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(This might be old news, but I hadn't noticed it till now.) The folks who bring us the Renaissance Library Calendars are offering a free email course about all the libraries featured in the calendars (see list at the bottom of the page). Each fortnightly email features history and other information about a library.


University's First Librarian Haunts Original Library

Agne Milner, the first librarian at Illinois State University (Normal), makes her post-life home at Williams Hall on the ISU campus, according to several faculty, staff and students who say they have evidence of her existence.

Milner is described as benign and friendly, said Jo Rayfield, ISU's archivist whose office is in Williams Hall.

"She is a kind, gentle person," Rayfield said, describing her own close encounter with Milner one Sunday morning when she was looking at microfilm.

Rayfield said she sensed Milner's presence, which was much like the feeling that comes when someone looks over your shoulder to ask what's on television.

ISU's most famous ghost will be featured on a Travel Channel show, Haunted Campuses, in the coming week. More here from the Pantagraph.


Fund-Raising Idea for NYPL -Get Cooking for the Library!

Saw an ad in today's New York Times for a great fund-raising concept sponsored by the New York Public Library...accepting e-baY bids through October 27. It's a program called "Get Cooking for the Library"...and here's their site .

Do not link if you're hungry ...some of the prizes include having Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) come to your home to cook dinner for twelve, and eating out with three guests on Daniel Boulud's tab.

Maybe you could try something similar with the restaurants chez vous?


Librarian for a Day at Slave Lake?

The Slave Lake Municipal Library, in Alberta, CA, is sponsoring a Librarian for a Day contest. In 700 words or less, contestants are supposed to explain what the library means to them, and why they'd like to be a librarian. Not much more here at the Lakeside Leader. There is something charming about a library that doesn't need to list its address or phone number on its website and that has notices like this on its website:

The Library has a selection of books for sale on the shelves to the right of the door. Just Drop your donation for the book(s) in the can on the end of the shelf.


Public Libraries Help Turn Young People Into Good Citizens

Anonymous Patron writes "Managing Information News Says According to a new report from the UK, within three years teenagers across the country could be helping to manage their local public libraries, choosing which books to buy, designing spaces, and even sitting on staff recruitment panels."


Library to show F-heit 9/11 -- And Probably Go to Court

Anonymous Patron writes "A hot-button film is getting multiple viewings at a local polling place the week before the election, NewsChannel5 reported. Some say the West River branch library should not be playing politics. Here's the first story and a follow-up story from today in which the library said it was just trying to accommodate all the patrons who had holds on the film.

Reports of the Death of the Printed Word Have Been Exaggerated

Anonymous Patron writes "A short, but quotable, Article on Libraries Minister Andrew McIntosh. Speaking at the Public Library Authority Conference in Newcastle, the Minister set out the next steps in the Government’s Action Plan to raise standards in libraries.

"Reports of the death of the printed word are exaggerated. Overwhelming, the evidence shows that people like books and love reading. Book groups and city-wide reading initiatives are but two manifestations of that hunger for serious writing. And on-line booksellers, welcoming bookshops and an improving public library service, mean that people have never before had so many ways to enjoy books.



Libraries hit by fall in book borrowing

Anonymous Patron writes "Guardian Unlimited Reports on some bad news from the UK. A statistical blow was dealt last night to the government's claim that it has rescued the public library movement from years of decline and underfunding.
Instead, the service has lost a third of its readers in the last eight years and is still haemorrhaging at the same rate."


African-American Research Library: Vision fulfilled

Anonymous Patron writes "The African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, one of three facilities nationwide that showcases black literature and culture, celebrates its second anniversary. The Miami Herald Reports The library has more than 75,000 books and materials; first-person accounts of slavery; sculptures from Africa; books on Caribbean life and culture and the Dorothy Porter Wesley Collection, which includes works of history, art and women's studies relating to Africans in the United States, Africa and Brazil."


Librarian travels to Iran to buy books for Middle East Library

Always helpful sent in This One on Hassan Bakhti, a library collections specialist, who recently returned from his third trip to Iran to buy books for the Marriott Library's (U of Utah) collection. A trade embargo between Iran and the United States prevents the library from purchasing books directly from Iran, Bakhti said. His expertise and money-saving ability is what prompted the Marriott Library to start funding every other trip Bakhti takes to Iran.



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