Occupational Classification of Librarians in different countries

Occupational Classification of Librarians in different countries
It is interesting to analyze how LIBRARIANSHIP is classified in Occupational Indexes or Occupational Classifications from various International organizations and Government agencies, especially the labor laws enforcing organizations in the world. LIBRARIANSHIP is classified as a professional occupation, along with lawyers, health professionals, teaching professionals, business professional etc.

What does that mean? A professional occupant requires a professional degree/qualification in the field. A professional degree prepares the holder for a particular profession by emphasizing competency skills along with theory and analysis. These professions are typically licensed or otherwise regulated by a governmental or government-approved body (Wikipedia).

Let us see what the governmental and professional organisations say about our profession.

Librarian blogger keeps tabs on tech revolution

Librarian blogger keeps tabs on tech revolution
In 2003, librarian Sarah Houghton was tired of having to wander around the Internet looking for information about technology and Web services. So she stopped looking and made a blog of her own. She called it “Librarian in Black,” so that her blog would match her wardrobe.

A Promise by Harvard's Librarian

From Publishers Weekly: Scholar and Harvard University librarian Robert Darnton vowed that the Digital Public Library of America, a nonprofit, nationwide effort to digitize and offer access to millions of free, digitized books and special collections would launch by April of 2013. “I make this promise to you,” Darnton said at the close of his talk, entitled “Digitize, Democratize: Libraries and the Future of Books": “We will get this done.” -- Read More

New generation breaking librarian stereotype

Moorhead’s new generation breaking librarian stereotype
MOORHEAD - Sitting amid the long, narrow book stacks of the public library, Nicole Thistlewood, with her hair recently dyed a bright shade of pink, looks a little out of place.

Helena Bonham Carter’s Librarian Shushes Rufus Wainwright In His New Video

Helena Bonham Carter’s Librarian Shushes Rufus Wainwright In His New Video
For the title song on his impending seventh studio album, Wainwright has recruited his longtime pal, actress Helena Bonham Carter, to play a buttoned-up keeper of books, at war with her own urges. The video, directed by Philip Andelman, follows Bonham Carter’s sensibly dressed lady around as she lip-syncs Wainwright’s '70s AM radio-sounding anthem and disciplines various library patrons. The twist is that these patrons are all played by Wainwright himself (including one who sports a John Waters-style 'stache.)

Oh Those Nympho Librarians!

She's completely abandoned her cataloging for some extra-curricular work in the stacks. However you'll notice her hair is still in a bun.

Paris Review article on this title.

The Strike is Over for 2300 Librarians in Toronto

Toronto librarians return to work;
after a ten-day walk-out, an agreement has been reached.

Members of CUPE Local 4948 had been on strike since March 19 and libraries were closed during that time. Members voted Thursday night to accept an offer from the city.

CUPE Local 4948 representatives said they were able to fight back all concessions on benefits, noting this is particularly important for the library's many part-time workers.

Video and story here.

Library as Incubator Project

More on a project first mentioned in a January LISNews story.

From Poets & Writers Magazine, an article by Melissa Faliveno. Last winter in Madison, WI as political protests in the state capital were escalating, three graduate students were thinking not only about collective-bargaining rights, but also about libraries, the arts, and the future of both. Erinn Batykefer, Laura Damon-Moore, and Christina Endres, first-year students in the LIS program at the University of Wisconsin, started talking about the ways in which writers and other artists use libraries as creative spaces, how libraries can help foster their work, and how both parties might work together to support and sustain each other. The students’ answer is the Library as Incubator Project, a website for writers, artists, and librarians to share their creations and ideas in one collaborative space. -- Read More

Public v. Private; The Discussion Continues

From The Atlantic Cities:

"press two for costumer service"

I'll admit, to me, the idea of a privatized public library has a certain dystopian ring to it, the ultimate public space corrupted for a profit. That image was not much aided by my first (and second and third) call to Library System and Services Inc., the only library privatization company in the United States. LSSI now runs at least 15 library systems in California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas. This means it is, effectively, the fifth largest library system in the country.

Time and again, I ran through an automated response system without finding a real person. A week's worth of emails went unanswered. And then, there's the message at one of LSSI's libraries, which directs you press two for "costumer service."

Is this the future of the reference desk, I wondered? Not exactly the library system of my childhood, where each call about books on hold was answered by the same librarian I had known since I started attending kid's corner book readings.

But then, there's the example of Santa Clarita, California. ...More.

Supermodel as Librarian

As a supermodel and chat show host, we're used to seeing Tyra Banks looking stunning in glamorous outfits.

But in a new acting cameo in hit Disney show Shake It Up, the 38-year-old is unrecognisable as geeky librarian Ms Burke.

With her hair held together with pencils, oversized glasses, ill-advised eye shadow all over her lids and eyebrows, Tyra looks a far cry from her usual self.

Original these Disney folks, eh?

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