Pupils Should Be Given a Greater Choice of Books

This opinion piece says One of the great weaknesses of the 8-4-4 system of education is that, contrary to every pedagogical drive that's considered "best practice" across the so-called developing and developed world, it offers one-size-fits-all qualifications for students who are, let's face it, different on a number of fundamental social and cultural levels, both within and without the walls of school. To further prescribe for pupils and teachers a narrow list of texts that they must choose resources from is misguided and offensive, undermining teachers' professionalism during a period of low morale. It is also mere schooling, more like monoculture farming, than the genuine and benevolent education of young humans.


Alternative newspaper returns to Provo Library shelves

BYU NewsNet Reports The alternative newspaper City Weekly is no longer banished from the Provo, Utah, Library shelves.

In trying to appease all the voices in the community, Provo Library will place City Weekly in the free periodicals section where the library will carry one current copy, said director Gene Nelson.


Library for disabled starts mobile program

madladyalex writes "

Interview with Kathleen Rega Kappel director of he Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Oakland, near Shadyside and Bloomfield, she took great pride last year when the organization was able to introduce its mobile LBPH van that brings the library's services to people who otherwise might have to go without. The library even lends out expensive equipment- a try before you buy kind of program

Great stuff!

No registration required. "


KVC formed to protect video libraries in India

Anonymous Patron writes "Malayala Manorama - India Reports Three associations in the marketing and distribution of film cassettes and CDs have joined together to float the Kerala Video Chamber (KVC), with a view to protecting the video libraries from harassing raids and check the flow of pirated CDs of other language films.

Chamber convener S Manoj told newsmen here on Wednesday that lobbies outside Kerala were prompting raids to seize even the permitted copies in the name of anti-piracy, thus pushing lakhs of video libraries into crisis."


Iranian President inaugurates new National Library

Anonymous Patron writes "Iranian President inaugurates new National Library: President Mohammad Khatami on Tuesday inaugurated the new building of Iran's National Library in the presence of cultural, scientific, political officials and foreign guests."


Stacks Behind Bars

Greg writes "The last episode of Weekend America featured a story about an inmate and his use of the prison library at Dukes County Jail out on Martha's Vineyard. The piece can be heard here, where it is the fourth segment listed."

This Link should start Real Player with the story for you.


The European Library

Branko Collin writes "Lisnews reported earlier about a study to establish a pan-European service "which would ultimately give access to the combined resources of the national libraries of Europe". National libraries of several European countries are working together to provide a single access point for their online presences, called The European Library. See (warning: rich in marketese).

Apparently, the site will open for business in March 2005."


Banda Aceh Library -- Post-Tsunami

MsBooks writes "From NewsNight with Aaron Brown - CNN-tv February 21 (story by Beth Nissen, about a page down in transcript)

Ustidar (ph), a librarian who headed up the preservation department, was one of the first to return, one of the few librarians who survived. The library's director and some 20 members of staff died in the tsunami.

...Banda Aceh's only public library was a busy place, used by more than 800 people a day. They would come to read the periodicals, magazines, and newspapers from around the region, to wait their turn to get online, access the World Wide Web.

...Since the tsunami, the sense of what's essential has shifted to new homes, clean water, restored livelihoods. In a city of ruined schools, clinics, and neighborhoods, rebuilding a library doesn't seem like a high priority.

This veteran librarian insists it is. "Life is more than just food and shelter," she says. "A full stomach without knowledge means little. We need education. We need knowledge to expand." Knowledge in an information age to catch up, keep up.


Reconstructed Libraries in Massachusetts

teaperson writes "The Boston Globe reports on library construction in Massachusetts, on the occasion of the reopening of the Concord Free Public Library (in the hometown of Thoreau, Emerson, and the Alcotts). That library actually raised all its costs itself, but the state has generously paid for a big chunk of renovations at 40% of libraries in the state in the past decade.

The Concord Journal also has a story with more color about the library but fewer facts."


Nat'l Read Across America Week across LIBs 2/28 to 3/4

Helpful Search Guy notes Libraries, schools join forces for Read Across AmericaWeek.
To celebrate national "Read Across America Week," teachers and librarians are joining forces to encourage children to read and get better acquainted with their local libraries."Read Across America Week" is sponsored by the National Education Association, according to Schwartz, and originally began as one-day celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday for March 2.
The slogan for "Read Across America Week" 2005 is, "Reading is Where it's Hat!" Schwartz said.



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