Library Closing Wing Due to Vandalism

The Pickerington Public Library in Ohio is closing off a section of the library that has been a magnet for vandalism by teenagers. While the idea was to remodel the area anyway, the decision has been made to close the section early in order to eliminate the problem once and for all. Read More.


Exhibit showcases early free-speech advocates

Fang-Face writes "There is an article at First Amendment Center about free speech movements through the centuries, and an exhibit at Folger Shakespeare Library. If you'd rather just skip right to the library web site, the exhibit is called: Voices for Tolerance in an Age of Persecution"


Library Sells Book Spines to Raise Money for Building

The Easton branch of the Burlingame (CA) Library is selling decorative book spines at $250 a pop in order to raise money for a rehab of the current facility that has been damaged by termites and dry rot. More here from the San Mateo Daily Journal.


NY Libraries Open HOMELAND SECURITY CENTER writes " 4/06/21/daily1.htmlLibraries in the region have opened three new Western New York Homeland Security Information Centers.The centers are located at the Niagara Falls Public Library, the James Prendergast Library in Jamestown and the downtown central library of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library.The centers were created in collaboration with the Western New York Library Resources Council with funding from a special legislative initiative grant from the office of state Sen. Dale Volker, R-Depew.The centers will include electronic, print, audiovisual and film materials covering a broad range of topics identified as relating to homeland security. Additional information is available online at "


Denver library to archive American Stasi files

Fang-Face writes "Denver Police had been spying on and keeping files on peaceful protest groups for over fifty years. Now, the records will be archived for historical purposes at the Denver Library. This move stems from requests from the ACLU to preserve the material. There was a bit of debate about to do with them back in July 2002, after the ACLU got wind of the files. The material is to be kept in a non-public area of the library."

Rochelle adds: STASI for those of you not up on your East German history is short for "Staatssicherheitsdienst (State Security, former East Germany).


CD swap for RIAA Libraries

Anonymous Patron sends a couple of links with more info/ranting about the goofy RIAA settlement.

A post from Walking Paper and a swap site.


North Carolina State-wide Librarian Reference System writes " _news/56644Looking for that elusive bit of information? Spent hours searching the web, but just can't track it down? The Haywood County Public Library can help.The Haywood County Public Library is a partner in a new initiative called NCknows, a virtual reference project coordinated by the state Library of North Carolina.NCknows allows North Carolinians to get professional research assistance (with no fees) 24 hours a day every day.NCknows provides citizens access to capable, highly trained librarians across the state."The librarians can help you find the most relevant Web sites and other resources that answer your questions while communicating with you via computer," said Jennifer Pratt, director of the Haywood County Public Library"


Documenting a bittersweet past

Bob Cox sends us this article on the Holocaust Memorial Center Library near Detroit. The library has a large collection of Yizkor Bikher (Yiddish memorial books) as well as other books, periodicals and artifacts.
From the article: "People come here, and all of a sudden history becomes alive to them," [head librarian Feiga] Weiss said. "They identify people in the books that the authors didn't even know."


Foul-Mouthed Patron Fights Ban from Ann Arbor Library

Fang-Face writes "There's a little more here, at American Libraries Online,
about the Potty-Mouth Patron from Hell. He's appealing his being banned. Unfortunately, I can't find any news reports on this incident through Google or Yahoo, except for one in German.
Even the article on the original story wouldn't come up in the search results, although his autobiographic note in Library Juice 5:32 finally surfaced. (The rest of the search results appear to be links to ads or reviews.)

Is this a free speech issue? Seems so to me. Other cases have ruled that using rude language in public is only rude, not illegal, so it comes down to whether the library policy is a reasonable time, place, or manner restriction. And "We Must Protect The Children" has already been struck down as an overiding concern."


Opposition Over Design of New C.V. Starr East Asian Library on UC Berkeley Campus

rancho writes "Apparently, choosing a library design is 'like choosing a mail-order bride -- from a picture you're trying to make a relationship.'"



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