Homeless Librarian Fan

SomeOne writes \"...librarian Karen Burton remembers walking through a San Francisco subway station about 10 years ago, listening to a colleague\'s warning to clutch her purse as they passed street people slumped against a wall.
\"This obviously homeless person jumps up and starts running at us and he\'s screaming, \'Karen, oh, Karen,\' \" she recalls. \"I\'m in a suit, and he grabs me and picks me up and says he\'s missed me so much.\" The whole time, Burton\'s colleague was \"ducking and holding onto her purse.\"
The librarian delights in retelling the story of how she reunited with a central Ogden library patron in a San Francisco subway.

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Librarian advocates drilling holes in your head

Rob Lopresti writes \"On the Straight Dope page the inimitable Cecil Adams reports on trepanation (the ancient - and modern science of drilling holes into your skull).
He informs us that \"the leading theorist of modern trepanation is Bart Huges, a Dutch research
librarian who came up with a concept called \'brainbloodvolume.\'\"
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Florida Ag Commission Candidate is a Librarian

RobertR writes \"Democratic candidate David Nelson, running for Agriculture Commissioner in Florida, holds a Masters in Educational Media. He is described in most news stories as \"a Miami librarian\" as in this one.
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German Librarian Told of 911 Plot in 2000.

Various sources are reporting that one of the 911
hijacker / homicide bombers stated his intentions to a German
librarian as early as April or May of 2000.  According to the New
York Times:

\"Mr. Nehm, [the German prosecutor] detailing charges against
Mounir el-Motassadeq, the only person in German custody in connection with
the attacks, said one of the hijackers, Marwan al-Shehhi, had mentioned
the World Trade Center as a target in a conversation with a librarian.

\"\"There will be thousands of dead,\" Mr. Shehhi said, according to Mr.
Nehm. \"You will all think of me.\"\"

No additional details about the librarian were currently found.
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Not Your Average Librarian

steven bell writes \"Ralph Whittington may be known within the profession for the 36-year career during which he was the curator of the main reading room at the Library of Congress. In his private life, Whittington amassed one of the largest personal collections of pornography on record. In an article titled \"Librarian of Sleaze\" in the September 2002 issue of Details Magazine (pgs. 178, 183), Whittington is profiled and we learn more about his collection and what led him to become a porn collector. After many years of keeping his porn collecting a secret, the collection became known recently when Whittington sold the entire collection to the Museum of Sex, which opens in Manhattan this fall. The collection was sold for an estimated $50,000. \"


Young librarians push for a makeover

Yet Another Story that says according to statistics compiled by the American Library Association, nearly 60 percent of professional librarians will reach the age of 65 between 2005 and 2019. Furthermore, 40 percent of library directors say they\'ll retire in the next decade.

\"Many area library administrators feel the new generation of librarians will shed the old Marian-esque stereotype.

They will be young. They will be outgoing. They will be - dare we say - hip.\"


Gondwonaland Website

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"Ken Avidor has created a website for the comic strips about \"radical librarians saving the world.\" It is called \"Gondwonaland.\" Despite Ken\'s protests, it should be known that the two men are Sandy Berman and Chris Dodge. He told me a friend of his has recently faced civil action because of a series he produced. I don\'t think either Berman or Dodge will sue...13 strips are posted. All \"intelligent design\" people - Berman is trying to get LC to create a new subject heading for the exploding field - should enjoy this strip since it postulates that dinosaurs secretly rule the world. Some ID people believe dinosaurs still exist... \"


Training and Presentations

LLRX writes \"Telling Ain\'t Training
Marie Wallace reviews a new book packed with ready-to-use learning activities, examples, strategies about how we learn and the best ways to make training more effective.
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Only In The Movies

Steven Bell writes \"The September 2002 issue of Men\'s Health (yes, I admit I read it - despite the silly stories - it has sound fitness advice) - takes on a librarian stereotype we don\'t get all that often. In their story \"Only In The Movies\" (things we see in the movies that never happen to guys in real life) they include that ever popular movie image of librarians. Accompanying the full page (p.150) picture of what I think is supposed to be a librarian (there are lots of books in the background)- who is in a state of disrobe - is an inset box with a picture of said librarian looking mousy as all heck - is the statement \"I\'ve never seen a plain librarian transform herself into a sexpot merely by taking off her glasses and shaking out her hair.\" The author has clearly never ventured out of a movie theatre and into a library. As a male librarian, I\'m feeling discriminated against - does the author think every librarian is a \"she\". Female or male, we must all know plenty of colleagues who can transform themselves into sexpots by taking off their glasses and letting loose their hair buns. What I want to know is who\'s going to write the first letter to the editor of Men\'s Health to straighten out this magazine on just exactly what it is we librarian\'s are capable of doing. Sorry, this one isn\'t online - just in print. If your library doesn\'t subscribe, visit a newstand. \"


Librarian Retiring After Nearly Half a Century on the Job

This one comes by way of the Tiffin (OH) Advertiser Tribune:
\"Doris Ann Norris, who first worked at the library as a high school page in 1958, will spend her last official day as the library\'s director Aug. 31. For someone who truly loves what she does, staying away from it will be a challenge.\" Read More.



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