New book reveals secrets of library of Wales

Bob Cox sent along This One on a new book, A Refuge in
Peace and War: The National Library of Wales to 1952, written by
the former Librarian, David Jenkins, on the history of one of Wales\'s
most important institutions. The book recounts the first
efforts to set up a library by Richard Morris of Anglesey in the mid
18th century, of Iolo Morganwg at the beginning of the 19th century,
the concerted campaign which began in the Mold National
Eisteddfod of 1873 which ultimately led to the Budget of 1905 which
granted Wales its own national library, and the campaign to house
the Library in Aberystwyth rather than Cardiff which was deemed
too anglicised and not central to Wales.


Libraries Play Important Role in Congregations

Here\'s A Story that says collecting and organizing the books in a congregation falls to the church or synagogue librarian, a volunteer who often goes about this work unnoticed until the day that a Sunday school teacher needs help with a lesson. Or a child wants a Bible storybook. Or a pastor needs to consult a reference text. Then the congregational library, no matter how modest, becomes a treasure trove.

\"A library helps a church because when people want to learn more about something spiritual, they have a place to go,\" says the Rev. Robert Wise, pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in Lakeland. \"Public libraries might have a few books, but this is focused.\"


Once Again, More Water Damage at The National Library

Charles Davis sent over this
News Release on yet another flood in Ottawa.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, June
23, 2002, the National Library of Canada’s Response Action Team
responded to an emergency call in the third basement level of the Jean
Edmonds Tower in downtown Ottawa where, once again, water
damaged hundreds of Canadian books. The National Library of Canada
has over 20 million items in various buildings in the National Capital
Region – close to 1 million of them are found in this basement facility.

A leak from a heating pipe on the first basement resulted in water
seeping through to the 2nd and 3rd basement levels. This incident marks the 14th accident since January of this year. Two
more incidents occurred at the National Library’s main building during
the excessive rainfall of the past two weeks.

Further details on the extent of the damage will be available once the
incident and evaluation reports are compiled. \"


Locke holds back library money

Charles Davis Sent over this
Seattle Times Story that says Gov. Gary Locke is withholding nearly $1 million
earmarked for the Washington State Library by keeping it in an
emergency account under his control.

Losing the money will force the library to lay off 14 people - about 10
percent of its work force.


Publishers, Librarians Share Vital Role

SomeOne passed along This release from The AAP on a speach Pat Schroeder, President and CEO of the AAP gave Australian Learning and Information Association in Sydney back in May. We covered the speech when it happened, and we covered Schroeder when she said the AAP \"have a very serious issue with librarians.\"


Cook carpets Commons cat call

Bob Cox sent over this BBC story on plans for a House of Commons cat to clear up its perennial mice problem. It seems Commons leader Robin Cook threw out the suggestion of a moggie patrolling the corridors of power because he feared it might take over the sofas in the library.


Fun Library Facts

Here\'s some Library Facts that made it to the AP wire from The ALA.

The country contains more than 122,000 public and private libraries.

About 79 percent of public librarians are women, compared with 92 percent of school librarians and 68 percent of college and university librarians.

About 95 percent of public libraries offer public Internet access and computer classes.

Annual federal spending on libraries is about 54 cents per person.

Americans check out an average of seven books per year.

College and university librarians answer 97 million reference questions yearly — almost three times the attendance at college football games.


All the President\'s Spin

Neil Swidey says his visit to the Richard Nixon Library finds the place much like the man: defensive, misleading, and still arguing about Watergate.

\"Looking for the truth at a presidential library is like searching for sincerity in those \'\'drink in moderation\'\' commercials sponsored by the beer companies. It\'s just not the point.\"

As usual, thanks to Bob Cox for another great story that we would\'ve never read with out his help.


Free Library of Philadelphia Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Charles Davis writes \"The Free Library of Philadelphia is celebratin\' their 75th anniversary. They\'ve started a new
digital collection devoted to the building of the Free Library. You can get to it at
The Site .
There are several components to this online exhibit. The history section provides a series of
short articles discussing the history of the library as it started in 1889 (yes, it is the 75th
anniversary; you\'ll have to read the history for all the details.)
The timeline section is a one-page, mostly-graphic representation of the history of the library, while the architects section contains the biographies of the architects behind the Free Library building. Finally, the exhibition section contains the meat of the site; several brief articles about the library with links to exhibit items, including drawings, portraits, advertisements, newspaper clippings, and more. Worth a look. \"


Pie Are Round at the Library

Lee Hadden writes: \"In an article in the June 10, 2002 issue of Chemical and Engineering
News, there is an account of a library in Brooklyn allowing freshly baked
pies to cool on a window sill of a library, to see if anyone would take
one. People are more honest than would be accounted for in children\'s
nursery rhymes.
Read more about it.\"



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