National Library of Canada marks 50th anniversary

Bob Cox spotted News From Canada that says to mark the National Library of Canada's golden anniversary, Canada Post will issue four stamps on September 8th, honouring a diverse collection of Canadian authors. The issue date coincides with International Literacy Day, Canada Post's cause of choice for the past 15 years.
The five authors featured on the stamps are: Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie (on the same stamp), Morley Callaghan, Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau and Anne Hébert. The five represent a broad spectrum of Canadian literature, from early 19th century non-fiction to present day fiction, poetry and, with Callaghan and Hébert, broadcasting.


Foleshill Library destroyed by arson

bentley writes "The Library Lovers' Livejournal points to a BBC News story about this morning's destruction by arson of the Foleshill Library in Coventry. The damage was estimated at £500,000. "Danny Moynihan, the watch commander at Radford Road Fire Station, said the building was completely destroyed. He said that firefighters were not able to salvage anything from the building."


Keep libraries alive, check out a book

Carla Hayden has a nice little OP/ED in the CSMonitor.
She notes September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. And while many places now require a card for discounts or special "club benefits," a library card provides free access to a world of resources in print and online, with the expert assistance of librarians and other library staff.


[NetGold] Library Link of the Day

Soundara Rajan N.S, and David Dillard writes "This message was posted to the NetGold discussion group by a member from
India, Soundara Rajan N.S , a person from whom
I have seen a number of quite valuable resource posts. I do not know if
everyone of this list are familiar with this weblog devoted to library
issues that is brought to our attention in this post. I have looked at
the Blog and find that it is accumulating an important and varied group of
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this resource to the readers of this list.

Library Link of the Day


Library of Congress Is Bursting at Seams

Associated Press says The space problem began 200 years ago and has only worsened as the library accumulated 127 million items, with 10,000 more coming in every working day.

Most of the books are in the Madison Building, which is among Washington's biggest but can't come close to meeting the needs of the world's largest library collection. To handle some of the millions of items, the library is building warehouses at Fort Meade, Md., 30 miles from Capitol Hill. The first of what could be as many as 13 buildings is finished and already almost half-full. About 500,000 volumes have been trucked from Washington - 2,500 a day.

About twice as far in the opposite direction, storage is being developed at Culpeper, Va., for the library's audiovisual material - such as recordings of Elvis Presley and Theodore Roosevelt, and movies of Thomas Edison and Ronald Reagan.
Facts, Figures on Library of Congress


Best.Music Video About Libraries.Ever

Let's face it, everyone gets a little burnt out once in a while. Have you ever wished that you had your own personal cheerleader to give you some motivation? If so, your dream has come true! When you need a little pick-me-up, watch this animated music video.

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Neo Libraries

Bob Cox spotted Neo Libraries, one from Seattle Weekly on all those fancy digital technologies people keep finding in what used to be dusty old rooms stuffed with books.
They say to survive the digital age, libraries have embraced e-books, e-audio, and Web sites that bring libraries to home PCs. "The paper-warehouse concept is so last century.


Winner of $1,500 raffle prize says, "Keep the money"

An interesting story from Pennslyvania in which a county library system had a raffle as well as a "Keep the Libraries Open" Festival to raise money.

Michael Wilt of Chicago, Ill., won $1,500 Wednesday in the Friends of the Bradford County Library System's raffle.

But he didn't keep one penny.

He donated it all to the Bradford County Library System, a system of nine public libraries, which are facing a 50 percent cut in their state funding, according to Howard O'Connor, chairman of the Bradford County Library Steering Committee.

The raffle was held to raise operating funds for the nine public libraries.

Here's another verison (Thanks crow!)


LSSI and paying the bills, part 2

Larry Schwartz writes "On July 31, I posted info about LSSI and the tenuous nature of their contract to run the Fargo (ND) public library. Today's "Forum of Fargo-Moorhead" (the local paper,; registration may be necessary to retrieve the story) has an above-the-fold story headlined "Library cancels contract: management company fails to pay bills on time." The change will be effective on 31 October, and is the result of a 4-1 vote by the library's board of directors. The current library director will lose his job and, if he wishes to stay with the library, will have to reapply as a city employee."


New on list of Libraries with Wireless

I am pleased to ananounce that I have added several more libraries to my list. the website is at Wireless Librarian


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