Library as Incubator Project

More on a project first mentioned in a January LISNews story.

From Poets & Writers Magazine, an article by Melissa Faliveno. Last winter in Madison, WI as political protests in the state capital were escalating, three graduate students were thinking not only about collective-bargaining rights, but also about libraries, the arts, and the future of both. Erinn Batykefer, Laura Damon-Moore, and Christina Endres, first-year students in the LIS program at the University of Wisconsin, started talking about the ways in which writers and other artists use libraries as creative spaces, how libraries can help foster their work, and how both parties might work together to support and sustain each other. The students’ answer is the Library as Incubator Project, a website for writers, artists, and librarians to share their creations and ideas in one collaborative space. -- Read More

Public v. Private; The Discussion Continues

From The Atlantic Cities:

"press two for costumer service"

I'll admit, to me, the idea of a privatized public library has a certain dystopian ring to it, the ultimate public space corrupted for a profit. That image was not much aided by my first (and second and third) call to Library System and Services Inc., the only library privatization company in the United States. LSSI now runs at least 15 library systems in California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas. This means it is, effectively, the fifth largest library system in the country.

Time and again, I ran through an automated response system without finding a real person. A week's worth of emails went unanswered. And then, there's the message at one of LSSI's libraries, which directs you press two for "costumer service."

Is this the future of the reference desk, I wondered? Not exactly the library system of my childhood, where each call about books on hold was answered by the same librarian I had known since I started attending kid's corner book readings.

But then, there's the example of Santa Clarita, California. ...More.

Supermodel as Librarian

As a supermodel and chat show host, we're used to seeing Tyra Banks looking stunning in glamorous outfits.

But in a new acting cameo in hit Disney show Shake It Up, the 38-year-old is unrecognisable as geeky librarian Ms Burke.

With her hair held together with pencils, oversized glasses, ill-advised eye shadow all over her lids and eyebrows, Tyra looks a far cry from her usual self.

Original these Disney folks, eh?

Toronto Librarians On Strike

All 98 branch libraries in Toronto are closed as negotiations have broken down between librarians and the city.

Toronto’s public libraries, one of the early areas of friction in Rob Ford’s drive to cut public spending, are now the scene of the first strike of the mayor’s 15-month-old administration.

The library walkout may not be the only labour disruption the city faces this month. The union that represents inside workers has scheduled a strike vote for Tuesday. City-run swimming pools, recreation centres, daycares and other municipal services could be affected as early as Saturday.

The library strike is the first since the amalgamation of the old Metro Toronto municipalities into a single city.

On his way to a meeting Sunday, the mayor was terse in comments to reporters about either labour development, saying only that he hoped for a settlement.

Mr. Ford was able last month to clinch a deal, that included a rollback on some job-security provisions, from the city’s outside workers. They were not in a position to command much public sympathy so soon after an unpopular 2009 strike that affected garbage pickups and parks maintenance. -- Read More

Former librarian charged with child exploitation

Former librarian charged with child exploitation

A former librarian is in custody for allegedly having child pornography in his office, authorities said.
The charges come after officials at Reinhardt University, where he worked as a librarian, reported that they found child pornographic images in his office.

Ex-Librarian now makes dresses out of chocolate wrappers

Karen Delahunty gave up being a Coventry librarian to make a dress out of chocolate wrappers
SHE’S the librarian who gave up her day job to hang out in bars – chocolate bars, that is.

But Karen Delahunty admits that, despite her love of the brown stuff, she didn’t eat all the chocolate that was once covered in the 50 wrappers used to make her eye-catching dress.

The new head of Ottawa’s library is not a librarian

The new head of Ottawa’s library is not a librarian:
Danielle McDonald took over the Ottawa Public Library and its $50-million budget this week. She’s a departure from her predecessor, Barbara Clubb, who started out shelving books and capped her career with a national award for her service to librarianship. McDonald is a lifelong administrator specializing in behind-the-scenes work in the city bureaucracy. Before she was named at the beginning of March, she had almost no public profile.

The only carillon librarian in the world?

(Florida) Lakeland woman is thought to be the only carillon librarian in the world
There are people across the globe performing jobs that we don't even know exist. One of those unknown occupations is being fulfilled right here in Polk County.

Joy Banks of Lakeland is thought to be the only carillon librarian in the world. She chronicles and catalogs the largest collection of carillon music known. That extensive collection is housed inside that majestic, singing icon known as Bok Tower in Lake Wales.

The Three Questions

What do librarians do?
What do librarians look like?
Why do we need libraries?

from the Allen County Library (Fort Wayne, IN)-- and now you know!!

Oxford University student blasted for 'sexist' attempt to win election to librarian post

It’s a role which conjures the image of a demure character charged with ensuring a hushed silence in one of England’s great centres of learning.
So it is little surprise that Oxford University student Madeline Grant’s bid to win an election to become a librarian by claiming ‘I have a great rack’, has provoked such disquiet.
The English undergraduate has been accused of a ‘sexist’ attempt to sway votes when she wrote on her manifesto for Union Librarian: ‘I don’t hack, I just have a great rack.’

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