The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb

The Electronic Librarian Is a Verb is a A Lecture Delivered at the New York Public Library, as part of the The Gilbert A. Cam Memorial Lecture Series October 14, 1994, by Kenneth Arnold.

\"Enter the librarians, who seem precisely suited to shape this information or knowledge structure--and, not surprisingly, many of them are addressing these questions, often in league with publishers and computer programmers. I have described their role in the title of this lecture in grammatical terms--the librarian as a verb--because what we are talking about is in fact creating a syntax of digital knowledge. That is certainly more palatable than \"information processing.\" Given the computer\'s capability to connect us to a seemingly unlimited array of subjects and objects in the digital language, how should we manage that capability most effectively?\"


Far from being old hat, libraries have never looked more interesting

Charles Davis writes \"The Sunday Times has the following article on new libraries\".

There is a building boom world wide, Public libraries routinely costing between £90m and £120m are being planned and built in Amsterdam, Marseille, Milan and Turin. Top architects are involved in each project. In America, the technology-rich West Coast states are building libraries like crazy.


Newspaper Center Turns a New Page

From The Toronto Star...

\"With the help of a $2.5 million donation from the Toronto Star, North America\'s busiest library system unveiled its revamped newspaper centre yesterday. It brings together two natural allies, both committed to the most basic tool of any civilization — the written word; both wedded to the simple yet profound principle of equality of access for all citizens.\" More


Holding esoterica so you don\'t have to

Today\'s Chicago Tribune has a nice profile of the Center for Research Libraries. A CRL officer says, "I don\'t want to say it\'s a hodge-podge, but it\'s an amalgamation of materials."

Appended to the Web version of the article is a top-ten list of the center\'s most interesting collections.


LearningWeek Libraries Live Online

Wednesday November 28th @ 1:00 PM EST, the premier episode of \"LearningWeek Libraries\" takes off.
This is a new monthly interactive webcast
centered on libraries and technology. This program is a spin off of the successful and highly informative LearningWeek Live show which focuses on the news and people of learning and technology.
You may check out the show\'s website and register for free at

The show will begin an ongoing discussion about virtual reference. The entire webcast lasts 1 hour (commercial free!) and is highly interactive, which means that you can ask questions and offer comments throughout the program.


The History of ILL

Daniel Chudnov [you may know him from such projects as Dspace and oss4lib] made a presentation at the O\'Reily P2P conference on interlibrary loan.

His Power Point Slides are online.
Stolen from The Rarin Librarian.


A Challenging Future Awaits Libraries Able to Change

Dlib has This One.

\"The future for academic and research libraries can be an exciting and challenging one, at least for those libraries that are both able and open to change. This article presents highlights from the sixth International Summer School on the Digital Library held in 2001. Two of the three courses that comprised this year\'s summer school focused on roles for libraries in education and electronic publishing. The other course focused on managing the actual change process towards a new kind of library.\"


Fear and Self-loathing in the Library

\"Keep it quiet, this is a library\" says Deyan Sudjic for The Observer. Sudjic blames, \"A generation of book-hating, self-loathing librarians, nervous of literature and hypnotised by technology,\" for libraries\' decline. \"Libraries have struggled to face up to the threat to their survival, usually by pretending to be something else.\" The new Norwich library has a Pizza Express, tourist information, and houses local BBC studios. Strangely, he seems to approve of the pizza joint and the new library design as a whole. Read the full story


Library Reopens with Health Club

So after you visit the Library with a Pub, come to Singapore\'s newly reopened library with a health corner, including exercise bikes, and telephones linked to a help line for free health advice. The Bedok Community Library was closed since January. Story from the Straits Times.


Cardless Libaray

Carrie writes \"Buffalonians no longer need libary cards to borrow books.

Full Story \"

They say The Touch & Go! system uses technology that identifies a person by imaging a finger and looking at unique characteristics, thus eliminating the need for library cards.



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