Retiring Radcliffe librarian stirred up interest in culinary history

Gary D. Price sent along a neat Boston Herald Story on The Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.
It has 16,000 cookbooks, and its collection is growing all the time. Chefs and scholars - and the curious - know it as an invaluable resource for information on cooking, food and social history. Barbara Haber built the collection over the past 34 years.
``There were some cookbooks there when I arrived,\'\' Haber notes, the result of ``someone\'s act of imagination.\'\' But, she adds, ``they were considered the library hobby; they were stuck on the shelves.\'\' Haber brought with her a long-standing love of cookbooks - ``I would read them like novels\'\' - and a notion that ``they should not be dismissed for merely duplicating someone\'s recipes, but seen as artifacts of a time and place.


State of the Florida state libraries

SomeOne Sent in This Story that says The governor proposes closing the state library, which would save $3-million and eliminate 41 jobs, said Secretary of State Ken Detzner. One proposal is to transfer the library and its extensive collection of state historical materials to Florida State University, which wants the prestigious archives.


A Look At The Honor System Library in Blue River, OR

Gary D. Price, the guy you may know from The Award Winning Web site, or maybe his Book, sent over This One on a lending library, started by Frances O\'Brien, in 1928 by leaving a pile of books on the front porch of her home.
They still have no due dates. No overdue fines. No cards, no forms to fill out, no restrictions. Not even hours. Now they have their own building, open 24 hours, and 40,000 books.


Check it out: Coffee shops perking in libraries

The Chicago Sun Times Reports public libraries In the Chicago area and nationwide have been following bookstores in going into the coffee shop business.
They say libraries in Joliet, Schaumburg, Gurnee and Batavia now offer patrons a chance to grab a caffeine fix. And cafes are in the works for libraries in Chicago, Skokie, Oak Park, Glendale Heights, Naperville and North Aurora.

"Libraries are recognizing the fact that patrons are doing this at Barnes & Noble and Borders," said Shirley May Byrnes, executive director of the DuPage County Library System, which has 28 public libraries as members. "If they want to keep up and keep their patrons, this is one of the things they have to offer."


Rewards Of Reading Outweigh Late Fees For Overdue Books

Dear Abby takes another stab at overdue book fines and libraries.

Note: They Outweigh, they do not outway, thanks Walt.


National Library of Canada turns 50

Bob Cox was kind enough to send in This CBC Story on the National Library of Canada.
On January 1, 1953, the National Library of Canada was officially born via an Act of Parliament. It established an official institution that \"collects, preserves and promotes\" the country\'s published heritage.

\"The unfettered dissemination of knowledge and information is vital to a society that prides itself on being free and open,\" Prime Minister Jean Chretien \"


'Diversity in Libraries' project fighting against racism the Czech Republic

A Story out of the Czech republic on an interesting project aimed at teaching people more about ethnic minorities in the Czech Republic has just come to an end. Two non-governmental organizations - the Prague Multicultural Centre and Brno's Youth for Intercultural Understanding - took part in the project, which was called 'Diversity in Libraries' and was part of an anti-racism campaign launched by the Czech government at the beginning of this year.


Glasses raised to brewing library

Charles Davis writes \"When it comes to satisfying a thirst for knowledge, few libraries in the world
can hope to rival Oxford Brookes University.
The university is toasting the opening of the world\'s biggest brewing library,
containing more than 3,600 books and journals about beer.
The first National Brewing Library will be on permanent loan at the
university\'s Gypsy Lane campus, bringing together the collections of the Institute of Brewing, the International Brewers\' Guild and the British Beer
and Pub Association. Here\'s the Full Story\"


To Help D.C.\'s Libraries, Nader Rides Again

Luis Acosta sent over This Washington Post Story that says
Ralph Nader is taking time out of his busy schedule to help raise money for D.C. libraries because of \"the city\'s shortage of philanthropists.\" Nader says:

\"I really don\'t need another cause,\" says the Dupont Circle resident, \"but
reading about the state of the libraries made me blush with shame. In the
middle of this real estate boom, we have private affluence and public squalor.
This is not going to be turned around on the inside; it needs external force,
from the neighborhoods to the glitterati.\"


British Library staff 'viewed web porn'

Stuart Urwin, from The Renaissance Library Collection passed along This One from over in London England, where they say The British Library has suspended nine staff for allegedly using their work computers to access hardcore pornography on the internet.
A British Library spokesman confirmed: "A number of staff have been suspended. However, we cannot go into detail because of our requirement to maintain confidentiality while the library pursues further investigations into each individual case."



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