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Christine A. Whittington pointed out the word of the day is librarian chic today.

"( sheek) n. A fashion style that uses elements of, or is inspired by, the styles stereotypically attributed to librarians."


Seymour Lubetzky, 104, Librarian, Dies

"Seymour Lubetzky, who helped librarians channel the rising tide of information with his ingenious transformation of cataloging, died last Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 104."

"Mr. Lubetzky worked for years at the Library of Congress, where he started in the 1940's sorting out an overwhelming backlog of books waiting to be entered into the library's soaring inventory. In the 1960's he taught at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he retired in 1969 as a professor at the School of Library Service."

"The Dewey Decimal Classification assigns numbers to books to organize them on library shelves. But Mr. Lubetzky's theories went beyond the numbers to provide descriptive rules for identifying a book and condensing its nature into a meaningful but concise catalog entry in a place where a user might look for it." (from The New York Times)


Seymour Lubetzky Passes

Dave Lull writes "Seymour Lubetzky died on Saturday morning, a few weeks short of his
105th birthday.

Memorial services will be held 2:00 p.m. Sunday, April 13th, at
Hillside Memorial Park Chapel in Los Angeles.

Cards, letters of condolence, etc. can be sent to The Lubetzky Family,
c/o David Lubetzky, 1250 H St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20005.

Elaine added: "---It is the passing of an era, would you believe during
his last weeks he wanted to discuss topics such as the relationship
between the book and life and what the Ancient Greeks might have talked
More Info."


Outlook mixed for nation's librarians

Gary Price passed along This CSMonitor Story from The Resource Shelf.
They say As the United States marks National Library Week (April 6-12), librarians find themselves in the middle of a growing shortage, especially of school librarians.

A wave of librarian retirements, combined with school budget cuts brought on by state fiscal problems, has resulted in a slew of greenhorns and parent volunteers being deployed to fill the void among the stacks of the nation's public school libraries.

"Our applications continue to rise," she says. "Some [people] are being laid off, but others are retiring and not all sectors get hit at the same time. Public libraries and schools may get hit, but not necessarily academic and specialty libraries."


Library, archives resist move

The Ottawa Citizen Is Reporting Canada's newly merged National Library and National Archives are refusing to give up their prestigious parliamentary address.
The institutions have for years complained about the old, leaky building they share on Wellington Street, but rebuffed an offer by Public Works and Government Services, the government's real estate arm, for a new home in Gatineau.
Canada is the first country to merge its national library and archives, a move the Chrétien government said would boost the sagging visibility, relevance and accessibility of the two nearly invisible institutions.


Historian's hunch cracks a crime

A Neat Story From Washington State on David Dilgard, who works as a historian at the Everett Public Library's Northwest Room. They say his encyclopedic knowledge of Snohomish County's history helped them solve a mystery.

"Everyone is unique, and he is unique in a special kind of way," library director Mark Nesse said. "The guy is just a human sponge."


Spread the word... on wheels!

von totanes writes "Tricycles in the Philippines--motorcycles attached to a carriage and a third wheel--are notorious for obscene messages inside and outside the vehicle. "Trikes told: Go spread the Word, on wheels" illustrates how the obscene messages on tricycles in Bohol, an island in the Philippines, were replaced with more inspiring ones with the help of a librarian. Don't miss the third page which has such gems as (NOT from the librarian, of course): "Make loves not war" and "Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself." "


Library Porn Subject of Federal Lawsuit

Bob Cox sent along This CNS News Story the Minneapolis Public Library lawsuit, aka the Minneapolis 12.

"This lawsuit starts out with a group of plaintiffs who are in the battlefield. They are in libraries, they are actually seeing first-hand - there is no hypothetical here. This isn't like the conservative versus liberal or the pro-censorship vs. anti-censorship,"


File The Librarian in Moore's catalog of eccentric characters

A Seattle PI Story on "Underneath the Lintel," a one-character dark comedy that begins preview performances tonight at the Empty Space Theatre, in Seattle.
Actor Todd Jefferson Moore plays The Librarian. The Librarian is conscientious. When a book is returned 113 years after its due date, The Librarian is disturbed.


35 Cuban dissidents arrested

"More than 30 Cuban dissidents have been arrested in what analysts describe as the largest crackdown on the opposition movement in recent times."

"The arrests began Tuesday night. By Wednesday afternoon, at least 35 people -- primarily, independent journalists and librarians -- had been taken into custody."

"Some analysts linked the timing to the war in Iraq, when news of the arrests in the United States and elsewhere is likely to be overshadowed, if not ignored."

"The librarians are private citizens who have turned their homes into reading rooms where Cuban citizens can read unauthorized, so-called ''counter-revolutionary'' literature. Among them are books by Martin Luther King and Vaclav Havel, and Animal Farm by George Orwell." (from The Miami Herald via The Spinster Librarian)



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