Showgirl for a day

Brian writes \" Article about the librarian who did the switch-jobs-with-a-Vegas-showgirl stint on \"Inside Edition.\"

Jennifer Lucas, a really good looking (my opinion)electronic resources librarian for King County Library System in Seattle traded places with a Las Vegas showgirl.

“It wasn’t like I was topless or anything, but I felt naked — I don’t normally walk around in a g-string, with feathers coming out of my head.”


Pat Schroeder Answers a Few Questions

Pat Schroeder was nice enough to quickly answer my
request for an interview. She had just a few minutes to
answer a few
questions before she had to leave for an important
event. I am hoping to catch her again in a few weeks to
answer a few more questions.
You may be suprised on some of her answers.

If you don\'t know who she is, Read This before you read
her answers.

The questions and answers follow....

Share Your Library Dreams Win Gold

The Shylibrarian is having a Library Dream Contest.

Report your LIBRARY DREAM or NIGHTMARE to THE SHY LIBRARIAN and The BEST LIBRARY DREAM or NIGHTMARE, as judged by The Shy Librarian staff,
will be awarded a 14-karat gold coin commemorating the 125th anniversary
of the Canadian Library of Parliament.Not a bad deal.


Library skills in transition

Gordon Dunsire has written a Nice Piece that appears in Impact. Here\'s the intro....

\"This article will present some personal observations of the impact of information technology on the traditional skills of librarians, drawn from experiences in the higher education sector and tainted by an obsessive interest in cataloguing. I believe that the development of information processing and communication technologies has had, is having, and will continue to have, such a profound influence on library and information services that all other factors such as finance and costs, politics, social expectations and management styles pale into insignificance.\"


Librarian\'s Day Can Be One For The Books

CTNow has a nice Story on how we spend our days.

\"\"In a perfect world,\" she says, \"we never should have to do that. In a perfect world, people return books on time, and we never have to collect fines.\"


Ohio Public Schools No Longer Required to Have Libraries

Beginning December 31, 2000, new operating standards went into effect for Ohio school libraries. Ohio schools are no longer required house libraries in their buildings. Despite concerns expressed by the library community, the Ohio Board of Education approved revisions to Section
3301-35-03-B-2 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC), which had previously required that every school building have a library. The section also addressed areas of collection development, staffing, instruction, and funding of school libraries.

With the adoption of the new standards, the language addressing school libraries, now contained in Section
3301-35-06-I-1, states that \"Student support services \'may\' include access to library media and information technology programs...\" There are no longer any guidelines for facilities, collection development, staffing, instruction, or funding. Under the new code, school libraries in the state of Ohio are optional. In addition, school districts are no longer required to hire librarians with an MLS. Previously, each district, regardless of size, was only required to employ one degreed professional librarian.

Section 3301.07 D of the Ohio Revised Code does address school libraries by assigning responsibility to the State Board of Education for setting standards for
schools to provide \"efficient and effective
instructional materials and equipment, including library facilities.\" School library programs that do not provide
critical educational resource services that are valued in their environment will have little support within the school district and risk losing their space and funding. Ohio school libraries are already notoriously underfunded, and their ability to provide such critical educational resources is severely hindered.

Research shows that strong school library programs
have a positive effect on student achievement.
With this lowering of standards in Ohio school libraries, one can only wonder what the future holds for students in Ohio schools.

For more information on Ohio School Operating Standards, Click Here


What Makes Librarianship Exciting To Me

So now that I know what makes librarianship exciting to you, here\'s what makes it exciting to me.

I\'ve given this some thought, well, more than some thought, alot
of thought. I wandered around at the ALA
Midwinter meeting
, surrounded by thousands of librarians
looking for inspiration, and answers. I sat and thought. I
pondered, postulated, theorized and waxed poetic, looking for the
perfect answer. I looked at other
peoples answers
. I even asked jeeves what
he thought


On Being a Systems Librarian

I was Googlin\' the other day, and ran across a few cool things. It\'s amazing what you can find when you\'re looking for something else on Google

Eric Lease Morgan has written a nice piece called On Being a Systems Librarian that provides a job descrition and a nice FAQ.
He says they are librarians first and computer users second. \"Systems librarianship is the art and science of combining the principles of librarianship with the abilities of computing technology.\"


What makes librarianship exciting to You?

Someone emailed me a while back to ask for my little contribution to a very cool new librarian oriented web site (you\'ll see an anouncement as soon as they launch).

They asked one simple question:

\"What makes librarianship exciting to You?\"

I\'ll post my answer here sooner or later (whenever I finish it), but I\'d like to hear from the LISNews community (if there is such a thing).....

What makes librarianship exciting to You?

If you have some time to spare, post your ideas below.


Reasons to be thankful for librarians

Lois Fundis writes \"Craig Wilson, in his Wednesday (Jan. 17) column in the Life section of USA Today, praises librarians for our devotion to and skill at \"the hunt\" -- tracking down odd bits of information -- from a public-library reference librarian who helped him when he was a young reporter, to the modern librarians at USA Today. \"The bells and whistles at their disposal were far more advanced than anything Mrs. Susman had back in Saratoga Springs, but the game was the same. They were always ready to dig.\"



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