Nominate NYC area librarian for NY Times award

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"If you know any great librarians in the NYC area, you can get them rare public acknowledgement by nominating them online for \"New York Times Librarian of the Year.\" They also get some money!
I did it myself...five easy questions, download nomination form (pdf).\"


librarian shortage due to retirement

SomeOne writes \"The Hartford Courant ran a feature article entitled \"Graying In The Stacks\" on Saturday, July 6, 2002 by Brendan Sullivan. The article discusses the shortage of librarians as a result of retirement. Local librarians and John Berry are quoted. Here\'s The Story \"


Do you look like a librarian?

Ruth Kneale has written a great investigation into librarians\' views of the public perception of librarians in the Internet Age. I see I\'m not the only one to get the comment \"You don\'t look like a librarian\" or \"You have to do a Masters degree to be a librarian!?\". A very interesting read, which suggests that the public perception is gradually changing.

\"You don\'t look like a librarian!\" I heard that so often while I was in library school in 1997-99 that I set my email signature
file to be that quote, and vowed that I wouldn\'t change it until I went two months without hearing it. Well, I finally
changed my signature file in the spring of 2002!

[Seen on Shifted Librarian]


Mitch Freedman on CBS Early Show

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Mitch Freedman, new ALA prez, was interviewed this morning on the CBS Early Show. The story was about kids summer reading programs.
The story is
Getting Kids Connected To The Library


Sandy Berman News

\">Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Lots of news about Sandy Berman this week. First off is the latest, and
edition of his ALTERNATIVE LIBRARY LITERATURE, co-edited by James P. Danky.
This is the 10th edition - 2000-2001 - and includes some items from the
thriving alt library webzine world. It\'s half as long as the last edition,
but the pieces are all very well chosen. The book is dedicated to various
activist librarians including AFSCME members at the Library of Congress and
LAPL and HCL and SFPL librarians who led the boycott at last year\'s ALA
conference. Hopefully thousands of librarians will buy copies, ensuring that
librarians, directors, and board members know about it and even read it.
Secondly, you can read an interview in the current issue of Utne Reader done
by lead Sandynista Chris Dodge - it is not yet posted but here is the intro:


Radio segment: Inventing The Library

Someone writes \"Just caught this brief story on the history of the public library on the radio show \"Engines of Our Ingenuity.\"
Hear It Here \"


Libraries face staffing shortages as retirement beckons

Charles Davis writes \"More than 30,000 of the roughly 125,000 school, public, and college and university
librarians in the country about one-fourth of the total are expected to reach retirement
age by 2009, according to the American Library Association.

Already, librarians are in short supply, especially in urban and rural areas. President
Bush, weighing in on a problem of concern to his wife, a former librarian, has proposed
spending $10 million to help recruit them.

More at



A Letter from Sandy Berman to HCL Director Charles

Steve Fesenmaier passed along this letter from Sandy Berman to Charles Brown
Hennepin County Library Director.


Director Brown,

I understand that Tim Wise -author of the attached \"Membership Has Its
Privileges,\" Rethinking Schools, Summer 2002, page 15--lately addressed
HCLers on Staff Development Day. Presumably, he spoke about the twin
issues examined in his articles: combating racism and, especially, White
privilege. Material on those topics has been readily accessible through
the HCL Catalog for some time under the subjects ANTI-RACISM and


Warren Buffett on why librarians aren\'t Rich

Andy Breeding writes \"Today\'s Term of the Day mailing contained an interesting quote for investors:

\"If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians.\"

- Warren Buffett \"


Fear of Reference

Barbara Fister has a Point Of View piece in The Chronicle of Higher Ed where she asks, What is it about libraries that makes students speechless with anxiety? She says rather than creating a global, virtual reference desk, let\'s improve the local collaboration between professors and librarians to help students overcome their embarrassment.

Note, subscription required to read this online.



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