British Library guard ushers in thieves

This Is London Reports In what is being seen as a huge embarrassment to the library's security team - responsible for guarding many of the nation's most precious literary treasures including the Magna Carta - three crooks made off with booty worth thousands of pounds.

The men entered the British Library's flagship building in Euston Road last week and gathered up audio-visual equipment worth approximately £16,000 and prepared to make their escape.

That, according to an insider, did not prove difficult. In fact, it was so easy that the British Library admitted it is to launch a security review.


The most fascinating library buildings in the world

Godfrey Oswald writes "Back in March and April 2001, many of you may have remembered sending in
votes on the most fascinating library buildings in the world, visited or
The results of all the votes are published in detail in the forthcomng
edition of "Library World Records" which is due to be published in March
2004, around the time of the UNESCO's World Book Day.

Well its time to vote again for the most fascinating library buildings in
the world you have seen or visited. Also to be included in the voting
category, will be national archives buildings.


Gates Foundation - Helping Libraries Thrive

Search Engines shares news on The Gates Foundation. Seems they've been busy lately. Since 1998, the foundation has installed 47,000 computers in almost 11,000 libraries throughout the United States. On Wednesday, Melinda Gates announced that another $5.8 million has been awarded to 18 states, including Montana, as Staying Connected challenge grants.
Articles all over the place lately,,, and Many More.


There's something for everyone in Maine Libraries

Here's a neat interview report conducted by a high school student of two librarians at Rockland District High School. Interest in the school librarians was sparked by Maine Gov. John Baldacci declaring Jan. 12-16 Maine Libraries Week. The state unveiled its new library website this week. Take a look at Maine Libraries


Empty Library May Become Homeless Shelter

Genghis John writes "The upscale Contra Costa enclave of Orinda, which many consider one of the most desirable places to live in the Bay Area, may soon house a new group of people -- the homeless.While homeless advocates praised the city for volunteering its long-empty library for a shelter to help deal with one of the Bay Area's most-pressing problems, political leaders are bracing for opposition from residents who fear that the operation in the charming Orinda Village would bring in crime, loitering and begging.The City Council voted in closed session this week to negotiate a lease with the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County for a temporary shelter for families and the frail elderly.Here'sThe Story."


Thousands of books damaged by water sprinkler break

Erik writes "I found this article in the local paper about a water sprinkler break at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library System in New Jersey. They were doing construction to expand the library. The extreme cold we've had here in New Jersey for the last week in being blamed for the pipe break. It's always depressing to find so many books destroyed."

No interest in Wampum

The Wampum (New Castle, PA) public library is closing after twenty years.

Town Council President Karolee Loughhead said, "The library board and the volunteers are to be commended for all their work. They put forth a great effort for the community but the community did not respond. I'm sorry it is closing. We have lost a piece of history." Here's the closing notice


Budget cuts & Government Intrusions - Bad News All Around

The search-engines-web person found a bunch of stories that I'm just too busy to give full coverage to, but they are all worth a look. on the Ford City Library, and efforts to save it, on layoffs, shows a ray of hope where Rupert J. Smith Law Library is being saved by lawyers, where The library asked the city council to join Patriot Act battle, and has libraries researching their alternatives after huge budget cuts."


Today in library history - Dec. 24

In 1851 on this date, fire devastated the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., destroying about 35,000 volumes (Associated Press).


Backlog woes dog Indian National Library

Bad News Out Of Kolkata where : Language titles have taken a backseat in the country's largest book repository — the National Library. Research fellows here have little access to valuable documents and books in various Indian languages.
The backlog has piled to a whopping 2,86,392 Indian titles including government documents in English.
Although officials keep on whining about dearth of competent librarians, some of them don't even do their minimum job. "Despite a vacancy, one group C staff has cleared all the backlog in the Gujarati section," said one of the officials.



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