Library book returned 56 years late

These stories just never get old for me. The book titled \"The New Simms History of South Carolina\" has been missing from the shelves at Winthrop University\'s library since 1946. University officials say he\'s not responsible for paying the late fees, which over the years have increased from 2 cents to 20 cents a day. After 56 years, that comes to about $4,088.

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MLS vs. No-MLS Debate: Required Reading

Steven Bell writes \"This is a response to some commentaries that surfaced in the recent news items about the Forrester commercial reported on LISNews.

Several commenters to the original story criticized those who were offended by Forrester\'s commercial by suggesting that \"we should get off our MLS high horse.\" Their point was that the MLS is not necessary to work in a library in a professional capacity. To their way of thinking, all one needs is a B.A. degree and a few weeks of training at the reference desk or in technical services.

I was personally shocked that some of these individuals readily admitted to being professional, degreed academic librarians, not only because of their perspectives on the MLS issue, but also because of the decidely immature tone of their remarks (insults, name-calling, etc). Of course, these commenters posted anonymously.


School Librarians Vital to Improving Education

At least some people still see the value in school librarians... From the Springfield News Leader...
\"When Kim Hebner became a school librarian 22 years ago, she checked out books by stamping a due date on a card. Now, librarians must be computer literate, able to help students decipher the credibility of Internet sources and provide curriculum support for teachers. \'People used to think all we did was check out books and dust the shelves. But we’re an integral part of the school. School librarians are more important than ever. President Bush’s recent legislation “No Child Left Behind” recognized that school libraries play a vital role in improving student achievement nationally.\" Read More.


Librarian's Book Club Selects Readings for Oct-Nov

Troy Johnson writes "The Librarian's Book Club is a group to read and discuss books that are about libraries and the library profession. The membership of the group voted for readings for Oct.-Nov. and the selections are "The Social Life of Information" and "The Future of the Past". More information about the books selected and the Librarian's Book Club can be found at the LBC Homepage


A few nice words about librarians

Martin quotes John C. Dvorak from the latest issue of PC Magazine:

\"During the Internet age, we\'ve forgotten that professional librarians know how to find information better than anyone – especially better than computer programmers. Though at the beginning of the Web era in 1993, librarians did not have the computer and Web development skills to show their muscles, they do now.\"

\"Thanks, John, for the compliment.\" Martin adds. If you agree, head over to the comments area and let John know.


Only film festival devoted to WV state filmmakers

Steve Fesenmaier, former director of WVLC Film Services, co-founded a film festival dedicated solely to films and videos created by in-state filmmakers. Last year he and Kevin Carpenter, a descendent of the first white person to live in the area hundreds of years ago, co-created the Sutton WV Filmmakers Film Festival. In a few days the 3rd edition will begin - running the first two weekends of October. Animators, documentary filmmakers, feature film makers, a filmmaker from Boston who made a recent film on WV native John Nash, subject of \"A Beautiful Mind,\" and others will come together. Fesenmaier will present some of the same films Oct. 17th at the WV Library Association meeting.


UW-Milwaukee Information Studies Dean Retired

Librarians\' Bricoleur writes \"
Reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

\"Facing accusations of discrimination on multiple grounds, the longtime dean of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee\'s School of Information Studies is resigning effective Sept. 30, although he will remain on the faculty.

\"Chancellor Nancy Zimpher announced Mohammed Aman\'s resignation and new position Monday. The congratulatory announcement did not mention
the problems that have dogged Aman\'s tenure in recent months, including a complaint a faculty member filed against him in 2001.\"


The new librarians

Ever helpful Cabot sent over This One from up in Canada, where they say in a world in which we are deluged with more information every day, the librarian\'s role in helping us access it and distinguish what\'s valid from what\'s not only grows more important.
They summarize the role of librarians with an acronym: SORT, for selection, organization, retrieval and transmission of information.


FBI snooping has librarians stamping mad

Heidi Goldstein sent along a story with what could be the Punniest headline ever. FBI snooping has librarians stamping mad . They talk about Zoia Horn \"the first librarian who spent time in jail for a value of our profession.\" After an encounter with an FBI informant in a Pennsylvania college library, Horn spent nearly three weeks in jail for refusing to testify for the prosecution in the sensational trial of anti-war activists accused of a terrorist plot.

\"They should say, \'We stand by our librarians if they wish not to respond (to the FBI) because it is against our religion,\' \" she said. \"All kinds of options are there for a librarian with a conscience.\"


One Year After - Thoughts From LibraryStuff Readers

One Year After - Thoughts From Readers, from Stephen M. Cohen\'s LibraryStuff.

Today, I will not watch television. I will not pick up a newspaper. I will not turn on the radio. I will not surf the Web. I will not read for pleasure. I will not play music. I will not tell a joke. I will not pay bills. I will not put gas in my car. I will not go to the library. I will not mow the lawn. I will not water the lawn. I will not overeat. I will not undereat. I will not play sports. I will not argue.\"



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