Librarian promises to kiss a cow to help raise money

This One Cracks Me Up, Laurie Shearer, a San Bernardino County librarian who works in the Grand Terrace branch, intends to kiss a cow if $5,000 is raised to help maintain programs at the library. Like most of the more than 30 county libraries, Grand Terrace's branch has been hurt by a 74 percent cut to its budget, she said.
Shearer, who got the idea about kissing a cow from the Internet, said kissing a cow seemed easier than dying her hair green. She said a couple of people have even offered their cows as a mate.

"I really don't care which one it is as long as I don't get an old grouchy one that bites,' she said.


Many called \'nonessential\' hardly feel that way

\"Even before she could spell the word \"essential,\" Marybeth Kafut would have applied it to the librarian who helped her explore the world beyond Eveleth, Minn., when she was a child.\"

\"Now she is Eveleth\'s librarian, and the world beyond is telling her she is not essential.\"

\"It\'s a little unsettling,\" she said.\" (from The Star Tribune)


Librarian says she was fired for talking about God with patrons

A Story From Kentucky on Mable Dotson, librarian at the Phelps branch of the Pike County Public Library, claims her First Amendment right to free speech was violated when, she said, she was fired for talking about God with patrons.
County officials said they will investigate the firing.


Former Mooresville Librarian Pleads Guilty To Embezzlement

\"A former Mooresville library director has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $5,000 with her town credit card.\"

\"Karen Khan said most of the purchases could be explained as legitimate library expenses.\"

\"Some of the items included hair dye, Slim Fast and some azalea plants.\" (from


Russian librarians visit South Jersey for new ideas

The Philadelphia Enquirer has This Story on five librarians visiting South Jersey from Russia.
Spending a week living with people whom they sometimes struggled to communicate with, people who may be unfamiliar with their culture, was an eye-opener for the group. The Russian librarians were especially interested in finding funding to help young adults connect to libraries creatively.

\"America is so diverse,\" she said. \"People here are so tolerant, trying to understand other cultures. This is not the same in Russia.\"


Musings with The NPR Reference Librarian

Troy Johnson writes \"One of the Refernce Librarians at NPR has their own commentary section now. It is called \"Musings with Alphonse Vinh\" and below is the comment about it at the NPR site.

Alphonse Vinh\'s work as a reference librarian at NPR allows him to dive into an ever-expanding universe of published material and offer his colleagues an assortment of his freshest findings. Now gives the rest of the world a chance to enjoy Alphonse\'s efforts.


Ex-librarian admits porn addiction

SomeOne writes \"A librarian well-known and respected throughout Ohio has written a book about his addiction to pornography. Can\'t believe the newspaper didn\'t take advantage of this and include information on filtering. BTW, for 30 years he was the director of FLESH Public Library. He also did work with Grace United Methodist Church and theater reviews for the Piqua Daily Call.
Here\'s The Full Story.\"

Now a Quaker and a pastor at Valleyview Evangelical Friends Church in Delaware, White is kicking off a national publicity campaign to bring his book and accompanying ministry to the public\'s attention. \"Freedom From Lust\" was printed in October, but White decided to wait until after the holidays to begin promoting it.


Support an endangered American institution; check out a library book

Here's A Nice One off the Tribune Media Services Wire.
The author tells us something we already know, but does it in such a nice way. She says libraries all over the country are suffering from all kinds of woes - funding, patronage, the multitude of issues created by home computers and the Internet.

...the institution of the public library is Americanism at its finest - the trust given anyone, for free, to take away an expensive book (or tape or CD) and use it for up to a month without a penalty. How extraordinary that, given nanny-cams, guard dogs, security systems and towns that require every citizen to own a gun - it still persists."


Librarians feel right at home has This Report on 16 librarians from the Republic of Georgia, formerly of the U.S.S.R., visiting as part of a program Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
For most of the librarians, this is their first trip to the U.S. Their primary goal - to learn about American library services that go beyond the traditional book repository role - is sometimes superseded by the mere fact they are here.

"It was my dream to see the United States, to meet Americans and to get to know American customs and traditions," said Nunu Ch'elidze, director of the Poti Public Library. "We look similar - we just speak different languages."


Librarian says Goth is like vodka

A Chicago Tribune article (free registration may be required) about the mainstream appropriation of Goth styles quotes librarian John Wirtz quite a bit. Wirtz is also a member of a band called Anarchy Ass & the An-R-Kids.



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