Accused Librarian Waives Right to Jury Trial

Former Du Quoin, IL librarian, Donna Campanella has waived her right to a jury trial and instead will face a bench trial before a 20th Judicial Circuit judge on July 23. Campanella has been accused of stealing nearly $72,000 in funds from the library, by signing off on false vouchers with the proceeds from payments going into accounts that she controlled.


Australian Pay Case - Negative Opinion Piece

Fiona writes \"In response to a win in the IRC for NSW public service librarians, a very negative response has appeared in the April 2 Opinion column in the Sydney Morning Herald by Padraic P. McGuinness.

The article is not online so here are a couple of gems from it -

Geologists have to undertake tertiary studies of a much more rigorous kind than the mixture of elementary skills and soft ``science\" fed to would-be librarians. They have to participate in their training in exhausting field expeditions and most of them to further their careers have to spend long spells in uncomfortable remote areas. It is a tough life. There is no reason why women should not become geologists, but clearly it is not the kind of work that many women have wanted to do. By contrast, librarianship is a genteel occupation with regular hours where work is sedentary and comfortable. \"


\"The skills ascribed to librarians by the IRC, drawing on the submission by counsel for the Public Service Association, are those which will be acquired in the course of tertiary education in the humanities by almost anyone fit to get a degree; the skills are usually quite trivial matters of classification and indexing. For the rest, it is simply book handling, book issuing and searching databases all easy to learn. \"


Librarian obituary headline: not for the $

mark writes \"You can\'t look it up (online), at least not yet.

Although the online version of the obituary in Friday\'s NY Times reads:
\"Alfred H. Lane, Philanthropic Librarian, 85, Dies\"
see NYTimes Link

In printed copies of the newspaper, the obituary had the title:
\"Alfred H. Lane, 85, a Librarian
Who Wasn\'t in it for the Money.\"


AccessAtlanta is another place to read it as well. They say by the time he retired in February 2001, leaving a $25,000 contribution for the room\'s endowment fund, Mr. Lane had assembled a collection of 3,000 books geared to writers\' interests, including encyclopedias, foreign language dictionaries, a text on medieval Icelandic drama and a history of hell.


Coin toss decides who keeps library job

The Star has a Story on that coin-flip-for-jobs story from Canada we ran last month.

Tails won it. The library held a coin toss yesterday — in accordance with a union agreement — to determine which one of 2 employees would get bumped into a more junior position. The winner says:
\"I feel so sick about it. It\'s not fair to do this to anybody, Deciding between two people on this basis, it should not happen. I\'m equally shattered for her.\"


Librarians Testify at CIPA Trial

Stories on the CIPA trials won\'t be hard to find, but this one highlights the librarians in action, so it might be worth mentioning. The article is perhaps most interesting becasue it begins with, \"Three soft-spoken, gray-haired librarians...\"I don\'t know any librarians that are soft-spoken. Do you?


Library and Legacy Adrift as the Nixon Sisters Feud

The NY Times has picked up on the Nixon Library Story, saying this is the only one not operated by the federal government or filled with professional archivists, it is also the only one that does not even house all its president\'s papers, they remain near Washington, beyond the library\'s control, thanks to the way he left office.


Why do we need a teacher librarian or a school library when we have the Internet

Someone passed along This One with a list of Snappy comebacks, and longer answers to the ol\' question “Why do we need a teacher librarian or a school library when we have the Internet?”


This Window Closed, Six Reasons The Service Sector Hates You

THIS WINDOW CLOSED - or, Six Reasons The Service Sector Hates You is a response to This One, Lileks at the library.

(1) Believe that rules don’t apply to you

(2) Treat the establishment as if you owned it.

(3) Lie through your teeth

(4) Show up .00002 seconds before closing and expect an entire day\'s service
(5) Expect favors
(6) Rip your ludicrously-underpaid service prole a new one about things he/she
can\'t change

He also adds this important tip:
the people who work at counters or circulation desks do not
make policy.


An Interview With Steven Cohen

Gillian Davis has An Interview With Steven Cohen posted on her Suite 101 Site.

See Also Stevies


The 10 leading librarians in Britain

The Independent has The 10 leading librarians in Britain, as chosen by their peers.

\"My advice to anyone starting out in this profession is to have the self-confidence to move outside your particular domain. Always push further into the wider business of your institution, whether it\'s a local authority, company or university. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable but it is important.\"



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