Saturn brings new library

mdoneil writes "The residents of Spring Hill, TN (where the Saturn cars are made) are getting a break on their property taxes ( a big break ) and a new library thanks to the growth in the area. The city ended the year 1/2 a million to the good.

For more information read the article."


Books galore, but membership tough here

Here's One From India on The library at Gujarat Vidyapith. It has an impressive collection of over half a million books, a fact that should be a matter of pride for any public library. However, stringent guarantee norms make sure that its membership to general public remains difficult. This despite the fact that Vidyapith Library receives State Government grant for being a public library and under the Copyrights Act, it also receives copies of books published anywhere in the country.


Two libraries for the price of one

Birmingham England's bookworms will get twin libraries fit for the 21st century within six years, at a cost of £147 million.

Council chiefs have unveiled plans for a split-site scheme in the city centre.

icBirmingham Has More


Stacks' Appeal

Jen_B writes "The Chronicle of Higher Education has a nice article by Thomas H. Benton on how love, but not necessarily the physical kind, can be found in the stacks.

The article not only speaks to all the wonders that can be found in a browsing collection, but directly comments on the growing trend of digitization. Interesting."


Christian Century magazine editorial on libraries

madcow writes "The venerable Christian Century magazine editorializes about the near-collapse of the Salinas PL and the state of public libraries generally.

"Besides the threat of budget cuts, the culture-war conflicts pressure libraries to ban certain books. Libraries have also had to adjust to the digital age, incorporating Internet access into their range of services—and figure out how to do that without exposing children to inappropriate materials..." Read here"


Library Sets Up on Portuguese Beach

Kelly writes "This would be a nice library job in the summer: "With the summer season in full swing, officials in northern Portugal are setting up a library at a popular beach to encourage sunseekers to read as they tan by the seaside." More at: Travel Channel News


A Gift To the Library, In Memory of Their Daughter

Beth Ann Johnson died in 1988 in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. She was a 21-year old student at Seton Hall College, and even at that young age, a great lover of libraries.

Seventeen years later, Johnson's parents are donating $100,000 in her honor toward a new library in the family's hometown of Scottdale, Westmoreland County (PA). They announced the gift at a gathering yesterday at the little library on Pittsburgh Street.

"We do this to honor Beth's memory, and to benefit this town where our family is so firmly rooted," said Carole Johnson, Beth Ann's mother.

"When I was a kid I was here in the library two or three times a week," said Glenn Johnson Jr., Beth's father. "Beth worked at the library when she was in college. Her grandmother was a librarian, too. We've always had a feeling for the place." Story from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette .


Odor-rific Patrons: Stink-In to be Held at Library

Karl Sandwell-Weiss sends "
this story from the Houston Free Press, about the Reverend G. Todd Williams who wants to hold a "stink in" in response to a new anti-odor ordinance in Montrose (TX). "This is an ordinance about hate," Williams says. "And it's got the seal of approval by the city on it."


Start your own library

This One From Malaysia says those who have been to the library in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, say that its collection is so pathetic they can well believe there is no money for books! British secretary of state Chris Smith describes libraries as “street corner universities�. Why not go one better and have one in your own home? Buy one book a month and in no time, you’ll have amassed quite a collection without having to fork out for a whole lot of books at once.


Libraries And the Society

Anonymous Patron writes " has a nice Opinion Piece from Nigeria by Oghenebrume Benjamin.

THE Library, as an agency of education and research, is charged with improving social status of an individual or the community. Acquisition of knowledge depends largely upon reading. It is quite certain that not every reader can afford to purchase all the books he likes to read and as such, has to depend on libraries. Therefore, the library, if it is to achieve its fullest role in the society, is not passively to make books available but actively stimulate the use of the resources. Therefore, the library serves as a vehicle for continuing education for the young and old.

He adds libraries are one of the bold steps towards total eradication of illiteracy, poverty, and ignorance in our society."



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