UW-Milwaukee Information Studies Dean Retired

Librarians\' Bricoleur writes \"
Reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

\"Facing accusations of discrimination on multiple grounds, the longtime dean of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee\'s School of Information Studies is resigning effective Sept. 30, although he will remain on the faculty.

\"Chancellor Nancy Zimpher announced Mohammed Aman\'s resignation and new position Monday. The congratulatory announcement did not mention
the problems that have dogged Aman\'s tenure in recent months, including a complaint a faculty member filed against him in 2001.\"


The new librarians

Ever helpful Cabot sent over This One from up in Canada, where they say in a world in which we are deluged with more information every day, the librarian\'s role in helping us access it and distinguish what\'s valid from what\'s not only grows more important.
They summarize the role of librarians with an acronym: SORT, for selection, organization, retrieval and transmission of information.


FBI snooping has librarians stamping mad

Heidi Goldstein sent along a story with what could be the Punniest headline ever. FBI snooping has librarians stamping mad . They talk about Zoia Horn \"the first librarian who spent time in jail for a value of our profession.\" After an encounter with an FBI informant in a Pennsylvania college library, Horn spent nearly three weeks in jail for refusing to testify for the prosecution in the sensational trial of anti-war activists accused of a terrorist plot.

\"They should say, \'We stand by our librarians if they wish not to respond (to the FBI) because it is against our religion,\' \" she said. \"All kinds of options are there for a librarian with a conscience.\"


One Year After - Thoughts From LibraryStuff Readers

One Year After - Thoughts From Readers, from Stephen M. Cohen\'s LibraryStuff.

Today, I will not watch television. I will not pick up a newspaper. I will not turn on the radio. I will not surf the Web. I will not read for pleasure. I will not play music. I will not tell a joke. I will not pay bills. I will not put gas in my car. I will not go to the library. I will not mow the lawn. I will not water the lawn. I will not overeat. I will not undereat. I will not play sports. I will not argue.\"


Homeless Librarian Fan

SomeOne writes \"...librarian Karen Burton remembers walking through a San Francisco subway station about 10 years ago, listening to a colleague\'s warning to clutch her purse as they passed street people slumped against a wall.
\"This obviously homeless person jumps up and starts running at us and he\'s screaming, \'Karen, oh, Karen,\' \" she recalls. \"I\'m in a suit, and he grabs me and picks me up and says he\'s missed me so much.\" The whole time, Burton\'s colleague was \"ducking and holding onto her purse.\"
The librarian delights in retelling the story of how she reunited with a central Ogden library patron in a San Francisco subway.

Read The Full Story \"


Librarian advocates drilling holes in your head

Rob Lopresti writes \"On the Straight Dope page the inimitable Cecil Adams reports on trepanation (the ancient - and modern science of drilling holes into your skull).
He informs us that \"the leading theorist of modern trepanation is Bart Huges, a Dutch research
librarian who came up with a concept called \'brainbloodvolume.\'\"
Here\'s The Full Story \"


Florida Ag Commission Candidate is a Librarian

RobertR writes \"Democratic candidate David Nelson, running for Agriculture Commissioner in Florida, holds a Masters in Educational Media. He is described in most news stories as \"a Miami librarian\" as in this one.
Check out\"


German Librarian Told of 911 Plot in 2000.

Various sources are reporting that one of the 911
hijacker / homicide bombers stated his intentions to a German
librarian as early as April or May of 2000.  According to the New
York Times:

\"Mr. Nehm, [the German prosecutor] detailing charges against
Mounir el-Motassadeq, the only person in German custody in connection with
the attacks, said one of the hijackers, Marwan al-Shehhi, had mentioned
the World Trade Center as a target in a conversation with a librarian.

\"\"There will be thousands of dead,\" Mr. Shehhi said, according to Mr.
Nehm. \"You will all think of me.\"\"

No additional details about the librarian were currently found.
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Not Your Average Librarian

steven bell writes \"Ralph Whittington may be known within the profession for the 36-year career during which he was the curator of the main reading room at the Library of Congress. In his private life, Whittington amassed one of the largest personal collections of pornography on record. In an article titled \"Librarian of Sleaze\" in the September 2002 issue of Details Magazine (pgs. 178, 183), Whittington is profiled and we learn more about his collection and what led him to become a porn collector. After many years of keeping his porn collecting a secret, the collection became known recently when Whittington sold the entire collection to the Museum of Sex, which opens in Manhattan this fall. The collection was sold for an estimated $50,000. \"


Young librarians push for a makeover

Yet Another Story that says according to statistics compiled by the American Library Association, nearly 60 percent of professional librarians will reach the age of 65 between 2005 and 2019. Furthermore, 40 percent of library directors say they\'ll retire in the next decade.

\"Many area library administrators feel the new generation of librarians will shed the old Marian-esque stereotype.

They will be young. They will be outgoing. They will be - dare we say - hip.\"



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