Games, Chat Barred at Honolulu

The Hawai'i State Public Library system has decided to prohibit patrons from playing games or using chat applications on all public access terminals, because

Online interactive games, chat rooms, and MP3 music downloads were using huge amounts of bandwidth, causing computers to slow down systemwide,

according to Vernon Tam, manager for electronic support service for the state's library system. More here from the Honolulu Advertiser.


Jefferson Davis Home & Library Destroyed by Katrina

Beauvoir, a presidential library of sorts, the library and mansion of the first and only President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was one among many of the mansions destroyed in Biloxi MS. The New York Times has the story.


Peak Libraries: Are We At The Top Now?

Here's An Interesting LISWiki Article on the "peak libraries" idea. Peak libraries is a concept named after the (contested) theory of peak oil. According to the peak oil theory, as the world's oil supply becomes depleted, its supply will diminish along a mathematical curve, causing large economic shifts and forcing alternative power supplies to be explored.

The peak libraries theory states that traditional libraries and librarians, such as those that have existed since the Library of Alexandria, are similarly doomed due to the advent of information technology.

Just as the unskilled assembly line worker was replaced by machines or the elevator operator was eliminated because the general public can use modern elevators directly, librarianship will cease to exist (or be radically altered) by the automation of library work.


The Metro becomes a mobile library for commuters in need of a read

Anonymous Patron writes "Independent Online Edition Reports A lending library has opened deep inside Madrid's metro system, the first of its kind in Europe. Judging from commuters' incredulous enthusiasm, this subterranean oasis is a winner. "People react as if we are giving them money. They are surprised and thrilled that they can stop off between stations and borrow a book for their journey," says the young librarian, Raquel Gomez."


ALA tracks hurricane area libraries

egy writes "American Libraries is tracking information on damaged libraries in the areas damaged by Hurricane Katrina.Information is still sketchy, but they are posting all information hereHere's one of the stories:Houston (Tex.) Chronicle, August 31:Craig Nocaise, 21, a police officer, waited out the storm inside the Pass Christian (Miss.) Public Library, a branch of the Harrison County Library System, with 12 other town police. They noticed about a dozen of their police cars circling the building on a current of water. Then one crashed through the front door. Water poured in and rose quickly. When the back glass door wouldn’t open, the officers pulled their guns and fired at least 50 rounds into it before it shattered. They each then grabbed a cable line and climbed onto the roof, where they spent the next three hours in 130-mile-an-hour winds. “We lost every patrol car,� said Nocaise. “We still haven’t found some. They’re probably in the Gulf somewhere.� Asked more about the experience in the library, Nocaise choked up and walked away.The ALA also posted a press releaseHow to deal with a disaster is the top FAQ at"


Library Recording Booths Make New Radio Station More Local than Ever

Anonymous Patron writes "The Press Gazette reports and put the local back into local radio when it launches its new station, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, at the weekend.

In an experiment which will be keenly watched by BBC local radio managers, the station will have four content producers based across its patch in Stratford upon Avon, Rugby, Nuneaton and Leamington.

The producers will broadcast from libraries within their patches, which will have BBC branded booths linked to the station, or from specially equipped vans when they are out covering stories.

The idea is for the journalists to gather, produce and present material from their own area without having to go back to the station's headquarters in Coventry."


LSU Organizes Library Community Relief Effort

The Louisiana State University SLIS alumni group is organizing via Yahoo! Groups to

solicit and recruit a means for information professionals from around the country to network and volunteer to help with library and archive recovery and clean-up and to help information professionals and their families recover.


Confessions of a Heavy Library User

Here's a great pro-library essay from a self-confessed library addict.

That leads me to another advantage of my library card. It's helping me wean myself off of buying books. I ran out of bookshelf space even after giving away 800 books -- to a library book sale, of course -- when we moved into our current house. Now I just reserve the newest and most obscure books from the library so I don't have to find a space to store them after buying them.

Four Buffalo Area Libraries Taken off Closing List

Four Erie County libraries have been spared from having to close their doors, because they've agreed to support the county libraries with city funds. The bad news is that there are still 16 libraries on the closing list. More here from the Buffalo News.


This Guy (Hearts) His Library

It's always awesome to have someone other than library workers crow about how terrific libraries are. This Roanoke Times reporter even shares his tips for how he uses his local library.

Tip 8: Check out biographies in addition to whatever subject matter you find interesting. I remember checking the Salem library for books on pro wrestling, but was disappointed by the few books available in the small wrestling area of the sports section. Checking biographies, though, I found books by Jerry Lawler, Ric Flair and Mick “Cactus Jack/Mankind/Brother Love� Foley.


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