Pie Are Round at the Library

Lee Hadden writes: \"In an article in the June 10, 2002 issue of Chemical and Engineering
News, there is an account of a library in Brooklyn allowing freshly baked
pies to cool on a window sill of a library, to see if anyone would take
one. People are more honest than would be accounted for in children\'s
nursery rhymes.
Read more about it.\"


Librarian hopes celebrity testimonials inspire kids

Here\'s One from Wisconsin on the walls of the Schofield Elementary library. They are filled with framed responses from politicians explaining how reading affected their lives and to describe a particular person who was influential in getting them to read.

\"Reading has been an escape, a diversion, the most enjoyable pastime I can think of, a process of self-education and lifelong addiction!\" Rowling wrote. \"I can\'t imagine not reading. I do it every day and would go mad without books.\"


Illiteracy Campaign

Christy M. writes \"Just saw this in the June issue of Harper\'s Magazine and thought I would share. Not sure whether I should laugh or cry...
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Illiteracy Campaign

The following half-page advertisement ran in the February 20 Winters Express in Winters, California, and was paid for by the Save Winters Committee.
A new library will end up costing the people of Winters over $30 million in new taxes...And for what? A library that is only used by less than seventy people a month. It would be far cheaper for Winters to hire taxicabs and send people to the University of Davis Library than for us to pay millions of dollars to entertain a few people.

The fact of the matter is that very few people use ours or any other library. Oh sure, supporters will bring out children to cry, \"We need a new library.\" But where are these children any other time? Watching television, visiting friends, or doing something else besides reading. A new library opens up the door for a bigger and bigger Winters. A big new library is a great sales tool for developers. A new library will help Winters become just like other drug cities like Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Jose. They have new big libraries...Do you want to live there?
The world is changing. People like to watch things on television and video. We must understand that libraries are going the way of the local milkman, cheap gas, and small towns.If the friends of the library want a new library, fine. Let them spend their own money and build it themselves. Don\'t make the rest of us pay what few dollars we have left to make them feel good.\"

Can anyone help us get a copy of this?


New Service Allows the Public to Pose Reference Question

jen writes \"
A story from the Chronicle says
Starting on Monday, members of the public will be
able to use the World Wide Web to seek answers
to reference questions from librarians around the
world, including some at college libraries.

The service, called QuestionPoint, will operate
through a Web browser and may make some visits
to the library unnecessary. The Library of Congress
and the Online Computer Library Center, better
known as OCLC, developed it. \"


Libraries Threaten Paid Online News Archives

Stevie pointed to This One from Editor & Publisher that says if more people knew about libraries\' database offerings, there wouldn\'t be much need or desire to use newspapers\' paid Web archives.
Given public libraries\' recent moves with at-home access to premium article databases, they question the strategy of charging high fees for archived news articles. An already-shaky news industry model is having its foundations chipped away \"by librarians, of all people\".

Gary quoted as saying, \"What just about everyone has apparently not realized is that many public libraries offer free, full-text access to thousands of newspapers, magazines, etc. ...\"

We need better marketing. How do we make this an ALA Key Action Area?


Financial Times likes libraries

Barbara Lundt writes \"Here\'s A Story from the

Financial Times from May 25 that has a positive essay by Michael Prowse, championing the economics and democracy of public libraries... \" the BMW driver can not get a book any quicker than the Nissan driver\" \"


A library as a 9/11 memorial?

luis acosta writes \"Time Magazine\'s Roger Rosenblatt explains why a simple local branch public library would be the best memorial at ground zero here at \"

What he has in mind is \"a regular old local branch library, with kids bopping in, and retirees bent over newspapers, and a librarian who looks very much like Laura Bush telling a teenage girl where she can find Emma.\"


Jedi Archive in Dublin?

Leddy writes \"As it turns out, the Jedi Archive/Library is an almost exact replica of one of the finest libraries in the world - The Old Library of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

Cinescape Has The Story, and pictures to prove it.\"


Morocco sets up national library

Charles Davis sent in
This Arabicnews Story
that says
Morocco will build a national library in the capital city of Rabat on a
5 hectare surface. The project is worth some us$ 14 Mln.

The convention related to the construction of the library was
signed here Monday by minister of culture, Mohammed Achaari,
and minister of equipment, Bouaammour Taghouane.

\"This is a dream that has been cherished by Moroccan
intellectuals for several years,\" Achaari said.

Taghouane stressed his department\'s determination to carry out
the project in the best conditions. \"


Cuneiform Document Library Hits Web

Michael points us to This AP Story on historians using the modern language of computers are assembling a virtual library of the earliest known written documents: clay tablets inscribed more than 4,000 years ago.
Begun in 1998, the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative has taken on new urgency. Experts fear if the texts aren\'t cataloged electronically, they could be lost forever.



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