Discovery Game for Libraries Kickstarted by

The developers behind the Book Genome Project and have launched a Kickstarter campaign for “The Game of Books,” a new digital card and role-playing game designed to reward young adults for reading. Funding raised by the campaign would be used to design, produce, and distribute 4,000 Game of Books starter kits to U.S. libraries.

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Libraries Weather the Superstorm

Beyond temporary power outages and minor wind and water damage, libraries along the Atlantic coast weathered Superstorm Sandy fairly well, considering all the flooding and destruction inflicted on homes and businesses. Although some areas of central New Jersey were still without power six days after the storm, many public libraries in affected states were powered up and serving as community support centers for residents without electricity, internet access, or heat.

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Reports still coming in on library flooding from Hurricane Sandy

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SCOTUS shows concern for libraries

Supreme Court seeks a way around "perpetual copyright" on foreign goods
"If you were the lawyer for the Toyota distributor, [or] if you were the lawyer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or you are the lawyer for a university library," said Breyer. "Your client comes to you and says, 'My God, I just read the Supreme Court opinion. It says that we can't start selling these old books, or lending them, or putting them in our word processor, or reselling the Toyota, [or] displaying the Picasso without the permission of the copyright holder.' What, as their lawyer, do you tell them? Do you tell them, 'hey, no problem?' Or, do you tell them, 'you might become a law violator?' Or, do you tell them, 'I better litigate this?' What do you tell them?"

Notably, Olson didn't back away from the more extreme consequences of his client's win at the 2nd Circuit. If Wiley wins, he said, institutions like museums and libraries might need to get licenses from copyright owners for their activities.

University partners with barber-librarian

It started with a barbershop and a bookshelf and has grown into an educational endeavor that engages a community and inspires a want for higher education.
"I was told, you're a fool if you loan a book but you're a bigger fool if you return it," he said.

Handgun found inside hollowed-out book donated to library

Oops! An employee at the Valparaiso branch of the Porter County Public Library made a shocking discovery this week after cracking open a donated book.

The book, which carries the title "Outerbridge Reach," was hollowed out and contained a historic-looking handgun, according to Valparaiso police.

Historic SF law library in jeopardy if city can’t find new site

City and county officials are required to provide space for the library and fund its operation, but a new location has not been secured.

Former State Bar President Jon Streeter is among more than 700 lawyers, legal groups, students, judges and others who sent a letter in May urging Mayor Ed Lee and county supervisors to find a new home for the library

Librarians: The shepherds of knowledge

But perhaps there is a “thinkplace” after all: the library.

It’s the traditional intersection of huge amounts of information with the silence that enables its assimilation into our minds and values and imaginations. And its shepherded by knowing, caring librarians who can understand where we’re trying to go and point out the most enjoyable paths.

No doubt the “cloud” will continue to rain down information on us in torrents. But, in a world without libraries, and short on silence, much of it may just wash over us to vanish in the sands of noise.

There's Such Thing As A Wine Library And They Have A Wine Librarian!

And They Were Hiring Last Year!... What's the Wine Library?

•A special service and collection of the Sonoma County Library, the collection comprising 5,000 books on wine and related subjects, subscriptions and backfiles to over 80 wine-related periodicals.
•Located in the: Healdsburg Regional Library, 139 Piper St. (corner of Piper and Center), Healdsburg, Telephone 707-433-3772; Fax 707-433-7946.
•Wine Librarian Jon Haupt and the other professionals at the Healdsburg Library will be happy to get you the right article, bibliographic reference, photograph or piece of wine information. Contact them at the above numbers or send e-mail to:
•A Business and Technical Library for the Sonoma County Wine Industry which helps fund it.
•An Historical Archive of Wine History worldwide, with a special emphasis on the rich history of wine in Sonoma County.
•Article on the Sonoma County Wine Library from the Bohemian.

The DIY Patron

Rethinking how we help those who don’t ask

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