Native American Libraries - Tribal Cultural Preservation Grants person sends "a link to this story

The Institute of Museum and Library Services is awarding grants totaling $1.25 million to 279 American Indian tribes throughout the United States to provide professional assistance and support toward improving tribal libraries.
  In Butte County, four Maidu tribes will each receive $4,000: The Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico and the Berry Creek Rancheria, Enterprise Rancheria and Mooretown Rancheria in Oroville. "

Libraries Shed Prim & Proper Image

Here's another story about how libraries have broken the silence when it comes to patron conduct. There are still some patrons who think libraries should be quiet places where only faint whispers are allowed. Those old libraries were scary places. New libraries are much cooler. And, it's always nice to see what other people's visions are of our beloved institutions. "The ambience of today's library is a warm, engaging place to be. Libraries serve as community centers where people discover new information and resources, attend programs, share interests, and even access the Internet.

Aspiring writers can meet published authors at their libraries. Truck drivers and commuters borrow audio books to make their journeys more enjoyable. Senior citizens and baby boomers participate together in monthly book discussion clubs, bridging the gap between generations." Read More.


Serial Killer Communicating from Library?

The downtown Wichita (KS) public library was closed down for a brief time while police investigated a suspicious package that related to the serial killer BTK. "In October 1974, several months after four members of the Otero family were killed, BTK contacted The Wichita Eagle to say he had placed a letter in a mechanical engineering textbook at the library." Police found the letter which said that "three suspects in police custody for the Otero killings were merely seeking attention." More here from the Wichita Eagle.


Library toe-sucker arrested

backwage sends us this creepy piece about a 21-year-old Greensburg PA man who was arrested for kissing the feet and sucking the toes of a 12 year old girl and two young adult women at the city's park and library. 'James Kilpatrick has waived his right to a preliminary hearing on charges of stalking, indecent assault, corruption of minors and harassment.' More here from an AP wire story."


Defending the Ugly Library

Beauty, it appears, is truly in the eyes of the beholder, especially when it comes to major architectural undertakings. One man's rose might be another's dandelion. Just ask the residents of Shropshire County (UK). There's a debate brewing over the appearance of the Ludlow Library and Research Center. Some of the comparisons are amusing. "Fighting such comments cast by readers during the campaign describing the library as 'an architectural catastrophe,' 'giant pigeon loft' and 'overgrown bicycle shed,' council officials cited some of the many compliments in the the library's visitors book.

'Lovely, light and airy' wrote one happy visitor of the glass and steel structure. 'At last a decent contemporary building slap in the middle of Ludlow which seems to work well as a library and has attracted more readers,' wrote another." Read it.


Inmates sue for access to law library

News Out Of Florida says two Broward jail inmates claim in court papers that their constitutional rights will be violated if the sheriff replaces the law library with an online system that prevents them from leaving their cells. Civil rights and defense lawyers say the new system can work, but they are skeptical. A court-appointed overseer will inspect the new library system next month as part of a 1977 lawsuit that still regulates inmate conditions, according to American Civil Liberties Union Prison Project lawyer Eric Balaban.


American corner opened at Maldives National Library

A Short One From Maldives says The National Library has opened a section which contains American books.

The aim is to provide opportunities for people who want to read books written by American authors. Speaking at the ceremony, Angela said that the newly opened section is of great importance for Maldivian students who are planning to study in American universities and those who are graduating from American universities.


IRAQ Historical Libraries - Archives DEVASTATED by War!

Searchy Search Search writes " reports Employees of Iraq's National Library and Archives are struggling to overcome the destruction wrought during the first weeks of the U.S.-led war. Many irreplaceable documents, photographs, maps, and books -- some centuries old -- were either destroyed in the fighting or were stolen in the rampant looting that followed. A vital part of Iraq's culture seems to have disappeared forever"


More on September Project for Libraries

Jonathan writes "Here's the Seattle Times' coverage of the September Project, featuring libraries as prime spots for dialogue on vital public topics: Seattle Times"


Porn Site Photos Possibly Shot at U Wash Library

Many people familiar with the University of Washington campus believe that sexually explicit photos and videos available at were shot at the university's library and at other campus locations. The site owners, two former UW graduates, deny that they actually used UW venues for the shoots. This appears to be in conflict with the following statement from the site:

'We're really sorry these pictures didn't turn out better, but we couldn't use the flash because we really didn't want to get caught by the UW police,' reads the text accompanying a series of photos apparently shot in Suzzallo Library.

Most university officials are unconcerned about the site, such as VP of Student Affairs Ernest Morris who said,
"Frankly, if individual adults are allowing themselves to be photographed in any manner that's their business....There's little or nothing the school should do." Some legislators have expressed more concern, however and think that the university should investigate further. More here, including how other universities have handled similar situations, from the Tacoma News Tribune.



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