Bodleian as film set again

Charles Davis writes \"The Bodleian Library, Oxford and its associated buildings,
the Divinity School, Convocation House and Chancellors Court are to be the location for
scenes from the forthcoming movie \"Cromwell & Fairfax\" starring Rupert Everett as Charles I
and Tim Roth as Cromwell.
Filming takes place between 14-28 February 2002. \"

Maybe there will be some librarian cameo\'s?


Security System of Death

Genie, Web Manager at The Virtual Chase, passed along This One about a woman, whose pacemaker was reset by a library\'s anti-theft device, in Japan.

A doctor accompanied the woman to the library and confirmed her pacemaker was reset when she passed through the entrance.

They the system works like this:
\"Electromagnetic waves in anti-theft devices pick up the
small metal plates attached to the goods as would-be
shoplifters pass through the gates and an alarm is set off.\"
I always wondered what was in those tatle strips.


Library Lovers Month

The Friends and Foundations of California Libraries has created a cool page to celebrate libraries. \"Library Lovers Month is a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types. This is a time for everyone, especially library support groups, to recognize the value of libraries and to work to assure that the Nation\'s libraries will continue to serve.\" The site includes a How To Love Your Library Page, a Promotional Calendar of Ideas a Valentine for your library and more. Check it out at


Reference Encounters

Laura Kortz put together a group of interesting Reference encouters.What follows are several pages representing several days worth of reference encounters at the desk of a medium-sized branch of a major public library system in a large city.


BANaRAMA: A Registry of Library Promotional Banner Pages

Gerry McKiernan writes: \"I am greatly interested in learning of candidates for inclusion in
BANaRAMA, my registry established to serve as a resource for libraries who seek examples of banner \'ads\' or scrawling or scrolling text ro promote library services, resources, or collection.

Current banner \'ads\', scrolling text, refresh rotation, etc. in BANaRAMa(sm) range from the subtle to the sublime [:->].

I remain interested in multimedia banner \'ads\' that include streaming audio and/or video .

[Think about the possibilities of streaming audio/video *library* banner \'ads\'!]\"


Shelter Closes - Homeless Flock to Library

After a Tacoma, WA, homeless shelter was demolished in order to make room for a convention center, those who used the facility began flocking to the library. Library Director, Susan Odencrantz doesn\'t want to throw the homeless people out, but they seem to be taking over the building. According to Odencrantz, since the shelter closed, the library has seen a significant increase in drug trafficking in the men\'s room and prostitution in the ladies room. More


Libraries of the Future

\"Even though forecasting change is a highly questionable enterprise, this chapter is devoted to imaginations regarding possible futures of a smokestack information system (McKenzie, 1993) we once called \"libraries.\" What are we going to find when we visit in 2005? Will we still have library media specialists working in schools? Will they still work in spaces which students visit once each week in order to provide prep time for classroom teachers? Will there be even more feet of shelving to hold books? Will there still be books?\"

Libraries of the Future is a neat look forward from November, 1993, by Jamie McKenzie.


Merchandising @ Your Library

jen writes \"In Conversation with: Schlafly Library Regional Branch Manager Judy Bruce

This rebuilt library is supposed to be more like a bookstore - coffee shop, faced out books, lots of bestsellers, etc.

Judy Bruce says:\"We\'re doing a thing that we call \'merchandising\'. The appearance of the branch is much like you would see in Barnes and Noble or Borders. We have a lot of face-out displays. You\'ll notice all around the library there is a big window or a face out display; we don\'t have any just plain wall space. Even on the shelving and the ends of the bookcases were trying to display books, so people can see the covers, it\'s more attractive. If people pick up [a book], they take it. We really put a focus on displays. We try to make it all more visually appealing. There\'s also a focus on providing popular best sellers.\"

Good idea, or evil corporate influences sneaking into our libraries?


Legislature holds fate of library in its hands

Brynn passed along The Latest Word on the WA State library.

Gov. Gary Locke wants to shut it down in October as part of his plan to balance the state budget, which faces a $1.25 billion shortfall. And if the Legislature goes along with that proposal, as many as 134 full-time or part-time librarians could lose their jobs in a move that would save $5.5 million.


New British Library Improving With Age

. . . or so reports The Times\' Derwent May:

When it opened in November 1997, the exterior seemed rather disappointing. There were long, bare, pink brick walls, very dull, variegated only by pointless blank portholes and plum-jam- coloured surrounds. I do not think they have improved much with time. The real beneficiary of these outer walls has been St Pancras station, whose pinnacles loom up behind them, far more romantic for the contrast.

But the grandiose courtyard that is flanked by these walls has begun to work its magic . . .




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