British Library wi-fi access under fire

Information World Review Reports: Wireless internet access at the British Library (BL) has come under fire after details of the service's provision emerged using the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act.

Author and library user Heather Brooke has obtained the service agreement documents for wi-fi access at the BL, and is campaigning for costs to be slashed.


Singapore National Library highly ranked as most innovative - survey

Anonymous Patron writes " Says It may surprise you to know that the National Library Board, a non-profit organisation, is regarded as one of the most innovative and successful in Singapore. This is according to a survey by the Institute of Policy Studies and the Monitor Group - which assessed the innovation capabilities of Singapore firms.

The check-out points at Singapore's public libraries are among the fastest in the world - whether you are borrowing or returning books."


Intel/Moore article causing thefts

madcow writes "Looks like our fears are being realized and issues of Electronics Magazine from 1965 are being ripped off from engineering and other libraries. "Although Intel specifically said it would only buy library copies from libraries, the situation is creating problems. Stanford has pulled its copy off the shelves, said Karen Greig, head of reference at the engineering library at Stanford.""


Macao China century-old libraries presented on stamps

Anonymous Patron writes "Xinhua - English Reports The Macao Post Office will issue stamps on the image of several historic libraries starting on Friday, the Macao Post Office said here Wednesday.

Macao was the earliest region in Asia to develop libraries. The St. Paul School Library, founded in 1594 in Macao, was the first library in Asia."



Library Week
is being celebrated this week (April 10-16, 2005) with
a little help from Google
with a gif linking
to news
about National Library Week
. As a promotion (for themselves as
much as the libraries), Gale
is allowing libraries to offer "patrons free, unlimited access to 30 diverse
databases during National Library Week" and LexisNexis
has a National Library Week "Toolkit" with a "partnership" theme.
Hermit :-)


MPOWER: opening a new chapter

The Baltimore Sun is covering the spiffy new MPOWER Card. It's like the superhero of library cards: flashy and vibrant in appearance, and able to leap over county borders in a single bound. The Maryland statewide public library card will be one card that can be used to register with any county public library system in the State.


Fire at Homewood Library

Bibliotrope writes "There was a four-alarm fire early this morning at the historic Homewood branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Flames were seen 'shooting from the roof.'

No word yet on the extent of damage or the cause, but firefighters 'used tarps to help cover computers, books and other library resources to prevent water damage,' according to the story from WTAE Channel 4."


Vietnamese students avoid inconvenient libraries

Anonymous Patron writes "Inconvenient hours and time-consuming borrowing procedures have caused many Vietnamese students to shy away from libraries as an ideal studying place for exams and term papers.

More at THe Thanh Nien Daily"


The New Jersey State Library – a state treasure

The New Jersey State Library – a state treasure is from The Sentinel in New Jersey. They say: Located in downtown Trenton is one of New Jersey’s biggest treasures — the New Jersey State Library (NJSL). Yet, many people in the state have not heard about the state library and have never visited it.

Still, the New Jersey State Library has a tremendous impact on library services all over the state. So, what kind of library is the NJSL? Why is it so critical to the residents of New Jersey and to the quality of library service of New Jersey residents?


Librarians Speak up at Salinas Rally

Here's a blog post from Lincoln Cushing, talking about library community involvement in the 24-hour Save Salinas Library read-a-thon. Cushing attended with members of the Progressive Librarians Guild and addressed the audience, giving a librarian's perspective and concerns about the Salinas closure.

Thanks to Michael McGrorty for the tip.



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