BoB Dylan Very Early Home Tape Donated to LIB send along Word On A previously uncirculated tape of a pre-fame Bob Dylan performing folk songs in a Minneapolis apartment has been donated to the Minnesota Historical Society Library. The recordings have been in the possession of Minneapolis resident Cleve Pettersen since 1960.

At the time, Pettersen was a teenager who frequented the coffeehouses in Minneapolis' Dinkytown neighborhood, which brought him into contact with the fledgling Dylan. Dylan later agreed to perform some tunes for posterity after Pettersen purchased a reel-to-reel tape recorder.


UPI: MIT library considers move to Pittsburgh

Anonymous Patron writes "United Press International says The Burndy Library, located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., was considering Sunday a move to Pittsburgh.
The library, which contains 50,000 rare books, 30,000 secondary titles and assorted other materials, has an agreement with MIT that will expire in August 2007, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Sunday."


Fast action saves University library contents

Anonymous Patron writes "Yet Another Flooded Library Story! When will they learn, water and paper just don't mix. Most contents of the University of New Mexico's second largest library have been saved from water damage.
Water pipes in the Centennial Science and Engineering Library burst some time in December. The leak was noticed on Christmas Eve.

Library director Johann van Reenan says university employees and a water evacuation company were able to save most of the books, maps and periodicals."


Civil War Battles and More...New on LOC Website

The AP tells us about the addition of a special collection of Civil War maps to the Library of Congress website.

The documents include diagrams of battles between 1861 and 1865 as well as troop movements and fortifications, and a plan of the port of Vicksburg, Miss., done in 1863, the year Gen. U. S. Grant defeated the Confederate town on July 4. More maps will be added in the spring. Civil war buffs...check them out here .


Military librarians help readers from warriors to retirees

One from The Associated Press out of South Carolina on "general" libraries found on a military post.
Army officials say there are about 82 Army libraries at installations around the world. In all, there are about 230 libraries in the Army system, which includes academic, technical, legal, medical and military unit libraries.

Air Force officials say their service has 109 libraries worldwide; Navy officials said their branch has 32 general libraries on bases and book collections on some 322 active vessels.

The Navy and Marine Corps also have more than 50 specialized libraries for academic, technical, medical and legal matters, according to Carole Ramkey, head of the Grey Research Center at the Marine Corps University in Quantico, Va.


Young Pupils - ReDesign Our LIB Cards Contest

The mysterious search-engines-web sent along One From Michigan where Officials of the Public Libraries of Saginaw are looking for fourth- through eighth-graders to use their art talents to create a new look for library cards.

The Saginaw Art Museum is co-sponsoring the contest, which will pay the winner $100.
Hurry, The entry deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 15.


MI Library Looks at Reducing Hours, Temporary Closure

The St. Clair County Library System (MI) is faced with financial problems and is looking at severely cutting hours or shutting down for four weeks in order to stay open.

The cuts would mean fewer hours for students to research papers, fewer programs for small children and their parents, less computer time for those without Internet access of their own and fewer hours to browse the stacks for books. Any cuts in hours would reduce the hours that library staffers have to work and possibly could lead to layoffs.

From porn in the library to "Porn is the Library"

Bob writes "While the rest of the country is trying to figure out what to do about pornography the Center for Sex and Culture is busy collecting, cataloging, and in general making sure its available for academics: 12/29/DDG92AHN9T1.DTL
"This is not about titillation; it's about research. In the growing field of human sexuality, erotica is an indicator of people's desires, community standards, aesthetic and artistic expression and the intersection where all those things come together.""

Neither the article or the Center's web site say anything about how access to the collection will work, or whether professional librarians will be brought in to catalog the holdings. The SF Gate article does indicate that the library will be the site of "show and tell". Read the article if you're interested.


Libaries v. Bookstores

Bookstores have coffee, storytime, babysitting and stain-retardant carpet, making them more attractive than libraries to many parents of young children. But, according to this piece at

Libraries, in turn, have learned from the giant retailers. Many libraries now sell coffee drinks and set up elaborate displays, even train tables, patterned after those at the bookstores, said Cynthia Richey, a 30-year librarian in Mount Lebanon, Pa.

And, hey, many parents think that librarians make great babysitters. The good news from this article is that library use has remained steady since 1995, according to the latest ALA figures.


The Thackrey Library

AP writes "The Thackrey Library is an impressive collection of wine-making texts. The documents on this site are transcriptions, not scans. This is altogether painstaking, but well worth it: the text retains nearly all of its original aroma and flavor, clearly a crucial point in wine-making, while still permitting anyone, anywhere, to download it quickly and easily, on any sort of computer or internet connection"



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