Librarian completes marathons on all 7 continents

Librarian completes marathons on all 7 continents
Glen Avery, the technology librarian at Houghton College, recently became one of only 330 people to have completed a marathon on all seven continents.
A 1976 graduate of Houghton College, Avery is hoping to repeat the feat again, something only eight people have ever done. The 61-year-old Avery also was recently featured in a two-part interview with Bob Price of the Family Life Network.

School librarian off to Zambia to work with street kids

School librarian off to Zambia to work with street kids
At a time in her life when many parents are helping their older teens get ready for a gap year, Jennifer MacKinnon is taking one herself.

Last week, the 55-year-old Millwood High School librarian headed off to Zambia to volunteer for a year with a special library project aimed at street kids in the African country’s capital, Lusaka.

MacKinnon said in an interview before leaving that she was both excited and afraid. But it’s an adventure that she has been building toward for years.

If Libraries are More than Just Books, Then Where are All the Damn Technology Awards?

If Libraries are More than Just Books, Then Where are All the Damn Technology Awards?
Somebody call Bill Gates. He’s a fan of libraries and seems to know a thing or two about the digital age. He might just like the sound of the “Bill Gates Library Technology Award” complete with his face in a bronze medallion. Traditions start somewhere and this one should begin with recognizing the people who make library technology and information retrieval possible at a national level. If libraries are more than just books, then this would be a start to acknowledging it as part of our own professional culture.

What Will Happen To Patrons of the Philadelphia Library for the Blind?

From the Philly Post:

It is a plan so dastardly, so despicable, that state and local officials don’t want you to know about it. Pennsylvania has a plan in the works to gut the Philadelphia Library for the Blind, a vital service for the area’s visually impaired. The cover for the move is fiscal conservatism, but that makes no sense as the move may end up costing the state more money. The whole thing has the stench of political cronyism. Governor Tom Corbett and western PA Republicans want to move most of the operations out of Philadelphia to the Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Pittsburgh, nestled in the Governor’s home county. The two libraries share funds allocated in the state library budget. This isn’t about saving money; it is about shifting the majority of those funds to Pittsburgh.

I understand that elections have consequences. I understand party patronage. I don’t understand making the 13,000 visually disabled people who regularly use the Library suffer because of political gamesmanship. The Philadelphia Library for the Blind lent out 600,000 Braille and recorded books last year. That is 20 percent of the entire circulation of the Philadelphia Library System. -- Read More

UF librarian teaches answer to question of life, the universe and everything

Ask University of Florida librarian Donna Wrublewski about the meaning of life and the answer you might get is “42.”

Wrublewski is an assistant university librarian in chemical and physical sciences and engineering at UF. She also teaches a one-credit honors class on “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the cult classic science fiction novel by Douglas Adams.

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Students Save School Librarian's Life

Students Save School Librarian’s Life
Students at Piper Elementary are being recognized for their life saving efforts. The school held an assembly on Friday to honor Mrs. Ward’s first grade class.

The librarian had an apparent heart attack while the students were using the library a couple of weeks ago.

Librarian, infrared camera help catch wanted men

Librarian, infrared camera help catch wanted men

Authorities in central Nebraska used a helicopter with an infrared camera to track a fugitive, and found another wanted man in a public library in Minden after a high-speed chase in which shots were fired at a state trooper's cruiser, the Nebraska State Patrol said Saturday.

Librarian also works as a naked butler

Sutton Coldfield librarian works as a naked butler
HE’S a dedicated librarian by day and a NAKED butler by night.

Russell Davies enjoys helping bookworms to get the most out of the services offered at Hartshill Library, in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

And when he finishes his shift, the 28-year-old from Sutton Coldfield, has fun stripping off for hen parties.

The adventures of Conan The Librarian

The adventures of Conan The Librarian
What is a public library for? Costa coffee and "bums on seats"? or the promise of a better world? The managerialised nightmare of a London council's cost-cutting misunderstandings is glimpsed at through the deep stacks by a not-yet-defeated librarian and idealist

Librarian's journey one for the books

Librarian's journey one for the books
A bad reaction to a medical procedure robbed Anoka County Library director Marlene Moulton Janssen of her hearing. That didn't stop her from crusading on behalf of the printed page, and now a new procedure has brought back music to her ears.

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