A library that looks like a ship

According to this NYTimes story, the Brooklyn Public Library recently selected an architect and a very unique design for the new Visual Arts Library. The building will be six or seven levels, 150,000 square feet, and will be shaped like a speedboat. Check out the story to see several pictures of the proposed building-- I have never seen anything like it!


Should Ancient Library Be Excavated?

Forbes has This Story on Villa of the Papyri at Herculaneum in Southern Italy that has a library that could contain works from Sophocles, Euripides, Aristotle, Virgil, Horace and Livy.

A full excavation might cost several million pounds, but this, the classicists argue, would be a small price to recover unknown writings by these intellectual giants.


Love your tiny, packed library

In a town of 400 in Alaska, a library of 4,000 items is the \"heart of the community.\" Run entirely by volunteers and funded by $5 temporary library cards and a $100 a ticket raffle, the library is now planning an $85,000 space expansion. Story from the Nando Times


Andy Rooney On Books, Libraries and Librarians

Gerry writes \"Just happened to catch this last night, my parents called just afterward.

A few good points, a few clueless points, but its just what HE thinks.....

The Full Rooney \"

It\'s a list of ten things, here\'s #10:
\"It is a sexist thought that I know that some of you will object to, but mechanics, prize fighters and garbagemen should be men. The best librarian I know is a man but I like mothers, nurses and librarians to be women.\"


In ancient monastery, a stunning library

The Christian Science Monitor has This Story on St. Catherine\'s Monastery, regarded as having one of the world\'s finest collections of manuscripts and icons.
The ancient library – containing 5,000 early printed books, 3,500 manuscripts, and 2,000 scrolls – is of an age and diversity that only the Vatican can equal. The monastery also owns some 2,000 icons, religious artifacts, and other curios, including a silver and enamel chalice from King Charles VI of France. This item was given to the monastery in 1411 and is so unusual that the Louvre Museum in Paris recently asked to borrow it for an exhibit.


Yiddish Literature Digitized

explained in this story,
a new website, as a product of a four-year digitization project,
allows people to purchase Yiddish literature on-line. Currently,
there are approximately 12,000 titles in the database; once someone
selects a title for purchase, it is printed, bound, and shipped within
days. This digital collection, which can be accessed at,contains
many titles that may have otherwise been lost.


library discussion @ metafilter

SomeOne Passed along this Metafilter Thread that is worth a read.

\"Find your library. When I was a kid, my public library was my sanctuary, providing me many hours of enjoyment. Of course I yearned for better, larger library. When I was in college, I loved to wander the stacks. Do you have any fond library memories?\"


Library has Nixon family feuding

The Globe & Mail and The LA Times both have stories on the struggle for control of the late President\'s old stuff.
His grieving daughters and their husbands are fighting over whether the Nixon library would be tightly controlled by the family or by hired hands. Both stories have some good detail and fun titles on the big fight.


LC faces new investigation into allegations of misconduct

Lee Hadden Writes: \"There is an Article in \"The Hill\" about possible wrong-doings at the
Library of Congress concerning contractors and other affairs.

\"Library faces new investigation into allegations of misconduct.\" By
Michael S. Gerber

\"Library of Congress officials, who have spent several years defending
themselves against accusations of discriminatory hiring practices, now face
a new investigation into allegations of misappropriating funds and
violating federal standards in the library\'s contracting process.\"

\"Rep. Albert Wynn (D-Md.), whose constituents include several thousand
federal employees, some of whom work at the library, requested that the
General Accounting Office (GAO) audit several alleged irregularities in
library management and practices.\"


When all Else Fails, Open an E-branch

A CA library can\'t afford to open another branch library, so they are opting for what the director believes will be the next best thing; an e-branch.the e-branch will be unstaffed and will be located at the local mall. Patrons can do almost everything they can do at the main branch, except browse the stacks. More



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