Libraries need relationship marketing

This interesting article by Larry X. Besant and Deborah Sharp starts with the interesting line "What do libraries have in common with John Deere tractors, Mary Kay cosmetics, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and Prada haute couture?"

The article discusses what relationship marketing is, and how libraries can benefit from introducing this concept into their work arena. Read the full story here.


Librarians Protect the Sports Illustrated "Girls"

Here's a story from the Daily Herald (suburban Chicago) about the big February challenge in libraries across the country: Keeping the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition unadulterated and available.


Events management in libraries

Library professionals are realising that the library's role is changing as society changes, particularly with the advance of technology. Many view the library as either unnecessary or less-than-exciting, if it's even on their minds at all. Library professionals need to create support, combat old stereotypes, and present the library as a dynamic community resource for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Is this the case? What can be done? Read the full story here and have your say!


Robot Librarians

Steven M. Cohen, Steffers and anon all submitted this "Yahoo! News story about a robot Librarian being pressed into service at Valparaiso (IN) University." And I found another, older story from about using robots in libraries. And, last but not least, some goofy fantasizing about all the things a robot librarian might be able to do from a Google Groups discussion circa 1999. (thanks Jessamyn).


Mr Darcy seeks his Elizabeth for happy ending

Charles Davis writes "This week the
British Library's first
ever singles night -
called "Mingle" -
caught the eye of
more than 100 men
hoping to meet
bright, bookish
women at a private
view of some of the
collection's more
Story at
the Telegraph. More at
British Library Mingle"


Book Sellers to Open Stores in UK Libraries

Charles Davis writes "Britain's libraries are to be allowed to sell books in
an attempt to win back the public. Ministers want
some of the country's 4,700 libraries to rent out
space to book chains including Waterstone's,
Blackwell's and Dillons in the hope that people
seeking to buy books will also be tempted to borrow
other works.

The Government hopes that by allowing libraries to
tap into the thriving retail market they will earn
extra revenue and attract back some of the
hundreds of thousands of people who no longer go
to libraries.
More at
the Telegraph (UK)"


License to Browse--Tupac, the PATRIOT Act and Me

Here's a tale from CounterPunch from a library user calling into question one library's series of invasive hoops needed to jump through, just to browse the catalog. She shares her paranoid fantasy about coming to the attention of John Ashcroft because of her catalog queries on behalf of daughter about the late Tupac Shakur, well-known anti-authoritarian and gansta.

"I complained a little about the fact that you can't even browse through the holdings of the (supposedly) public library if you don't have a library card. The librarian pointed out to me, in a way that said, 'I know you are a wack job, but I am a kind person and wish you no harm , but I am a kind person and wish you no harm,' that a library card costs nothing."


Libraries: How they stack up

This report attempts to provide a snapshot of libraries and how they impact on the economy. It details interesting comparative tables and graphs of library services and activities against other sectors and professions within the worldwide economy.

Download the full report here (in pdf format).


The Marketing Mix: The 4-P Recipe for Customer Satisfaction

According to Christie Koontz, a true marketing professional will not only look at the attributes of a product or service, but also the cost and availability of them to the target audience. She explains how in more detail in an article for Marketing Library Services.


Web Conferencing for Libraries: "Can You Hear Me Now?"

Reading about the wonders of today's broadband communications and the remote computer interaction features visible on the horizon makes information professionals wonder about library service applications. Ernest Perez offers some options on the latest WCT (web conferencing technology) available today.



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