“That’s a library? I thought it was a church for a religion that didn’t allow makeup.”

But then. Maybe librarians shouldn’t try to be, maybe the library should be a place where one can focus on the written word, where people can enter the inner conversation instead of the mundane blabber. The library as a place to connect with someone far away (the author) and someone deep inside (the mental model of the reader); the library as a church instead of just another social space.
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Why Libraries’ Survival Matters

In advance of “Do Libraries Have a Future?” a Zócalo Public Square event in partnership with WeHo Reads, we asked eight writers to reflect on the most memorable library they ever visited, what it meant to them, and whether it should exist in 100 years.
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The media of our expression seems to have decreasing longevity.

This experience set me to thinking again about the ephemeral nature of our artifacts and the possibility that the centuries well before ours will be better known than ours will be unless we are persistent about preserving digital content. The earlier media seem to have a kind of timeless longevity while modern media from the 1800s forward seem to have shrinking lifetimes. Just as the monks and Muslims of the Middle Ages preserved content by copying into new media, won't we need to do the same for our modern content?
From 'We're Going Backward!' | October 2016 | Communications of the ACM

Google swallows 11,000 novels to improve AI's conversation

As writers learn that tech giant has processed their work without permission, the Authors Guild condemns ‘blatantly commercial use of expressive authorship’
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The world's oldest library gets a 21st century face lift

"We were always discovering things as we were ripping out walls," she says. One standout discovery for her was a hidden room that had a 12th century cupola made with intricate lattice wood. "It was this extremely refined and unusual type of roof that was hidden away," she recalls. "It's typical of the element of surprise you fine in Fez. You'll have these narrow streets and find a small door that enters into an amazing courtyard."
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Don't Call Me Baby, Sweetie or Cupcake!

I’ve worked at my local public library long enough to be on a first-name basis with many of our patrons. And the rest greet me with the courtesy and respect that, as a trained professional, not to mention a woman over 50, I deserve. Except for when they don’t. From time to time, a patron will call me “sweetie.” Or “honey-bunch.” Or “dear.” I have to put up with it, but I don’t have to like it. And I‘m not alone. Recently a fellow librarian posted this lament on Facebook: “A patron just called me baby. Can I go home now?” The comments this inspired from other librarians were sympathetic:
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Australian library releases free, remixable webcomics maker

"Libraries aren't there to enforce a curriculum: they exist for the whole community to learn and create on their own terms. That's what makes this comic maker project special: it's meant to open the doorway to an understanding of 'digital literacy' which is not just about consumption; which is open, flexible, and most importantly, capable of surprising us.
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Boston looking to turn the page on lack of school libraries

More than half of public schools in Boston do not have libraries, leaving thousands of students — the majority of them in distressed neighborhoods — without a safe place to study and access to resources so they can learn more, according to a new 
district report. Seventy-three of 126 schools in Boston do not have a library — and even at those that do, most don’t have full-time librarians or enough books, according to the five-year Boston Public Schools library services plan approved by the School Committee this week.
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When Libraries Don’t Provide Value

Librarians tend to agree that their libraries deliver value to community members. But what exactly does that mean? What type of value? Time saving value? Life changing value? Those are quite different. What value do libraries offer? New research identifies 30 types of value of four levels in a Maslow’s like hierarchy. We need to be intentional about designing for value delivery.
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In Banned Books Scavenger Hunt, The Prize Is Literary 'Smut'

The whole idea for the hunt was motivated by the desire to have more of the public involved in Banned Books Week, which runs this year from Sept. 25 to Oct. 1, says Linnea Hegarty, executive director of the D.C. Public Library Foundation. When books are banned, their supporters disguise them and circulate them surreptitiously, she says, and the idea was to capture that spirit.
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