Strategies for Working With Shy Professionals

Bob Cox passed along Strategies for Working With Shy Professionals from, and in my continuing effort to prolong all librarian stereotypes, I post it as a helpful guide on how to deal with librarians, because we are all shy.
Plus, you really can\'t beat this opening paragraph:

\"There was a flood recently in the basement of the Boston Public Library. It soaked 50,000 cartons of books. But water wasn\'t the only thing the broken pipe unleashed: It also brought forth a flood of emotions from the library staff. One suffered nightly panic attacks. Another compared it to a death in the family. When all was said and done, 25 employees ended up in grief counseling.\"


The Librarian Stereotype and the Movies

Stephen Walker and V. Lonnie Lawson wrote The Librarian Stereotype and the Movies.

\"Hollywood movies influence the public\'s thinking about the image of librarians, but how much is hard to say. However, by looking at Hollywood\'s treatment of librarians we discover indications of how the public is viewing us. To the general public the word \"librarian\" is a readily recognizable label. The label need not include those aspects of librarianship that librarians want to claim. Several years ago on the \"Family Feud\" game show a group of 100 people were surveyed and asked what they believed to be typical \"librarian\" characteristics.The top 5 characteristics disclosed showed that librarians were...\"


The Fierce Librarian

Neal Pollack has written an article on Eric Richmond, librarian and poet.
Richmond\'s fate was determined in the spring of 1982, when he was a junior in high school. He came downtown one day and went to the library on Michigan Avenue, where his mother worked. Over lunch, he recalls, he said to her:

\"You know, I wouldn\'t mind working for the library. It\'d be an OK job to have. It\'d beat the hell out of digging ditches or working in an office somewhere.\"

You can read the full article here: The Fierce Librarian.


The Librarian of Babel: The key to the stacks

The Librarian of Babel: The key to the stacks.

The Librarian, ably assisted by Mike Holderness, considers one of the obstacles to the unhindered dissemination of human knowledge, and makes a modest proposal. This article appears in the Web, and not the print, version of Ariadne.

\"As Librarian, I am proud to announce the Library\'s new Mission Statement:

To make accessible to all the totality of human knowledge.\"


How to Build a Digital Librarian

Kirk Hastings and Roy Tennant wrote How to Build a Digital Librarian on dlib way back in \'97.

\"Digital librarians are required to select, acquire, organize, make accessible, and preserve digital collections. Digital services must be planned, implemented, and supported. Unfortunately, there are presently very few opportunities for librarians to receive training in the new tasks and responsibilities that digital libraries demand.\"

Topic: is a nifty site put together by the Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative.

They have everything you may need to lure someone into librarianship.... Scholarship Links, Profiles of librarians, ALA’s Guide to Choosing a School, and more.


The Secret Land Of Librarians

0(Zero)format has a Really Cool Story on us \"Online Librarians\".

\"People know about genealogy groups, programming and design communities, diary circles, web rings, and sci-fi/fantasy cinema cults. But who knew about the roiling, secret activities of librarians?

Let\'s talk about librarians. What makes an online group of librarians such a fascinating find?\"

Big ups to Sylvar for pointing the way.


Freedman Better Salaries/Pay Equity Task Force

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Minutes, roster, etc. for most significant national campaign for librarians since WW II - first, pay equity - \"

It includes The Open Meeting, A Feedback Form, the Task Force Roster Subcommittees Minutes and A Photo Album.


How a Librarian Can Live Nine Lives in a Knowledge-Based Economy

Brunella Longo has written an article the changing role of librarians. \"Like cats moving through their fabled nine lives, I think that teachers and librarians should redefine their own roles beyond the confines of their respective traditions.\" More


The Evolution of Media Librarianship: A Tangled History

From Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education:

In the past 75 years, media librarians have witnessed and dealt with a steady and often bewildering progression of new media forms and formats, as well as a rapidly expanding content universe. Media collections and services in libraries have therefore evolved at a rapid pace. Media librarianship has undergone a significant transformation, buffeted by changing perceptions of the field, changing expectations, new roles, and new demands. As a framework for looking toward the future of the profession, this article provides an overview of the birth and evolution of media librarianship in the United States, including a snapshot of the current state of the profession, the organization and staffing of media operations, and professional training for media librarianship.




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