Columbus (OH) Metro Library Now Self-Check-Out Only

Porch Geese writes "Columbus (OH) Metropolitan Library recently moved to make their self-serve check-out system the only method patrons could use when borrowing materials from their main branch. They haven't fired the circ staff, yet. And they haven't exported that approach to any of the branches, yet, either. But there is a growing number of patrons who are unhappy about the removal of the human touch from their library experience."


The NYPL Home Library System

kmhess writes "Madcow informed us about Kathy Coblentz on Thursday, and her Personal Library.
At at the bottom of the article I just noticed that the NYPL has a 'Home library Kit', written by none other than Ms. Coblentz.

The kit..."addresses such issues as evaluating and organizing a collection, and keeping it in place with bookends and shelves, caring for books, and the art of loaning books so that they'll be returned."

Sounds like the perfect gift for the serious collector with piles of books everywhere!"


West Point library to get upgrade under Bush budget proposal

Good News for the cadets in West Point. The 41-year-old library at the U-S Military Academy at West Point will be getting a makeover if President Bush has his way.
With the help of 25-point-five (m) million dollars contained in Bush's proposed 2006 budget, West Point is planning to expand its library space to seat 950 people and establish wireless connections. The proposal would also add a teacher's development center to the library.


Libraries Acquire Huge Collection Of Science Fiction Fanzines

The University of Iowa Put Out A Press Release on the new collection of more than 250,000 science fiction fanzines. They say "almost overnight has increased its stature as a prominent science fiction research center.""One portion of the collection -- issues of about 3,000 titles -- came very well organized in file cases," said Huttner. "We have prepared a list of those titles that is already available on the Web." The link is on the Libraries' Special Collections home page.


Drive to save Salinas libraries takes off

Monterey County Herald Reports In its first week, Salinas Mayor Anna Caballero's ambitious "Rally Salinas" fund-raising campaign has received a total of $52,230, with the promise of an additional $75,000 in a matching donation once that amount is reached.


Alabama Prison law libraries to get computers for inmates

Anonymous Patron writes "Some Good News for patrons of Alabama's prison libraries. Computers are to be installed in Alabama's prison law libraries and work-release centers to give inmates more timely updates on court rulings, but not access to the Internet and e-mail."As inmates use the computer database system they are becoming more comfortable," she said. The ratio is about one computer to 500 inmates."


Old Brooklyn Library Had Living Quarters for The Librarian

This story caught my eye because I thought it was about my local Sanford White-designed BPL at Grand Army Plaza here in New York City. But there are many Brooklyns, and this one is near Wellington, New Zealand. The Brooklyn Library there is about to celebrate its centennial.

This story gives a bit of history of the old library (now a playcentre), and tells how it included full living quarters for the librarian (bedroom, bathroom, scullery, etc.) when it was built back at the beginning of the twentieth century. Back then, it was only open nine hours a week, and the collection amounted to a total of 350 titles.


Keeping Tabs

Anonymous Patron writes "Keeping Tabs: How many college students today ever flip through trays of library catalogue cards? Some of them may never have used an actual tabbed file. But the tab as an information technology metaphor is everywhere in use. And whether our tabs are cardboard extensions or digital projections, they all date to an invention little more than a hundred years old. The original tab signaled an information storage revolution and helped enable everything from management consulting to electronic data processing."


Toy library rescued by donation

Anonymous Patron writes "BBC NEWS Reports Leicestershire's Bungalow Toy Library in Enderby provides a lending service for local families and is a place for parents and children to socialise.

It has just received £25,000 from waste management company SITA UK.

Blaby council said the toy library is an integral part of the local community and its loss would have left some people isolated."


Finding answers to library blight

Anonymous Patron writes "China Daily, China article on the National Library in Zhongguancun. Many visitors to the National Library, the country's biggest, complain about its inefficiency. Some even question whether it is fulfilling its public duties properly."



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