African-American Research Library: Vision fulfilled

Anonymous Patron writes "The African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, one of three facilities nationwide that showcases black literature and culture, celebrates its second anniversary. The Miami Herald Reports The library has more than 75,000 books and materials; first-person accounts of slavery; sculptures from Africa; books on Caribbean life and culture and the Dorothy Porter Wesley Collection, which includes works of history, art and women's studies relating to Africans in the United States, Africa and Brazil."


Librarian travels to Iran to buy books for Middle East Library

Always helpful sent in This One on Hassan Bakhti, a library collections specialist, who recently returned from his third trip to Iran to buy books for the Marriott Library's (U of Utah) collection. A trade embargo between Iran and the United States prevents the library from purchasing books directly from Iran, Bakhti said. His expertise and money-saving ability is what prompted the Marriott Library to start funding every other trip Bakhti takes to Iran.


"Marital Aids" Booth at Library Flea Market Inflames Passions

Bentley posted this story in his/her journal this morning, but I thought it worth sharing with the larger audience. Apparently, the Spring Hill (TN) library sponsors a fund-raising flea market each year. This year, things heated up when someone offered products from "Passions & Pleasures," a Tupperware-like business that offers home selling parties of adult, uh, novelties, such as vibrating rubber ducky sponges. Yesterday, the people who paid for and staffed the booth were looking at being fined for violating the city's ordinance governing sex-oriented businesses.

The city, however, decided to not pursue the case. Owner Katherine Williams had this to say in today's Tennessean

''Nothing we do is nasty, unless you have a nasty mind,'' she said, turning a knob on the yellow ducky's tail to make the sponge vibrate. ''My 3-year-old son loves to play with this duck in the bath. He puts it on his neck and on his head; there's nothing inappropriate about it.''

Checking out your children: Pedophiles log on with libraries' unwitting help

One From The Boston Herald says the average parent accustomed to seeing libraries as safe havens for children the arrest of a a sex offender underscored a chilling new reality.
"Computers are being used all the time to lure children," said Gail Marcinkiewicz, spokeswoman for the FBI's Boston office. "The reason predators use the library is so that what they're doing can't be traced back to their computers at home."
Although there is no way of estimating how often pedophiles use library computers to contact children, a report published by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found that at least one in five youngsters had been sexually solicited or approached via the Internet within the past year.


National library defends status

THis BBC Piece is little light on details, but, The National Library of Wales at Aberystwyth is resisting any attempt to change its status and make it part of the Welsh assembly government.

Library chiefs have warned Culture Minister Alun Pugh any attempts to bring it under governmental control would threaten its effectiveness.


Police Chase Ends When Suspect Crashes Into Library

Bob Cox spotted One, a little light on the details, but, A police chase Saturday morning ended when the suspect crashed a stolen car into the side of the St. Cloud library, police said.
According to police, the driver fled and jumped into the Mississippi River.


Sex and Sexual Assaults in NC Public Libraries

Anonymous Patron writes "The main branch of the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County has had at least five reports of people engaged in sexual activity amid the bookshelves or bathroom stalls there this year.

Some involved minors, according to police records and library officials. The reports ranged from a 16-year-old boy being fondled in August by a stranger in a bathroom to a couple engaged in a sex act in the library's Carolinas history room.

Before adding the new cameras, the library had 32 incidents of various types reported between Aug. 1 and Sept. 15, Rouse said.

In the three weeks since the cameras were added, the number dropped to five, she said.

However, as recently as Tuesday, a man and a woman were caught engaged in sexual activity in a women's bathroom.

Read all about it at: 1.htm"


The New Carnegie Library

mdbodie writes "Of course, we all know that libraries are getting hipper by the year, but it's always nice to have the media take notice. NPR's Morning Edition (audio download) takes a look at the newest library to join the ranks, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh."


Letter in Library Book Provides New Evidence

    More news on the "I found it in a library book" front.

As his lawyer has already told the court, Godfrey Miller is not guilty of the murder of Richard Atkins Jr., and the letter found in a Mount Airy MD library book is proof.

Reviewing new evidence in the case, prosecutors received an unsigned letter that a Frederick man found tucked in a library book checked out from a Mount Airy branch over the summer. In the letter, the writer gives an account of the killing, Barnes said, pointing the finger at a woman already being held on a different case.
The whole story from the WBAL Channel.


RFID Tags Pro and Con

Here's another RFID article, this one from the Christian Science Monitor. It's a pretty balanced overview of what RFID offers libraries and potential privacy risks.



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