The New Jersey State Library – a state treasure

The New Jersey State Library – a state treasure is from The Sentinel in New Jersey. They say: Located in downtown Trenton is one of New Jersey’s biggest treasures — the New Jersey State Library (NJSL). Yet, many people in the state have not heard about the state library and have never visited it.

Still, the New Jersey State Library has a tremendous impact on library services all over the state. So, what kind of library is the NJSL? Why is it so critical to the residents of New Jersey and to the quality of library service of New Jersey residents?


Librarians Speak up at Salinas Rally

Here's a blog post from Lincoln Cushing, talking about library community involvement in the 24-hour Save Salinas Library read-a-thon. Cushing attended with members of the Progressive Librarians Guild and addressed the audience, giving a librarian's perspective and concerns about the Salinas closure.

Thanks to Michael McGrorty for the tip.


The Seattle Times: King County Library System director case goes to PDC

The Seattle Times Reports The state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) this morning will consider whether to dismiss the case against King County Library System Director Bill Ptacek over illegal use of public funds to promote a $172 million bond issue last year.

An investigation by the PDC concluded Ptacek did illegally use the funds, and PDC staff advised the commission in a Jan. 19 report that the violations were so serious that they should be referred to the state Attorney General's Office, which has authority to ask for larger fines than the PDC can impose.


Community Rallies for Philly Libraries

Community leaders and members showed their support for the Holmesburg Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia last week. Holmesburg is one of 10 express libraries already in Philadelphia with no accredited librarians and four-hour days.

"What does is say about our state and our city if we put funding libraries way down on our priorities list?" Stack asked. "Sometimes there is just no place where a kid can get the kind of focus and study and the resources and the learning ability that can happen in the libraries."

More here from the News Gleaner. Another rally is scheduled for today.


After 55 years, the "cutting librarian" is retiring

Stephanie sends this "charming story in which a UK journalist mourns the retirement of Edda Tasiemka, a librarian who has taken the vertical file to high art.

The news that Edda Tasiemka is planning to retire and sell her cuttings library had many journalists, including me, sobbing into our laptops. How could any of us survive without Edda and her cuttings? Whizzy management types are fond of telling us that nowadays you can find everything on the internet, but actually it is rare to find any newspaper stories over five years old or any magazine articles at all, whereas one quick phone call to an elderly German widow in the suburbs can provide precisely what you need.

The "Carnegie" Carnegie Receives Funds

The Post Gazette has an article about one of the many Carnegie libraries that has received funding for restoration...but this is not just any Carnegie library, it's the Carnegie Carnegie, built originally in Carnegie, PA. Of the more than 2,500 Carnegie libraries in the world associated with Andrew Carnegie, the "Carnegie Carnegie" is the only library bearing Carnegie's first name. For additional information, check out this site on the history of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie libraries.


Is Oberlin's Mudd Library Sinking?

Anonymous Patron sends us a link to an NPR audio tape--Talk of the Nation--"NPR : Letters: Libraries and the Untranslatable"
which includes an interview with Ray English, director of libraries at Oberlin College in Ohio.

English muses about talk that the Seeley G. Mudd Center, the location of the main library is sinking. According to campus lore, no plans were made by architects over thirty years ago to allow for the weight of the books, and that slowly but surely, the library is sinking. Update: 03/08 09:50 EST by J: See also the Urban Legends Reference Page on sinking libraries.


Pupils Should Be Given a Greater Choice of Books

This opinion piece says One of the great weaknesses of the 8-4-4 system of education is that, contrary to every pedagogical drive that's considered "best practice" across the so-called developing and developed world, it offers one-size-fits-all qualifications for students who are, let's face it, different on a number of fundamental social and cultural levels, both within and without the walls of school. To further prescribe for pupils and teachers a narrow list of texts that they must choose resources from is misguided and offensive, undermining teachers' professionalism during a period of low morale. It is also mere schooling, more like monoculture farming, than the genuine and benevolent education of young humans.


Alternative newspaper returns to Provo Library shelves

BYU NewsNet Reports The alternative newspaper City Weekly is no longer banished from the Provo, Utah, Library shelves.

In trying to appease all the voices in the community, Provo Library will place City Weekly in the free periodicals section where the library will carry one current copy, said director Gene Nelson.


Library for disabled starts mobile program

madladyalex writes "

Interview with Kathleen Rega Kappel director of he Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Oakland, near Shadyside and Bloomfield, she took great pride last year when the organization was able to introduce its mobile LBPH van that brings the library's services to people who otherwise might have to go without. The library even lends out expensive equipment- a try before you buy kind of program

Great stuff!

No registration required. "



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