Library donates 100-year-old birds to nature center

Mock Turtle writes "Since 1906, the Bill Memorial Library in Groton, CT, has prominently displayed a collection of nearly 200 preserved and mounted bird specimens, both domestic and exotic. While this kind of natural history exhibit was a common feature of public libraries around the turn of the twentieth century, the space constraints and financial concerns of the twenty-first century have spurred the Bill to find a new home for the impressive flock. Happily, the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center in Mystic has accepted the gift, with plans to integrate the birds with their existing collection and place them on display in the museum area of the center. Read the article from The Day."


UW-Madison benefits from literary cookbook

Mock Turtle writes "The Friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries have published a cookbook pairing historically authentic recipes with fiction and nonfiction pieces by nineteenth-century female authors such as Kate Chopin, Louisa May Alcott, and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Ten years in the making, A Literary Feast: Recipes and Writings by American Women Authors from History was compiled by members of the Friends, and edited by Yvonne Schofer, English Humanities bibliographer at UW-Madison's Memorial Library. Royalties from the cookbook will go to the Friends."


Edinburgh library revamp discussed

Mock Turtle writes "Plans are being drawn up to expand, modernize and preserve the historic Central Library of Edinburgh, Scotland. Reportedly one of Europe's busiest public libraries, the 1890 facility is cramped and in need of various improvements for 21st-century use. When the specifics are unveiled, the project is expected to call for at least £25 million. Edinburgh Evening News has the story."


CBS Early Show: A Soldier's Story

Lisa Nguyen writes "In this 'Everybody Has a Story' update, Steve Hartman revisits Brookings, Oregon, to see what's up with a man who had some issues with a controversial display at his local library."

A videoclip of this story is also available for download on this website."

"He would not listen to the fact that it was historical. He thought it was a shrine to the Japanese. He thought it should not be here; he wrote to the governor," said Jacques.

"It became an obsession," said Kelly.


Church of the written word

One of the best things about living where I do is the close proximity of some pretty good libraries. One of my favorites is an old girl who waits for me down the hill a ways, close enough that my motorcycle hardly gets warm before I’m steering into the parking lot.

Pasadena’s Central Library was laid down at the peak of the Jazz Era, when the town had settled into its role as an affluent resting place for the wealthy of Los Angeles and anybody else with money who didn’t want to winter in the snow. They didn’t scrimp on the place, and it shows to this day.


Library arson bill could reach £2 to £3m

Charles Davis writes "One of Coventry's busiest libraries was today in ruins after being deliberately set on fire by thieves who broke in to steal computers.
Council bosses believe it could cost
between £2million and £3million to
repair Foleshill Library - everything
inside was destroyed in the blaze
More at"


National Library of Canada marks 50th anniversary

Bob Cox spotted News From Canada that says to mark the National Library of Canada's golden anniversary, Canada Post will issue four stamps on September 8th, honouring a diverse collection of Canadian authors. The issue date coincides with International Literacy Day, Canada Post's cause of choice for the past 15 years.
The five authors featured on the stamps are: Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie (on the same stamp), Morley Callaghan, Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau and Anne Hébert. The five represent a broad spectrum of Canadian literature, from early 19th century non-fiction to present day fiction, poetry and, with Callaghan and Hébert, broadcasting.


Foleshill Library destroyed by arson

bentley writes "The Library Lovers' Livejournal points to a BBC News story about this morning's destruction by arson of the Foleshill Library in Coventry. The damage was estimated at £500,000. "Danny Moynihan, the watch commander at Radford Road Fire Station, said the building was completely destroyed. He said that firefighters were not able to salvage anything from the building."


Keep libraries alive, check out a book

Carla Hayden has a nice little OP/ED in the CSMonitor.
She notes September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. And while many places now require a card for discounts or special "club benefits," a library card provides free access to a world of resources in print and online, with the expert assistance of librarians and other library staff.


[NetGold] Library Link of the Day

Soundara Rajan N.S, and David Dillard writes "This message was posted to the NetGold discussion group by a member from
India, Soundara Rajan N.S , a person from whom
I have seen a number of quite valuable resource posts. I do not know if
everyone of this list are familiar with this weblog devoted to library
issues that is brought to our attention in this post. I have looked at
the Blog and find that it is accumulating an important and varied group of
informational reports on library issues day by day and I highly recommend
this resource to the readers of this list.

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