Iraq's library struggles to rise from the ashes

The Guardian Reports The daylight burning of the library, which the invading US military did not protect, was one of the first costly failures in the post-war chaos of occupation last year.

Now it is slowly being restored. But in a country where recent history remains bitterly disputed, resurrecting the library and national archive has turned into a remarkably sensitive and political operation.


Florida's African-American Library Draws Big Crowds

Anonymous Patron writes " NPR's Ari Shapiro reports on one of the country's few public libraries devoted to African-American culture and history. The Broward County African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has been attracting growing crowds ever since it opened two years ago."


Changing Brick by Brick

The search engine web person would like for you to read this Library Journal article about the changing needs for libraries and their physical spaces.


Libraries are branching out In the 21st century

Anonymous Patron writes "San Francisco Chronicle Looks at how librarians throughout the Bay Area try to attract new users.
They say "It may be easier to find a book about Portugal in the travel section of a bookstore than to decipher the Dewey Decimal System," but over all the article isn't so bad. They spin libraries against book stores."


Literary and Historical Society of Québec (LSHQ)

Fang-Face writes "The Literary and Historical Society of Québec is slated to undergo major renovations. You can read about the historicity of the Morrin Center here in Le Soleil, or, if your French isn't quite up to it, you can select the TRANSLATE PAGE option on the Google search results page. The Morrin Center is the one I once characterized as being the only library in the world with its own dungeon. I do hope they open the basement cells to touring visitors. It would certainly provide steady income."


Grabbing A Coffee @ Your Library Not Proving Profitable

Further to last week's discussion on coffee in the library , here's an article about how things are not working out particularly well for several coffee/bakery companies operating in libraries in Illinois.

Owners of the Napolean Bakery in the Naperville Library have yet to break even since establishing their business last fall, and customer levels are falling significantly below their expectations. Library patrons are a different crowd than the latte sippers in big box bookstores it appears.


A Couple Animals In The Library Stories

Bob writes "Okay, the patrons are finally going to the dogs, it's a neat idea, but fraught with great potential problems: has this one.
But what if they don't like the book, are books with cats taboo? Are the other members of the members of the animal kingdom receiving this opportunity?"

Bob also writes "I spoke too soon, Emily the guinea pig lives in the Amy Beverland Elementary School Library and you have to be good to get to read to her:

Read At for more."


When students and librarians work together

Search Engines sez

"Librarians direct students by offering search tips and knowing reputable Web sites.

"Sometimes it’s finding the right words or going to the right site for the right information," Karol Kennedy, a library employee, said. "We try to lead them to sites that are helpful for research projects.""

Read more at Greater Milwaukee Today.


Australian Library refuses to hand over historical flag fragment

Anonymous Patron writes "From ABC Online, Australia: The State Library of Victoria will not hand over a piece of the original Eureka flag which state's Premier, Steve Bracks, believes should be on permanent display in Ballarat.

Mr Bracks is among 2,000 people who attended a ceremony in Ballarat to mark the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade today.

He has written to the State Library in Melbourne and the National Library in Canberra, asking them to give their fragments of the original miners' flag to the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, where most of the flag is displayed."


Most Indian books doomed to oblivion

Sheilah writes " reports Of the 60,000 books printed in India each year, only about 24,000 make it to the National Library. Under the Delivery of Books and Newspapers Act, passed in 1954, a copy of every book published in India has to be deposited with the National Library or its regional branches. "



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