Where Do Books from Closed Libraries Go?

Philly Voice answers the {infrequently asked} question:

Q) What happens to the books at closed libraries like the South Philadelphia one at Broad and Morris streets?

Question answered by Jennifer Maguire-Wright, chief manager of materials for the Free Library of Philadelphia:

A) The materials in the South Philadelphia collection were mostly sent to other neighborhood libraries in the library system. Items that were in poor condition or outdated were withdrawn from the collection -- we call it “weeding,” in library lingo. Those items are typically offered to other city agencies for a period of time and then sold in book sales.

How do you determine which ones get the boot?

We have a collection development policy that includes details on how we keep our collections fresh and current. Typically, items are removed from the collection due to condition. Our books can be well-loved to the point that they are falling apart. For non-fiction, we have guides based on the content. A good example is health-related materials. Anything older than five years is looked at critically to see if there are newer titles on the topic ...

Second Palo Alto Library Closed For Bed Bugs

Another library is closed because of a bed bugs - this time it's the Rinconada Library in Palo Alto, the second library in this city affected in the last few weeks, and at least the third library in the Bay Area to host the tiny pests.

From Second Palo Alto Library Closed For Bed Bugs | NBC Bay Area


Seed libraries sow more than good will

They call it a seed library, but you won’t get any fines for overdue seeds. In fact, the library doesn’t want you to return the seeds you borrow. When you have grown them, and saved seeds from the plants you grew, seed librarians would like some of those, but even that is not a strict requirement to “check out” free seeds for your garden.

From Seed libraries sow more than good will - San Francisco Chronicle


Why Don't Libraries Have Dungeons & Dragons Gamebooks?

Dungeons & Dragons and libraries should be a natural fit. Both attract people who love books, storytelling, and lore. Early D&D gamebooks even point readers towards their local libraries for research, and many libraries host comic book-themed events or have D&D clubs.

This is why I was so surprised to learn how rare it is for libraries to collect D&D or any role playing game materials.

From Why Don't Libraries Have Dungeons & Dragons Gamebooks?


Talking books at 'Living Library'

"I had never thought about it as a child," Fox said. "For me as a storyteller it helped me to uncover the feelings I had about being in a religious minority. That was very illuminating as I heard myself verbalize it."

From Talking books at 'Living Library' - The Manchester Journal


Police officials say downtown library branch is draining resources, 'culture change' needed (Omaha)

Frequent disturbances, rowdy behavior and even reports of sex in the stairwell spurred Omaha police to ask library officials Wednesday to clean up the downtown library.
Police Chief Todd Schmaderer and Capt. Katherine Belcastro-Gonzalez told the Omaha Public Library Board that the branch is draining police resources.

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Pedal Powered Libraries

Alicia M. Tapia's bicycle-based, pop-up free library in San Francisco, and similar efforts elsewhere, described in the blog of San Francisco based bike maker Public Bikes. Includes link to Alice M.Tapia's site,

Libraries branch out into creative lending

Libraries aren’t just for books, or even e-books, anymore. They are for checking out cake pans (North Haven, Conn.), snowshoes (Biddeford, Maine), telescopes and microscopes (Ann Arbor, Mich.), American Girl dolls (Lewiston, Maine), fishing rods (Grand Rapids, Minn.), Frisbees and Wiffle balls (Mesa, Ariz.), and mobile hot-spot devices (New York and Chicago).

From Libraries branch out into creative lending - SFGate


Which Americans Use Libraries and What They Do There | Pew Research Center

The findings from a new survey by Pew Research Center highlight how this is a crossroads moment for libraries. The data paint a complex portrait of disruption and aspiration. There are relatively active constituents who hope libraries will maintain valuable legacy functions such as lending printed books. At the same time, there are those who support the idea that libraries should adapt to a world where more and more information lives in digital form, accessible anytime and anywhere.

From Which Americans Use Libraries and What They Do There | Pew Research Center


Libraries worth traveling for

The best things in life are free, and libraries offer bountiful proof. Some are destinations in themselves, boasting spectacular architecture, secret gardens, hip lounges and free thrills for the whole family.

From Libraries worth traveling for | Dallas Morning News



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