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Another Library School Removes "Library" From Its Name

Janet Clark writes "The School of Information Management has been approved by Dalhousie
University as the new name of the School of Library and Information Studies
effective 9 May 2005. The School is an integral part of the
multidisciplinary Faculty of Management. The new name reflects and promotes
the breadth of the education and research conducted by members of the
School, and emphasizes that the School recruits for and educates graduates
for a wide array of information management positions. -- Read More

Clark Atlanta student launches effort to move the library school

Library Journal is reporting a new initiative to move the Clark Atlanta library school to another HBCU: One of the final 33 graduates of Clark Atlanta University’s (CAU) LIS program has launched a volunteer initiative to relocate the tradition-rich program to another HBCU (historically black college or university) home. The website for Save Library and Information Studies is a strong proponent of the profession in general.

Interns get help pursuing master’s in library science

Anonymous Patron writes "Interns get help pursuing master’s in library science
“It’s not just checking out books; it’s not like that at all, there’s a lot of work involved in the cataloguing, organizing and maintaining the online resources,� Treviño said. “It was a rude awakening. We are doing a lot of work.�"

MLIS back in Cleveland

Heidi Landskroener writes "Syacuse University is now offering its MSLIS program via distance learning at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. This is needed competition for Kent State University, the only institution in the state with an ALA-accreditited MLIS degree. Has More"

LIS Students and Scholarly Communication

Carol Terry writes "ALA's ACRL Division published this Jan. 2005 C&RL piece discussing revised curricula better preparing grads for changes in scholarly communication: Preparing tomorrow's professionals: LIS schools and scholarly communication ssues2005/january05/preparingprofessionals.htm"

Library Science Program Given Extension After Disastrous Flood

The Curmudgeony Librarian writes "The Library and Information Science program at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa was given a two year extension for its accreditation deadline by the American Library Association. The library science program was to be audited by the ALA in fall 2006. The extension is in response to the devastating floor which struck Hamilton Library October 30th. The flood washed away all of its accreditation documents as well as inflicted several million dollars worth of damage to the library.

The American Library Association represents librarians in the United States as well as overseeing accreditation standards for Library and Information Science Programs. In the United States and Canada, it is usual for a librarian to have a one- or two-year master's degree in library science or information science from an accredited university."

Peter calls it quits on librarianship

madcow writes "Peter Karman was on the road to being a fine young librarian and had even enrolled in library school. Then he discovered the truth about library pay. :(

As an assignment in his (sole) LIS class he wrote a nice little web page describing his information retrieval assignment."

NPR : Historically Black University Cuts Rare Library Sciences Program

An Anonymous Patron writes "NPR : Historically Black University Cuts Rare Library Sciences Program In a cost-cutting move, Clark-Atlanta University plans to shut down its library sciences program. The program is one of only two in the nation at historically black colleges and universities, and since 1941 has graduated more black librarians than any other institution. Emily Kopp of Georgia Public Broadcasting reports."

Dominican U., Chicago Public Schools team up to recruit, train new librarians

An Anonymous Patron writes "Dominican, CPS team up to recruit, train new librarians Dominican University's Graduate School of Library and Information Science is partnering with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the recipient of a $319,501 grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, to recruit and educate librarians for the 21st century."

Update: 11/10 16:18 EST by R:Don't botha. The deadline for this was Oct. 1, and the program was just for folks who already have teaching certs in the CPS system.

New FSU Library school Dean a physicist.

mdoneil writes "What is even more interesting is that he is not a librarian. The FSU SIS website has a bit about him here . His CV is available here.

There has been talk of broadening the School of Information Studies to include more than just Library Studies. I have heard that they were considering taking computer science - at least the informational part- into SIS.

Dr. Dennis is a great professor and has done a great deal for online instructional design and was the head of distance and distributed learning so I am sure he will be a benefit to SIS, but not having an MLS seems odd for someone in charge of the library school. Then again the LOC does not have one either.

For those interested the other candidate is here"

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