of passion, too — not for the discipline of tidy bookshelves and silent facilities, but for books and all the things that go along with reading and learning.P.S. Some are even male.\"


Ex-librarian sentenced

\"The Post Gazette in Florida has this on a naughty librarian.

Dorothy \"Dot\" Corbett pleaded guilty yesterday to stealing more than $51,000 from the Bethel Park Library where she had been the director.
Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Kathleen A. Durkin ordered Corbett to make restitution to the library, but she already paid back the money in two payments last year.
Corbett disappeared in February 1999. She fled to Jacksonville, Fla., prompting an investigation that discovered more than $37,000 was missing from two of the library\'s accounts.


What do you call a woman who has a black belt in karate?

MSNBC has an interseting write up on a librarian from OK.

“I knew what I wanted to do when I graduated from Braggs High School,” Donelson said. “At Braggs, our library was a tiny little room and I’d already gone through all the books before I graduated. We had our 30th reunion recently, and no one was surprised at what I went into. The karate part is what they found a little difficult to believe. I didn’t know if I was in the right class. They were all talking grandchildren and I was talking about my karate class.”


Stop harassing Librarians

Amnesty International released a report today entitled \"Cuba: Short Term Detention and Harassment of Dissidents.\" The 24-page report notes that \"freedom of expression, association and assembly are severely limited in law and in practice\" for Cuban citizens. \"Those who attempt to express views, organize meetings or form organizations that conflict with government policy are frequently subjected to punitive measures.\" Independent librarians are listed among the groups of Cuban citizens whom Amnesty says have been subject to intensified repression in recent months.


Role of the librarian in the electronic library

Norma Bruce Sent in her Updated presentation to the Veterinary Medical Librarians, from May 1998. You can read the entire presentation at:

When I read our literature, I wonder if we are at a crossroads, a crisis, a transition or a transformation. We are called everything from cybrarians, to resource managers, to intelligence professionals to dodo birds and unemployed. (Hathorn 1997)

However, let me assure you--I am a librarian. I work in a library at The Ohio State University which supports the teaching, research and service needs of the College of Veterinary Medicine independent of the format, medium or container in which information resides.


The Librarian, Redefined

David Ettinger writes:Below is the text of a letter to the editor of The New York Times I recently wrote which was published this past Sunday:

Whatever Happened to the Class of \'93?\" (Feb. 20) looked at how the Internet had defined the careers of Stanford graduates, turning some into quick millionaires. It described one graduate -- one of the first
employees of Yahoo who now heads its Web cataloging team -- as possibly the \"world\'s richest librarian.\"

I don\'t begrudge her her good fortune, but her situation contrasts markedly with that of thousands of dedicated professionals with library science degrees and extremely modest incomes who, like her, love what they do, but whose work is scarcely recognized by society, monetarily or

Washington, Feb. 20

David Ettinger is a librarian at the Gelman Library at George Washington University.


Library employees file lawsuit

2 Librarians in Las Vegas have filed suit saying they were treated unfairly after they complained of a co-worker and his pornography. He was looking at porn on computers, and employees endured harassing comments and when new issues of playboy came in. There is a short story here on MSNBC

\"Executive Director Daniel Walter told News 3, “it is absolutely against library policy to download pornography. A violation of that policy is subject to discipline. We have a no-tolerance policy for harassment.”

DO they get Playboy at that library?


The Image of Librarians Changing?

The Columbia News Service has a nice Article Here on the image of librarians, and how it is changing. It even includes a picture of the famous \"Belly Dancing Librarian\".

\"Librarians know the stereotype well. They laugh at it, but also discuss how it affects their self-image and professional status. Sometimes they go out of their way to overturn it. Some librarians think that the cliche has a certain basis in fact, and that the information revolution, far from changing the stereotype, may actually be reinforcing it. \"


Librarians set to book out as talks stall

Librarians in Toronto, Canada, are set to strike.

Talks to avert a strike that would close the city\'s 98 libraries at midnight tonight are on the verge of collapse, a union official said yesterday.

The city\'s 2,500 librarians will walk if a deal isn\'t reached by the strike deadline. \"We haven\'t had the major issues dealt with at this point,\" said Toronto Civic Employees\' Union Local 416 president Brian Cochrane.



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