Sandy Berman in Action - in Seattle in April

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"
The graduate library students have finally posted streaming video of Berman in action -

Sandy Berman 4/16/02 video now available!

* Segment 1: \"Jackdaws Strut in Peacock\'s Feathers\" Quicktime streaming (24 minutes, 26.1MB)
* Segment 2: Question & answer session Quicktime streaming (39 minutes, 43.6MB)
* Segment 3: \"Bibliocidal Cataloging\" Quicktime streaming (22 minutes, 24.3MB) \"


Another (closer to home) plagiarism story...

frank r. hewitt writes \"
This was published last year, but with the recent plagiarism stories in the news, I thought this Law Library Journal article on pathfinder plagiarism worth noting.

I thought it also worth noting that, unlike the Ambrose/Goodwin stories, no names are mentioned. The author chose to remain anonymous, and used pseudonyms to protect his(?) plagiaristic colleagues.
A cynical person might even wonder if this might suggest that there\'s a \"don\'t make waves\" aspect of librarianship\'s professional culture that would lessen the likelihood of exposure as compared with other disciplines... \"


The sexy-librarian look

SomeOne sent over
A CNN Story that says eyewear fashion from the \'80s is very trendy right now, because \"They give you the sexy-librarian look.\"

\"These are so on-your-face,\" says Fred Segal Eyes owner David Gonzales, \"that they\'re not for folks who wish they didn\'t wear glasses.\"


Top Dog at Hennepin County Responds to Berman Petition

Steve Fesenmaier passed along This Response from Michael Opat, Chair of the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners Commissioner from District 1. He is the person who could put a stop to the destruction of the Berman database.

He says \"In short, we have moved on. Mr. Berman has moved on. Perhaps you should consider doing the same.\"

Ender points out you can see 2 earlier Stories for some background info.


Retired Reference Librarian is world record blood donor

Alan Gray passed along This CNN article on the 2003 Guinness world record holder for most blood donated -- with 213 units, or about 28 gallons, Howard Drew, a retired Washington reference librarian.

I knew we were a giving bunch!


An Interview With Blake Carver

Blake would never post this himself, so I\'m doing it. Gillian Davis, over at Suite 101 has conducted a two part interview with the LISnews leader, webmaster and all around good guy. I met Blake 3 years ago and since then have always known him to be fair, open to suggestions, and passionate about librarianship. So Read Part 1 and Part 2.


Commentary Based on The Greedy Associates Listservs

Sabrina I. Pacifici, Editor/Publisher, writes \"Check out A Wish List for Librarians: A Commentary Based on The Greedy Associates Listservs

Barbara Fullerton uses the model of the Greedy Associates listservs to extrapolate on what she identifies as essential elements that should be a part of librarians\' professional compensation.
New on for April 15, 2002. \"


Woman Jailed Over Library Books

Today is strange story day, I guess.

This One says A woman from PA was thrown in prison this week after she failed to return three overdue library books. \"She does still owe us money; it is a violation of the crimes code,\" said reference librarian Jane Dougherty, who filed a private criminal complaint against Keller.
The books - \"Star Trek,\" \"Triangle\" and \"Fall of Freddie the Leaf\" - were checked out Sept. 14, 2000, and became due Oct. 5, 2000. A bill charging Keller $40 per book was sent Oct. 26, 2000.


Ten Graces for New Librarians

GraceAnne DeCandido gave this Commencement address
School of Information Science and Policy, SUNY/Albany
Sunday, May 19, 1996 entitled Ten Graces for New Librarians.She says join a listserv, make your education every day, Make your own luck, Find and keep and nurture your sense of humor, use a tender openness toward those we serve, keep your life and work in balance, Change is what happens, Develop a strong sense of your own self-worth, Make your particular vision part of the cultural memory of librarianship, and librarianship is the connecting of people to ideas.
It\'s an excellent read, even though you may have seen it before, many have not.


Librarian Confesses to Murder

A former Broward county (FL) librarian has confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend because she didn\'t love him. If convicted, he could face the death penalty. More



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