Librarian\'s Book Club

Troy Johnson writes \" has a \"Librarian\'s Book Club.\" The Librarian\'s Book Club is a group to read and discuss books that are about libraries and the library profession. Every two months new books are selected to be read. The club was started in July of 2001 and is on it\'s tenth book and has 160 members. Members discuss the books via listserv. New books have been selected for March - April and we welcome new members. \"

There is also a nice section on eBook Readers and Libraries.


Librarian Calls for Screening Public Access to Nuclear Documents

Another twist in the ongoing \"access to information\" stories, this time The Chronicle of Higher Ed says a documents librarian at the State University of New York at Oswego sent out an e-mail message urging fellow librarians to screen requests for Nuclear Regulatory Commission documents.

This time the the U.S. Government Printing Office said the request threatened to restrict access to public documents


Coin toss to determine librarian\'s fate

News From Canada where a library has determined that a part-time library technician has the same classification and seniority as another employee. The library is going through the process of amalgamating several libraries, and some jobs have been made redundant.
The tie-breaker, as set out in the union agreement, is the flip of a coin. She has hired a lawyer to check into the seniority issue and hasn\'t decided what she will do if she\'s forced to make the coin toss.

\"A coin toss I associate with sports,\'\' said the woman who works in the fine arts section. \"I\'m totally offended by it. Even if I win the toss, it will make me sick.\'\'


Technology changes role of librarian

Here\'s Another \"Technology changes the role of the librarian\" story we\'ve been seeing all over the place lately. The stories are no doubt goof PR for all of us.

\"The fact we offer Internet usage brings in a totally different clientele,\" Chaudoin said Wednesday. \"We have about 25 to 30 people in here using computers this morning.\"


More On NY Librarian Murder Trial

The NYPost Is Covering that murder trial, as only
the post can.

\"Louis Hubrecht, 67, admits to pumping six bullets
into Barbara Kenna, 69, a beloved teacher-librarian
from PS 2 in Manhattan.

With respect to the defense and their argument of
self-defense, it is about as credible as saying
Canadians can\'t skate. \"


Digital age turned librarians into information scientists

Mr. Stuff sent over This Story that says The Internet has made things a little more complicated for us.

\"We used to be able to tell people, \'We don\'t have that,\' \" she said. \"We can\'t do that anymore.\"

They say the Web has transformed the lives of traditional librarians, and we now now find ourselves seeking answers to questions on electronic databases, intranets and the less-than-organized World Wide Web.
Seems to be a bit of a \"we\'re overwhelmed\" tone to this one.


Obsession with black & white

Bob writes \"A tale of an odd fellow, Carl Volkmann, a retired librarian at Lincoln Library, who has a collection of more than 300 spy-eyed penguins.
I suppose there are stranger things to collect, I\'m not sure I\'ve seen them. \"


Librarians\' median salaries for 2000

Salaries are a big issue right now (when are they not?). The Career Journal from the Wall Street Journal has a listing of median salaries for librarians in 2000. The statistics are broken down by sector, by job title and by industry area.
[Thanks to the Internet Scout Weblog]


Mercy for librarian who went to war over lost savings

The Times UK has a Story on Julian Del Guidice, a librarian tried to blackmail the directors of an insurance company, and threatened to burn down the house of the employee who sold him his investment policy.

He was a little upset when he found that he had lost thousands of pounds in savings with the troubled insurance company Equitable Life.

He was spared jail yesterday after a judge accepted that he had been provoked by the incompetence of a former company director. The judge said: \"Putting it mildly, there was a great deal of incompetence in the writer of the letter. But two wrongs never make a right. Such loss can never be an excuse for a criminal offence.\"


Job Hunting Round Up

LLRX writes \"Hunting For A Job? Try the Internet
Barbara Fullerton reviews a wide range of web resources for job hunters, with a special emphasis on sites specifically useful for library and information professionals. In the February 1, 2002 issue of \"

Luckily your search should be easy, there are Four job openings for every Librarian.



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