Library checks out ambitious goal

SomeOne writes \"With all the news on library budget cuts (including many in Colorado), it\'s nice to read about a growing library system with a visionary director. From the Denver (C0) Post,

Full Story \"
The story paints a mighty nice picture of Jamie LaRue, director of the Douglas Public Library District.

\"What better antidote can there be for the ills of suburbia than bringing the best of Shakespeare to Douglas County?\"


A fanfare for librarians, in verse

From Managing Information:

Glasgow\'s Poet Laureate Edwin Morgan wrote a poem to mark the opening of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions conference in Glasgow on Monday 19th August . . .

Discussing the poem Edwin Morgan said, \"Libraries are still a vital source of knowledge and information, even in the age of the Internet. With this poem I wanted to reflect on the changes taking place in the way we get and access information as we move into a digital age, whilst still asserting the relevance, power and endurance of books and the printed word.\"

Complete article (and the poem).


Library Dating - Pick me up and read me

Charles Davis writes \"Want a date? Go to the library. Library Dates is
SDU\'s icebreaking game in which single men and
women are brought together.
Story at
Straitstimes \"

They say a bookworm used to be the cause of childhood derision. Nowadays, it could get you a life partner. The the Social Development Unit (SDU) and the National Library Board dreamt up Library Dates.


Virtual library archives 9/11 e-mails

Jen Young sent over This CNN Story on messages and e-mails, photographs and video images that are part of a virtual library of the 9-11 attacks being compiled by scholars in Virginia and New York. The September 11th Digital Archive \"will serve as a new platform in which people can make their own history,\" said Jim Sparrow, one of the organizers of the project, which is accessible online.


Library Child Porn Horror

SomeOne sent along This One that says a paedophile downloaded pornographic images of girls and babies from a computer in a public library. He was caught when the computer, owned by Notts County Council library service, was taken away for repair.


Under-used Libraries Employ Hard Sell in Attempt to Boost Numbers

\"Libraries Need Readers!\" is the pitch that libraries in Leicestershire are using to get people to visit. According to the article; \"At the moment, each person on average visits the county\'s libraries four-and-a-half times a year. The Government wants to increase this to at least six-and-a-half times a year.\" Read More.


How Technology and Planning Saved My Library at Ground Zero

Aaron T passed along This Info. Today Story The Borough of Manhattan Community College library. It was in the shadow of the World Trade Center. Sidney Eng explains what happened, and what it took ro reopen.


Can Dumbing Down Save Our Libraries?

The Sunday Herald has an Interesting Story that says libraries are facing a stark choice: modernise or die.

The author say we just can\'t win, if we put in a bank of computers we are accused of dumbing things down, if we demand silence in the reading rooms and purchase books that aren\'t \"popular\" we find ourselves charged with elitism.

They focus on England, but I think many of these issues are international.


Can Dumbing Down Save Our Libraries?

Someone writes...
\"Librarians just can\'t win. If they put in a bank of computers and remove the dog-eared hardbacks from the shelves, they stand accused of dumbing down. If they demand silence in the reading rooms and purchase the bulk of Bloodaxe\'s latest poetry list, they find themselves charged with elitism.\" Read the Rest.


Library Closed for a Year Due to Deadly Mold, Reopens with Bare Shelves

Remember all the killer mold stories from last year? Here\'s an update on the school library in Hau\'ula, Hawaii. The mold destroyed $60,000 worth of books. Clean-up took a year. The library has reopened with about 8,000 books in its collection. Read More.



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